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My first song I made using FL Studio 9 about a year and a half ago. I primarily used some loops made by Flick3r on freesound.org (with permission). It was more of a collaboration of that artist's sounds with added beats.

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A nice piece here with a slow start but then picks up and has a nice flow of sound quality that keeps flowing into some better stuff and you have shown us how a good track can be better but I like the style here and you show us some decent talent all around and that's all a big plus of things

Speed up the start of this and have it race out the gate


Another nice track. After the first couple of minutes the music kind of sharpens a bit too much IMO, but up until that point it's just perfect. Great melody, intense and fluent. Keep it going!


I Hear great potential in this song and loved it to be honest, but i have to vote a 3.5 due to the few issues i have with it off the bat.

1 Hyper Compression-Although it has become popular to feed into the loudness war as of late, trance is one of those genres that doesn't work with loads of compression and over saturating. As any one will tell you about the loudness wars, songs that result from such a process lose all the dynamics. Trance unfortunately is all about dynamics and less about the notes placed. I am uncertain at the moment if this is the result of hyper compression, or simply a extremely loud mix that sounded like it unintentionally.

2-Peaking- I heard allot of peaking unfortunately. Things simply kept getting louder and louder in the mix and fighting for control. When i heard the kick i almost thought you had added either some form of bitcrush or minor distortion to it.(unfortunately it was peaking)

3- Mixing- I've stated this allot on the AP over a short duration, however the general rule of thumb is your kick should not exceed -8 db and it should be the loudest part of the mix. (the bass being the second) Everything else should fall under it in volume priority. Your bass was conflicting so much with your kick in the lower hertz it had all but faded out by the louder parts of the song. Parametric eq 2 should help round up some hertz ranges that are overpowering the mix.
Never underestimate the power of a little side chaining, a little can go a long way in the grand scale of things. It helps the kick slice through any problematic areas in the song.Just to be certain (although i'm sure you are doing this by now) keep every sound in a separate channel, and param eq each one accordingly.

4-Plug ins- This isn't negative in any way, however it is simply a suggestion that i would say look into. I'm hearing allot of fl default sound, although the nostalgia bug hit me when i heard them all, i also know the fl default library is rather limited. I would suggest looking into a few good VST's. native instruments massive, Z3ta 1/Z3ta2, Dune, Refx Nexus,Sylenth1, Zebra.

5- Things i liked- Closing this on a good note. The song composition was very nice. The Key changes really stuck out with that plat or gold saw coming in at 45-5x ish. The sound selection was a hard nostalgia bomb to be honest, i used allot if not all of these in my songs when i had fl 9 years back =). The D&B drum line- That was something that caught me pleasantly off guard. Hearing a uplifting trance style song with a d&b drum line was an unexpected twist that i liked allot. The arpeggios that are predominantly heard in the 1:30 down section i have to say was a driving point to the song. I can't recall what sound that was, be it electrocution or croque mon...something(it's been too long) Or it could simply be another sound and i'm totally wrong here lol.

I'm not sure how long you have been working with fl, but i love your song composition despite the harsh review. I always hate leaving these reviews, i by no means intend on being a prick about it, nor in any way is any of this intended to tear you down, or bear any ill feelings. I simply review things as i see them and say what i feel about a song, while trying to identify what i felt was bothering me. In short i do unto others as i would want them to do unto me lol. I look forward to hearing more stuff from you in the future, trance is holding on by a string here on ng, a few others such as ocular nebula, Indigorain, and silta, are pretty much all that have been pushing out consistent trance as of late. So more trance is welcome in my opinion. Keep it up.

Zafrece -(-_-)- l,,l

SokiStar responds:

Wow thank you for your input. This was my first song, written some time ago. I appreciate your feedback and will familiarize myself with proper compression and mixing. My experience is mostly with music composition/creativity. I see now that electronica has many more aspects than a cluster of sounds. Thanks again for putting your thoughts into my music. Cheers.

I love this song. You should be proud of it.

This actually has a really good beat pattern towards it. It's really chill and suits the genre that it's in.
Very well done!
I can listen to this song over and over again :D Keep it up brother!

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3.86 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2013
5:13 AM EDT
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