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Here's my second submission for the NATA music contest.

A few of the transitions were somewhat difficult to figure out, but I'm pleased with the somewhat-oddball result.

This took a LOT longer than I was anticipating. ;_;


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Well this was nice the sound is great the quality is high end it's the build up or bridging from one to another that I thaught could be much better with more deep sounds and some more backround sounds as well it was a swell piece if you ask me but needs a little more especially some build up that would have been cool

Some build up and even bridging from one to the other


Like some people said below, it would be better if the transitions were a bit smoother.
The "oddball" result though, is what really attracted me.
You have some really interesting parts here.
I think the steel drums were mixed a bit too loudly.
Hmm, again, this song could be better transitioned. But it's not SO badly transitioned that I can't enjoy it. You still got the "story" across and I felt it.
I like the "do do do" in the back. Nice intervals.
What can I say? I like it. Good job. :D

SkyeWint responds:


The transitions were the biggest pain to make in this, trust me on that one. x.x At least they're functional, I can think of some that are way worse, lol.

Those do-do-dos are some awesome jazz vocal stacks and a jazz vocal bass drum from the magical land of Omnisphere which is totally amazing.

Glad you like it! ^_^

This was a nice, happy melody. Not sure I like the choir around 30-40, but the tropical music that kicks in after that is just great. It's like being out on a sunny beach, sipping Pina Colada, just chilling, having a good time. I could do without the sharp transitions that the rest of the track consist of, but anyway, good work.


SkyeWint responds:

I'm sorry you don't like the choir or transitions. :c The transitions were one of the most difficult parts of this whole piece to be honest. The tropical part was just something that I thought up - why the heck not?

All that scatting and those steel drums made it seem, Mario-eqse? xD

My Prescription: When I saw Step's comment right below mine, I became severely discouraged to writing a lengthy comment. So I'll keep it short and sweet.
Good work, the transitions were good, you made them flow into each new instrument quite well.
Other than that, nothing much more I can say I liked the variety in this piece, especially the steel drums!

The Doctor

SkyeWint responds:

Steel drums are amaaaaaaazing

and yes you know transitions are something I obsess over so I'm happy I got each of them. :3

I thought about giving you some feedback on this through Skype but screw that, I'll write a small (for my standards) review on it over here! It may not be apparent at first but this is an incredibly solid contest submission. If the judge(s) are factoring originality in their score (and I don't see why not) then this has it nailed. If they are I'm also pretty much doomed because one of my tracks is generic film-score stuff and the other is generic mission-impossible stuff.

Brilliant composition from the first second. You must be using a mode other than Ionian since it doesn't sound entirely in the major key. Might be Mixolydian or something. Whatever, it's awesome. What I like most about this is that it isn't always bright and happy. There are indeed moments where the song goes to a less happy mood like around 1:15, and then it resolves back to its content mood again. Creative stuff overall.

The instrumentation is highly intriguing. There are some sounds in Omnisphere that I load up, listen to, and then I think "damn, this sounds so good but I don't think I'll ever be able to fit it in anywhere". Examples of these sounds include the jabbadadoodlydah jazz vocal things and the solo tenor patch not found in this song. That said, you've actually put them in situations where they really make sense, in both this song and other songs. The jazz 'doo' vocals actually fit wonderfully at parts like 0:45.

Your instrument choice in general is just wacky, but in a good way. Jazz vocal things, steel drum, guitar, a bunch of synths, some synthy ambience in the background and then a drum kit from all things. Your instruments sound nice, except that steel drum which is unfortunately very obviously a free soundfont. It pierces through the mix too much and sounds too upfront. It's also kinda dry and needs a lot more humanisation.

The trill things at parts like 0:43; great idea, but they also sound very artificial. For trills like that, I find it useful to start the trill at a low velocity, and then increase the notes' velocity as the trill goes along. It makes it feel a lot more natural. I do the same for any kind of quick playing with an instrument, including turns, snare rolls, glissandos, broken chords, etc. Never play any of these ornaments and articulations with a constant note velocity.

The structure is spectacular. You go through different melodies smoothly and then bring the song round a full circle by repeating previous motifs again at the end and even changing them up a little at times, and it works well. Additionally your transitions are as always pretty much impossible to fault. The only transitions I'm a bit irked about are the 0:43 transition and the 1:00 transition. The former is just a little messed up since that steel drum is so loud, and the latter is smooth but could be improved a bit more! As transitions they're fine though, they just need some more fine-tuning.

In the percussive department, I don't have that much to talk about. They're fine I guess, and they do sound like they're actually played. They fit kinda well although personally I do question your use of a traditional drum kit over something a bit more synthy and punchy. Personally I think some techno drums, complemented by some ethnic percussion like bongos and whatnot, would work better in this track.

The mix is the last thing I need to talk about. Like in a lot of your other songs, the mix is clear. It's a good mix, although maybe dampen the cymbals' high-end a bit more? Also like I said that steel drum needs work. Lastly, I need some punchier sounds! I'm talking about the drums mainly; they're kinda weak and I would've loved something a bit more hard-hitting, like what FairSquare did in this track.

That's pretty much it. Great work on this; you're as always a worthy competitor who takes a direction that no other competitor would dream of taking. I mean, making something content/happy isn't entirely original, but you do it in such a creative way that I can't help but give this my exclusive seal of approval ^_______^.

SkyeWint responds:


"a small (for my standards) review"
Lies. Even with that "for my standards" statement. I'm happy about it though. :3

"Brilliant composition from the first second. You must be using a mode other than Ionian since it doesn't sound entirely in the major key."
:D Yay. Yeah, my line of thought for this was that you need some kind of comparison for happiness. If you're JUST happy, how do you know that you are?

"The instrumentation is highly intriguing."
Okay yeah I did kinda go crazy with the instrumentation. I just started with the vocal "bass drum" and it exploded from there. Funnily enough, I was originally going to have a melodic bass structure similar to Buoy's in "Endless Forms Most Beautiful", but it... evolved. Also, I find it funny that you had two different paragraphs about instrumentation which are written as if they're discussing totally different topics. :3 And yes, I totally agree about the steel drum. :< Unfortunately, I don't have anything better myself, and I didn't have time to get someone else to replace them.

"For trills like that, I find it useful to start the trill at a low velocity"
Okay, this part is SUPER helpful to me. I like trying to get things to be realistic, and knowing a better way to do it is helpful. :3 I guess I mainly just got lazy at that point, lol.

"The structure is spectacular."

"Additionally your transitions are as always pretty much impossible to fault."
Yaaaaaaaay. You know how much I work on that. I do agree about your criticisms though. The soundfont Steel Drum was a bit meh in its introduction (though I personally don't mind it a ton), and getting out of a swinging groove is ABSURDLY DIFFICULT. I think I managed to pull it off passably though, and considering what I was doing I'm happy with that.

"complemented by some ethnic percussion like bongos and whatnot"
Some ethnic stuff would have been AWESOME. I didn't want synth drums though, so I guess we disagree on opinion there. :3 Same for the punchier, hard-hitting suggestion. I know you love that kind of thing, but I'm not as much of a fan of it in pieces where the point isn't to drill the drumbeat into someone's ears.

"a direction that no other competitor would dream of taking"
Dat's meh goal. :3

"my exclusive seal of approval"
Oh man is that some kind of picture that I can use for the CD cover or something because that would be awesome to have

Thanks for the review, man! Huge and helpful as always!

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Mar 29, 2013
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