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This song was created for the 10th anniversary of the Newgrounds audio portal and is also marked as my submission for the Newgrounds Audio Portal 10th Anniversary Contest (mouthful). That's right! The audio portal is 10 years old. Boy how time flies!

For the contest, I just knew right off the bat that doing a cover of ParagonX9's 'Chaoz Fantasy' was only fitting seeing as it is THE most epic song on newgrounds. Covering such a masterpeice is no easy feat and I will admit there are mulitudes of random .flp files of failed attempts because I wanted to make sure that I did this song right.

If you feel like listening to the awesome DnB original of this song, it can be found here: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/85046

Mixing, mastering, and composition took about 16 hours using FL studio. A majority of the sounds you hear were created with an OSC and then tweaked with a combination of compressors and equalizers.

I worked very hard to make this song what is now. If you enjoy it, please leave some feedback and let me know!

Many thanks to Step for sponsering such an awesome contest, Tom for creating the website that makes dreams happen, ParagonX9 for creating such a masterpeice, and lastly but most certainly not least, my NG listeners for all the support I have recieved since creating my first terrible song.


Now turn up your speakers and start dancing!

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A Chaoz cover. Saw that coming a mile away haha. But what the heck, Chaoz Fantasy has a fantastic melody and no Newgrounds anniversary competition would be complete without it.

What I like about this submission; let's see... One thing that I thought was awesome was how you didn't start the remix with the actual melody but with something that doesn't catch the listener's ears much since it's just a gated hypersaw which shows up in 99% of all tracks in this genre. Then, at 0:55 you ever so subtly and quietly introduce the melody, which you then play in all its glory at 1:23, making this feel like quite an "epic" approach in a sense. The melody itself sounds great on the piano. The structure is also great, if a bit typical, and on that note I commend you on turning a DnB song into a solid and well-structured trance track. The synth at 2:45 is really cool too; maybe give it a bit more reverb?

The primary issue with this is that it's just cheesy, man. Some of the sounds you used are great like the piano and the synth I mentioned but most of them are very standard for this genre. The drums are pretty bad too. They need more power, especially the kick. Right now they feel more like a jumble of badly-processed Vengeance samples rather than a coherent and unified beat. My final problem with this is that later on it feels as if you started running out of ideas. At 2:45 you finally introduced one of the essential melodies of Chaoz Fantasy but barely gave it any justice because right after a few bars, you just repeat more of the intro riff, and at that point it starts getting very repetitive.

This needs better production overall, but good job on it!


SCORE: 7/10


The Good:
-Nice clear mixing.
-I like the synth used for the bass. The gated pad and the lead which comes in at aboug 3:27 are both good as well.
-Your drums are pretty good, though they're not the best.
-Some nice variation at about 3:27.
-Well-done white noise throughout.

The Not-So-Good:
-As cleanly as this is done, it is REALLY repetitive and gets pretty boring when everything repeats. Try adding in some more variation, or change the background some as well.
-The drums could also use some variation, though they're slightly better.
-Outro isn't very good. While there IS some feeling of "ending" with the decrease in tempo, the bass just "ends", and the piano chord at the end is pretty lame. It seems like it was just the end of a pattern, with no deliberate ending.

Overall: Score of 6/10. Biggest problem was repetition. Try making it vary a bit more next time, with some more creative variations and synths.

It's not a NG cover/remix contest without someone doing PX9 lol
Not too shabby. I feel like there could have been a little more momentum throughout the track, and while there was some really nice variations, I feel like you could have expanded on it this a it more. The instrument choice was a little bland for me as well. I'm not super familiar with FL, but even I hear the presets! Overall, not too shabby.

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Mar 27, 2013
4:44 PM EDT
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