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MCI - War Spawn vs RJA

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Mar 27, 2013 | 3:39 PM EDT
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Rated 2.54 / 5 stars
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Author Comments

2013 International MC Invitational Tournament
Round 3
(1) War Spawn vs (2) Richard J Amtmann III

Verse 1: War Spawn
Verse 2: Richard J Amtmann III
Verse 3: War Spawn
Verse 4: Richard J Amtmann III

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

War V1 - MadFlex and Suddle diss is solid, next SJD diss is a little weak since Senator actually beat Suddle in the next round of that same competition (even though I'm really not a SJD fan). Fat and homo diss are weak.

RJA V1 - Same flips is decent but ironic because of the Suddle battle, should be facing Wyze is funny, getting you hits is also funny. Beat diss is okay, join date is okay.

War V2 - It's probably true is alright, flipping and losing weight diss hits hard, join date flip is decent, beats flip is good.

RJA V2 - Very complex gay flip, you brought it up, all on Newgrounds, same frames as you, stuck on repeating, strong finisher.

Richard came with the strongest verse, War had more consistency. Up until Richard's second verse I was sure War was going to win but Richard totally mopped it up in his second verse.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow this is another really tough battle to judge. war spawn came tough immediately with the richard line, sjd line, everything was good really. some lines like the slain-by-me seemed to miss to me, but it was still a dope verse that really hit hard. rja came back as usual, defending himself with a plagiarize line, although, everything war spawn said hasn't been said before to be fair. i mean, the both-named-richard line, unless rja has faced someone named richard in the past, im not sure how thats possible. with that being said, rja still had a tough defense, and definitely flipped a lot of what war spawn said, the beat-sucks thing was good too, all wrapped up with a nice delivery, tough. spawn immediately came back with some nice punches. the wu-tang thing was dope, but i think you wasted 2 more bars than you needed on it, you could have moved on quick but thats just your choice to do, and the little things in the 4 bars were dope anyways. comparing someone to legends really isn't something great to do anyways. but right afterwards, rja immediately came back tough with the flips. the newgrounds hit, the ending was really good, beating yourself, same glasses, x-oblivion. i mean, this was a really tough battle, but i think rja took it right at the end with good lyricism, flips, and a dope delivery as usual. really good battle though, to be honest, i could've found a reason to give it to either of you. but i just thought rja wrapped everything up well.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

War-Spawn's lines part 1:

make some new enemies/hates the other century - +
sounds like a bitch to me/bigger dick than me - +
name is richard too/mean rape, but where would that shit leave you - ++
confuse stupitidy and bravery/slain by me/provin you're the next SJD/losin to the same MCs/you ashame my beat/meathpor for facin me - ++++
wear make up in your video/burn you on this beat now you a flaming homosexual - +++
murderin with words/first and second amendments to get rid of the third - ++

Richard J. Amtmann III's lines part 1:

can't keep flipping the same old lines/plagiarizing myself since I faced emrox - +
should be me and Wyze/lack of readiness is evident, you seem surprised/need this right - ++
lackin traffic/get your total plays daily kick back in my leather jacket - +++
hear your crooked seed/you're 23/reason to compete - 0
hate your shitty beats as well/samples constantly like we can't tell - ++
shitty wu tang impression/liu kang ass affection(?)/tyler perry's medina success unclear - ++
second even weaker/winning loser you define political career - ++
active since 07/barely even battle and I'm that fuckin impressive - +++

War-Spawn's lines part 2:

it's probably true/tracks suck like ya fat to boot (?) - +
doesn't mean you do/say the same thing about losin weight too - +++
like that shit is relevant/drag you through hell and back - +
consistent in losing/comparing me to wu tang what the fuck you doin - +++
get back with the method/leave you beheaded - ++
just can't out-clever/so you'll be gone forever - +
what you use is garbage/are you this retarded - ++
see a bigger picture/think im masturbating the way I'm beating Richard - +++

Richard J. Amymann III's lines part 2:

called me faggot enough to end with pretend masturbation/not even pretend because you said our name is/the same thing/beating yourself/dream to excel/hell - +++
you brought it up/loss that you mentioned was on newgrounds you fuck - +
hamster to you/define that askewed glasses dude/same frames as you - +
not very good at defining characteristics or rhyming/hell and back that's pretty distant - +
reaching/war spawn must be teething/failure stuck on repeating - +++
mad give x oblivion(?)/nobody to somebody's beating bitch - +
every round you battled in/long explanation on why you have to win - +

Total for War-Spawn - +29

Total for RJA3 - +29

Better flow: War-Spawn, +
Better delivery: War-Spawn, +
Better wordplay: RJA3, +
Better aggression: RJA3, +
Better closes: War-Spawn, +

Grand Total for War-Spawn: +32

Grand Total for Richard J. Amtmann III, +31

WINNER: War-Spawn


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Though SJD died when Poniiboi began to walk upon the earth, I believe that disrespect by such an unworthy soul will bring a response forth from the grave from SJD in some form or another. Personally, as a friend of SJD while he was alive, it is good to see that his legacy lives on, even if it is from the mouths of complete losers with gorilla girlfriends.

Let it also be known that neither I nor SJD (because he's dead) listened to the actual battle...if SJD responds it will be to defend his honor to the commenters of the battle, not to War Spawn, whose vile, wretched disrespect of the dead deserves no comment. SJD always told me that it's all about inspiring people, and if you don't have respect, you can't inspire. He would do anything to preserve that respect...I have to check with his estate to see if he will respond beyond the grave, but it's very possible.

Even though I didn't listen to it, the battle gets 3 stars because I'm more than sure War Sperm's verses sucked, especially when in relation to SJD.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Verse 1 (War Spawn):
Good start off, on-beat, some decent punches, bigger dick than me. Kind of felt like he was flipping in his 2nd verse with his punches, and that was refreshing. Stayed on-point through, kind of stale mentioning the loss to Flex, but still somewhat personal. The SJD comparison was a good hit.

Verse 2 (Richard J Amtmann III):
Opened up with good delivery, some nice points on the re-hashing. I'm not really sure what "You're 23" meant, but there were good punches, personal attacks on his sampling. The comparison to Wu Tang was ok, a lot of people try to be like them and fail these days. Leather jacket was ok, and you ended it very well. The delivery here, is what helped more than anything. Close battle still.

Verse 3 (War Spawn):
Opened up great, flips all day, nice. Stayed on-beat throughout, could've been more versatile with the flow but it works. The Wu-Tang flips were good, I really thought that flip hit the most, newgrounds irrelevant. Ended very well, really enjoyed the delivery and punch there. Great battle, great job done.

Verse 4 (Richard J Amtmann III):
I can tell you were having problems with the beat, but you still brought great punches and flips. Every loss was on Newgrounds, same glasses, the reaching diss didn't seem to make sense as you seemed to be reaching the entire verse, but it was still overall a good verse. Ended the verse very, very well. This is a tough battle.

This is the toughest battle to judge this round. War Spawn really brought it, but RJA was flipping a lot of what he was saying. Really tough battle, but in the end, I'd say RJA's delivery just pushed him over the edge for me. I thought the lyrics were about even, and both rappers were on-beat (given the beat-switch at the end), but RJA brought a delivery that just made his punches hit harder, so I'll have to give it to him. Honestly, tough battle. I'd rather call a tie, but that would mean I've wasted my time even writing this. Sorry, but I'll go ahead and say Richard J Amtmann III to advance.