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Author Comments

A song I composed for the N A T A Music contest,
it's for a sad / mournful mood, like saying goodbye to a loved one.

Made with EWQL; Goliath, Symphonic Orchestra and Reason 6

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Nice tune

So this was a nice tune you have here, I like the slow and soft sound of it seems like you could still have that sad feel with a tempo build up, but regardless this was a nice sound of work here some really nice vibe on it too so nice job here, I look forward to more.

Maybe some tempo build ups.


I am surprised to have found this on here... I immediately recognized it as the music from the Dead Island Riptide trailer when I heard it. I am surprised absolutely no one else mentioned that in their comments of this. Now I have to go back and see if you're credited on the Dead Island Riptide trailer on youtube or such. Cause yeah this music is just beautiful.

Mattashi responds:

Hey Animal-Delos,
I've heard this quite a few times from people and I didn't know about it till I checked the video out myself, it does sound similiar in a way especially the breaks it has in between with the piano which is funny since I hadn't heard this song before till people told me about the trailer.
Got most of my inspiration from the Cast Away soundtrack when I wrote this

this sounds like hope,love,and ,sadness,uts a thing to remember always be happy

Amazing, touching, but short. I love it. Could you give me the the notes, keys or put a tutorial 'cause I want to play it

Mattashi responds:

Ok I'm not sure if this will help you but I'll list the keys and what octave it's in in order, if you still have problems send me a message:
F4 C5 A5 - G4 D5 B5 - A4 E5 C6 - E6 - C5 G5 E6 - G5 - F4 C5 A5
F4 C5 A5 - G4 D5 B5 - A4 E5 C6 - E6 - C5 G5 E6 - G6 - F5 C6 A6
the other part after this is sort of the same just in an octave lower and after that 2 octaves higher
The last part has one more extra chord in it which is E3 B3 G4, I think you'll figure it out :)
Hope I didn't confuse you too much xD

I loved it, But it sounds a little too much like the dead island riptide theme from the CGI trailer, I mean, even the 3rd time it has the cello or violin, just like in that trailer. Other than that, I think it's good.

Mattashi responds:

Hmmm, I haven't seen the trailer from dead island I'll check it out. thanks for your review!
I actually had some inspiration for this track from the cast away movie (composer Alan Silversti).