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2013 International MC Invitational Tournament
Round 3
(7) Butsaay vs (1) TK

Verse 1: Butsaay
Verse 2: TK
Verse 3: Butsaay
Verse 4: TK

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Butsaay V1 - Goes hard as hell. Contest, appearance, photos, and location disses are just relentless. Halfway in your delivery starts to suffer a tiny bit.

TK V1 - Crack den flip is good, name diss and follow-up is nice as hell. The German WWII disses are nice but are a little more showy than they are aggressive.

Butsaay V2 - Flipping the voice and nationality diss is good, turning the name diss into a gay joke is weak. Girl diss is funny, the 12 y/o girl line was a little too slurred for me to make it out.

TK V2 - Flipped pretty much every line Butsaay gave, I have a feeling that he probably had enough material to spit another 16 bars of flips and personals. Flow is downright MONSTROUS.

Make no mistake, Butsaay is a heavyweight but TK was possessed by demons in his second verse.

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both came hard, really tough battle to judge. butsaay had a personal attack almost every line, but tk also came personal as well. butsaay's justin simon line was the big stand-out of the first verse in my opinion, really hit hard. but tk brought it with the religious jokes, and the butsaay what? lines were haymakers in my mind. nice clever flips there. butsaay came back with the not from germany thing though, so that automatically makes you re-evaluate tk's verse, nice flip. all the 3mo and the never good enough disses, clever ways to do it, good job. tk immediately came back though, with the battling me line, and the flip-some-fuckin-lines ending, burning you like a jew, should have aborted. ultimately, tk brought it in his last verse, but butsaay brought it the entire battle. damn this is tough. seeing as how they both were bringing haymakers and both seemed even on a lyrical note-id probably have to give this one to tk for having a better delivery, and being more entertaining with a more on-point flow. butsaay was just as good, don't get me wrong. lyrically, butsaay is great at these battles, but when it comes to down to tough decisions like this, its delivery and flow that put tk right barely over the edge.

Butsaay's lines part 1:

nothing to gloat about/won a contest against a kid who i knocked out in the first round - ++
scarin me with your photo editing/greasy head or you just edit terribly - ++
McDonalds/made them doubles - 0
had him laughin/live in a fucking crack den - ++
myspace homo pose/has a built in lens for photos - ++
bitch between your webcam pics/i know who wins/enhancing(?) your relationship/like lol - 0
random x capital D/changed an E to a 3/like to scream - +
post the video/label it emo/that's unique/fuck off you freak - +

TK's lines part 1:

slow down that with that accent/move out of the crack den - +
pronounced Butt -say/okay fuckface - ++
when i said i'm rapping for cash/you're talking out of your ass - +++
no one and nobody feels you/70 something years ago those people would fucking kill you - ++
kalashnikov all over this kike/just like the fuckin third reich - ++
dude your not shit/present day auschwitz - ++
accent is the best/pigs from the movie shrek - +++
likes in the butt hard/prove you're subpar - +

Butsaay's lines part 2:

you're a moron/couldn't be more wrong - 0
some words I can't pronounce/know what I'm talkin about (??) - +
don't live in Germany/thinker you would murder me - ++
my accent's the best/not gay ask chaotic for the buttsex - +++
b-u-t-say/rest of the gay freeway - ++
rather be all alone/looking like a catchphrase, it's "ET phone home" - +++
long walks on the beach/12 year old girl and screams (???) - +
expected better than that/spend another verse on my voice at least when i can hear it - ++

TK's lines part 2:

subpar homie/wasn't even about me, blow me - +
like you ain't jealous of my girl/your bitch? uh, hurl - ++
lying about where you live/bullshit that you spit - ++
i can do that do/burnin you like a jew - ++
horse shit/should have been aborted - 0
dad being in deceased(?)/battling me - +
heard them all before/tally up the score - ++
learn to enunciate your lines/flip some fuckin lines - 0

Total for Butsaay: +23

Total for TK: +26

Better flow: TK, +
Better delivery: Butsaay, +
Better wordplay: TK, +
Better aggression: Butsaay, +
Better closes: Butsaay, +

Grand Total for Butsaay: +26

Grand Total for TK: +28



Both rappers did enormously well and both are pretty talented. In my system it is very difficult to get above a +25, and both rappers did it.

Gotta give it to TK for delivering a stronger overall performance. I can't give the win on aggression alone, it was a great battle.

Verse 1 (Butsaay):
Funny intro, no points for that though, but good job at keeping us entertained from the start. As far as the verse goes, really solid punches throughout. Immediately came out swinging with the Justin Simon attack, greasy hair attack-the mcdonalds imagery was dope, built-in lens for photos was hilarious. Ended it well, the 3MO punches could've hit harder, but still a good wrap up to your verse.

Verse 2 (TK):
Crack den flip immediately, great delivery as usual, name-flip nice, oh the Butsaay talking out of his ass line was a great punch, some jewish punchs were ok, maybe dwelled on that aspect too much. Three little pigs line was dope, good flow, nice wrap-up, at this point this battle is just plain crazy!

Verse 3 (Butsaay):
Immediately a nice opening flip to his verse, no germany flip nice, ask Chaotic for the buttsex wow haha, E.T. phone home was quick and funny, 12-year old 3MO Walk With Me was dope, and great "Not Good Enough" reference, really good verse. Lets see where this goes.

Verse 4 (TK):
Immediate flips, good job, credibility flip, nice defense. Burnin you like a jew, battling with me, learn to enunciate, good one, and great ending. Nice wrap-up, the ending made it seem like you were honestly angry, which was very entertaining and props on that but no points on that, sorry.

Overall, great battle. It stayed entertaining throughout, really caught my ear, but one of you gotta go. So with that being said, I feel like Butsaay took it here. TK has a great delivery and flow, some clever lyrics, good solid punches, but Butsaay just brought it harder in my mind. He came with almost every single line being a personal attack on TK's life and/or his music, he was on-beat and I kind of like his flow and delivery, its unique. So I gotta give it to Butsaay. It sucks to see a champ fall in this one, but its dope to see the under-dog come out on-top too. So great job guys, keep it up.

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OOOOOHHHH SHIT!!!! This battle was amazing!

First off, I'm a fan of both you guys. Butsaay has very witty lines and a fresh, original style. And I really dig TK's tracks and battles. I honestly think TK has the best flow in this whole tournament (aside from that Teq guy- he's on a whole other level, and the world's just not ready for him yet)... But anyway, here's my breakdown.

Butsaay was on his A game in this battle, big time. His attacks were ALL personal, his lyrics were super clever, and his flips were outstanding. Butsaay's lines and delivery made this the most entertaining battle of the tournament so far. Also- that intro was probably the greatest ever in the history of anything. Holy shit, that damn intro had me rolling for some reason.

TK brought the usual dope flow and cool rhyme schemes, but I don't think he matched the lyrical content and overall showmanship that Butsaay brought. Plus it felt like he was always on the defensive, and near the end of the battle, it almost sounded like TK knew he lost. He seemed to be genuinely angry during his outro, and in a way that hurt him. He was noticeably pissed, and it made him look sour and defeated in my mind. But yo- it was still a quality battle on your part, and I still think you're a dope ass emcee, TK.

But yo, this was an awesome battle! Both of you get props for that.

My vote goes to Butsaay all the way. Great job dude, I think you just earned a trip to the next round.

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