Pick Me Up Baby (Cover)

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painstakingly recreated note for note! it syncs up to the original perfectly.

cover song for this contest http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1335917

original song by snayk - http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/329151

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Right after SineRider's dreamy submission, moving straight on to reviewing this is one hell of a contrast haha. Great work with it though!

It's hard to take a song seriously when it has lyrics like that but if I had to speak truthfully this was actually very well-made! First off; lovely singing. A bit weak in some parts in the intro, but that's nothing a second take won't fix. Parts like 0:44 are where we can really hear your voice shine; you've got an excellent recording voice and a great range. Brilliant vocal harmonies too; the original had none of those and I'm so glad that you added them. They work really well for parts like 0:08 and the "pick me up baby" iterations at the end. Really cool guitar-playing as well! Great idea turning the last part into a kickass guitar solo.

However, what's instantly apparent is that this isn't all that different from the original; you say yourself it was recreated note by note, and while this is an impressive feat, basically what you've done is make a 'standardised' pop version of the original, making it considerably more unininteresting/typical than the original is. I won't deny it sounds great in this genre. I also won't deny that you executed some things here even better than the original did, like the singing, the ending and the transition at 0:44. That said, the structure is practically identical and I can't credit you for that many new ideas. That, and I'm not a big fan of your mix, mainly percussion-wise. I'm not such a fan of the original's percussion and I think yours is better, even if it's just the same beat with different samples, but I would've liked some beefier and somewhat more varied percussion.

It's a real shame you didn't venture much into new stuff from the original, because you most certainly have the talent to do so!


SCORE: 7.5/10


The Good:
-I like the opening a lot, yeah. There's some nice guitar and the drums are nice and clean.
-Sweet harmonies panned to the left for the bass. Me gusta.
-The vocals sound pretty nice aside from one issue I'll get to later.

The Not-So-Good:
-There's some distortion in my right ear which seems to be coming from the vocals - whether it's in the recording or the mixing I'm not sure.
-The little break at 0:44 doesn't sound as good as it could, it seems somewhat empty.
-The guitar solo after the break at 0:44 is a bit obnoxious-sounding, though that's more of a pet peeve.
-In the overall mixing it seems very close to the breaking point, which isn't the best considering how much panning there is.
-After the break, the chord guitar I loved at the beginning is almost totally overpowered by the soloing.
-It seems like you only replaced instruments and added a bit of harmony when compared to the original. It would have been better if you tried putting a bit of your own originality into this.

Overall: Score of 7/10. Biggest problems were the guitar solo causing issues in the second half, mixing problems with the recording, and very little change in the song other than different instruments.

You picked an interesting song to cover, for sure! I love the groove you got going on here. Very funkalicious, indeed. I especially liked the harmonies. Vocals were nice and clear, overall mix feels a little smashed with compression, but aside from that it's not bad. I really enjoyed it!

The main issue with this cover is that structure-wise, it is largely a carbon copy of the original with replaced instruments. Hence the only new elements of this version is the rock band instrumentation. That part is done very well though - it has a nice, fat and wide mix of tight guitars, good vocals and a drum beat that somewhat keeps the spirit of the original.

Great cover, has an even more funky vibe to it now; super groovy ;D

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