Three Reasons

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A person is asked to give three reasons why. Here's something their thought process would sound like if it were transformed into music.


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I was wondering how you have been doing since we last talked, I'm very glad that you found a way to fix the loudness in your tracks, because they are all genious masterpieces. :)

GershBeats responds:

Heyo desh, I took a long break from producing and I'm back after all this time hopefully for good! thanks for the compliment :D

Very interesting idea to work around. I personally don't mind the repetitiveness, as I'm quite used to it plus the fact it is progressive. I do think though, as stated before, that the 8-bit melody at 2:20 needs some tweaking so that it fits in better. It's not a bad melody, but it doesn't really fit in with the bassline or the rest of the mix either imo.

I like the breakdown at 3:13 though, especially when the sound at 3:34 comes in. That was a nice touch.

All in all - work on that 8-bit melody and this will be great!

Repetitiveness is an issue, but that is all up to personal preference.

Good luck :)

GershBeats responds:

Thanks for the review and kind rating! Yep that 2:20 section is not going over so well with the masses! I'll definitely have to rethink it or cut it out. As for repetitiveness, we'll see - I personally think the song flows nicely and switches up when it's called for, but if that gets too much criticism I'll rethink it as well.

Thanks dawg!

I'm bored so time to look through some new songs and review the odd one or two.

Ok, so the intro is solid. I like the slow build up, my kinda thing. It is a tad bit long and others might fault you for that, but I did long intros, so +1 from me on that.
The lead is nice but I kinda thing I've heard it before so just wondering if its a preset or you made it yourself? Regardless it fits nicely.
I personally think the drums are a bit too weak, especially the snare, it feels dull to me.

This track gets pretty repetitive, you gotta not be afraid to try out some key changes or straying outside the box a little bit.
Its cool you had a theme for this, a persons thought process, thats a nifty idea to make a tune around but I still think the entire song is a tad bit long.

All in all its cool man, bit more work on the mix end and mixing drums. Maybe make a few more snares because I still think thats a dull snare. But keep at it, interested to see how you improve on this!
Good Job!


GershBeats responds:

Thanks for the comprehensive review and compliments! Lol I think build-ups are part of my style, I'm not expecting people who doesn't appreciate some progressiveness to love my songs too much! xD

The lead is self-made, started from scratch with sytrus. In the end I layered a nexus preset on top of it just to give it a little depth and for some more portamento but its timbre is from scratch.

Admittedly I wasn't focusing too much on the drum presence (although I tried to do something interesting with the drum technique). The snare is a fruity loops preset (and all their presets suck) so it certainly could be changed for the better.

I'll probably do a little more work and distribute this again, we'll see!

Sweet, mystical tune. Would be great for the background music for some experimental video game. I think the background melody on about 2:20 messed up the song, tho. Would be a lot better without that part. All over a pretty good track!

GershBeats responds:

Thanks for the criticism and kind words! Haha ya I'm getting a little flak for that segment - I was hesitant to leave it in in the end, I guess I thought the interesting-ness of the glitched up synth was worth giving it a spotlight in the song. I will likely release a version that omits that section.

This could have been the perfect ambient/whatever track. The little 8bit lead almost ruined the song for me. This was the due to the fact the transaction didn't blend in well at all. The drum loop reminds me a lot of deadmau5's song Sleepless. Which is really impressive. This was a really decent song except for the mismatch that was going on between 2:27- 3:25. I was surprised that you were able to blend in the 8bit like lead in with parts of the song beyond the time span (2:27 - 3:35). Which was really nice touch. All in all this was a really decent song. I enjoyed listening to the majority of it. Quality sounds extremely well (even thought I don't know what program you using) probably it's on par to a professional edm producer.


GershBeats responds:

Man, that's a big compliment and good criticism too, I appreciate it. I'm using FL9 but I strive to do things with it that make it sound unique, like nothing else.

I actually considered taking out the 2:27-3:35 part and just using the "8bit" (it's a glitched up square-synth! :D) instrument as a background effect. I've got a rendered version that cuts out that ~1 minute segment but I decided to leave it in - bad move, maybe! Anyways thanks a bunch I really appreciate the time you took to criticize and the compliments!

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