Fragile ( N A T A )

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This is my entry for the N A T A Music contest 2013, where we had to make a song that evokes a certain mood. My song is supposed to evoke emotion. Which emotion you ask? Any emotion that's bigger than us, because we're too fragile. Different emotions can be really close. Both grief and joy can bring tears to your eyes. Some songs can as well simply because they're beautiful. It was such a song I tried to create. Could be used for a lot of emotional scenes. A love scene, a sad scene, a beautiful scene. You decide. The song is loopable if you cut off the echo and reverb at the ending around 1:56,300. All instruments in this song are synthetic, and lo-fi, to give a fragile feeling.

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nice and settle

SourJovis responds:

Glad you like it. But what do you mean by settle?

I give you a five start because you argued so well in ur comment :)

SourJovis responds:

Thank you. It helps to know why you do things sometimes :)

Simply beautiful. Evokes many emotions. I'm thinking about the ups and downs of love, or in life in general. How meaningless and fragile our lives are on the scale of the universe, yet how world rocking our emotions feel to us human beings. Reminds me of "House of Flying Daggers". Did you see that film. To me that's the theme of the film. The main characters are just pawns in a battle much bigger then they are. They are disposable. Yet their emotions are of epic proportions and move the audience. Me in any case. What is that piano sound? I like it. Did you use an old electric grand for that? If so which one?

SourJovis responds:

I've seen "House of Flying Daggers" I liked that film, so glad you compared the theme of this song to that of the film. I totally did not think of that film when I made this, but now you explain what you mean, I can see it too. The piano isn't any pre-existing instrument or preset. It's something I created by myself, and it took a lot of work and time, so unfortunately you can't easily recreate the sound for yourself. What I did was, I used the attack of recorded samples from a real piano, but very crappy recordings and of a very small file size. The sustain and release is from a digital synthesizer, with a lo-fi guitar sample. Each note I gave a different panning. The higher are further to the right, and the lower further to the left-middle. Then I gave each note a phaser effect. I think I added some distortion but I'm not sure. Then some eq and compression. Then a spreader to widen the lower frequencies of the piano. Then I added lo-fi digital reverb and echo. Over the entire track is some digital distortion, though you can still hear the undistorted song through it. On top of the piano sound, I also used synthetic choir chords (not the sound that stands out so much at 00:27, but one you won't pick up as an individual instrument) and routed it through a vocoder, using the piano (without the reverb and echo, but with all other effect) as the modulator signal, So the synthetic choir sounds just like a reverb of the piano. Hope this wasn't too much information.

Nice song, by hearing this I somehow feel like i'm floating in space with no flight control :D

Good luck with the contest!

SourJovis responds:

That's what it makes me think of too sometimes.

Frewken Awesome, Man!!

SourJovis responds:

Thanks man!!

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