to far away places

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experimental song for me to practice the 2 things i'm worst at:
* drums
* mixing

if anyone has protips or good tutorials or anything on these two, send them my way!!

i also got practice on a lot of other fun stuff, like manual ableton glitching.

the way i imagine this song is it's a journey from one place to another. first theme is your hometown, second is the journey, third is the arrival/sleeping.

the central section is still a mess though. I NEED MOAR PRACTICE ROAWRRRRWR


hometown) Where music is at currently it's always fun to listen to simple sound waves. On the intro part I would have preferred if the bassline was split between two synths to smooth out the sound. I don't like commenting on sound though since headphones are terrible for doing that.

journey) It seems like a lot of frequencies were overlapping with each other but it was a fun wall of sound to listen to. The whole note chord progression made me cringe right at 2:16 but we all have different preferences to sound so maybe you acquired that as an enjoyable step. Fun drum rolls and good panning on the percussion so I didn't get bored of the beat. Also good use of a rich bass to fill out the sound without piercing. Made it feel full bodied.

hometown) I would prefer that part with a different drum track or one at all. (In my opinion) if you have to add a drum track to a melody that means you are executing the idea all wrong since you can take any simple harmony/melody and add a drumloop to make it sound bigger and better since you are filling out more listening space. Reminded me of an old ps1 rpg though at a harbor town and you are purchasing supplies from a shop owner near a sandy beach.

johnfn responds:

wow this is a lot to think about thanks!

can you explain what you mean (PM?) about splitting the baseline between 2 synths? or send an example?

i think the main issue with the overlapping frequencies was the bell which i tossed in in the last minute. maybe i should have taken that out. your point about the chord progression is interesting. when i initially sketched the progression out on piano it sounded good, but i think something was lost in translation when i tossed in all the different instruments. what you're reminding me is that i need to be aware of the differences in how different instruments express the same melody. i'm glad you liked the beat though, i was working pretty hard on that.

imo it's kind of crazy to say that drums are unnecessary, but i could understand how some melodies wouldn't need one, especially the more chilled out/pretty melodies. my favorite part is the harbor town purchasing visual, because that's very close to what i was aiming for (MUCH better than shania twain lolol)

thank you for this awesome review!

Love it awesome job! :DD

johnfn responds:

thanks bro!

They say that a big ass is worth more than it's weight in gold, to that I say, Fiddle Faddle! I like the synth at 2:33, you wanted a pro tip? side chain a little more so the kicks stand out a bit more in regard to the rest of the noises, unless you were going for lighter kicks. good job though.

johnfn responds:

you're right, i was a little too indecisive about whether the kicks should be a huge presence or not. thanks for the review and suggestions!

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