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I would say I'm fairly impressed by the synths you've rounded up here, but disappointed by the lack of creative use and the actual variety of them. Honestly, I don't even think this track sounds very original or distinctive from the other similar sounding stuff I've been listening.
My point is: I've head this already. Give me something new and interesting for a while. Something that's actually YOU, not something what people seem to listen already. You do not need to imitate so much, so just try to find something new that people like and what comes off from you totally. This sounds extremely generic, and I'm sorry for saying that. I just don't think this track was too interesting that much at all.

So anyway: The mixing was... alright. But you'll definitely get better at it as you go on. It's very rough and dwells in the middle frequencies quite a bit. But it's loud, which may make it a easy-to-go for many listeners out there. However, this doesn't mean the mixing can't be improved from what you've already got. If you want to get louder, you also need to sacrifice quality, and I don't like that personally. Not that many people likes it to my record, either.

You used about seven different synths in this track overall, I think. That's what I counted at least.
I would say that it's a start, but the odd use of arrangement of them just makes them feel... cheap. I stopped hearing new stuff after a minute mark or so, and this track is three times longer than that, you know. It made me push myself not to skim over the whole track, because this wasn't just something that I would consider worthwhile to sit through so much. I would seriously advice you to take a look at this, because this is one of the most noticeable problem I know at newgrounds. Make things vary, but do not make it stupid. Make your tracks worthwhile, do not just apply length because there's a some kind of standard for them. Tracks CAN be as long as only a minute and still get good feedback to!

And uh... did you actually create these synths by yourself? They just sounded a bit too advanced and popular to be selfmade from scratch. Not that it matters, but I would seriously consider to learn your Massive you're obviously using, and create your own content. I learned this after figuring out the track, and it's been a lot better since. It doesn't take too long to learn anything like that at all, you just have to DO stuff. That's all.

So let's break it down:

Presentation: 7/10
Creativity: 4/10
Mixing: 6/10
Overall tune: 6/10

Just keep going at it, and do what YOU would want to do. Not what others have done already. How do you think xKore or even Skrillex got famous and all?

Just my two cents.

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EnterPrize responds:

Thank you so much. Maybe try my new song that I made almost every sound in.

Holy crap dude!! This is dubstep done right. Top scores from me all the way.

EnterPrize responds:

Thank you sir.

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Mar 9, 2013
6:27 PM EST
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