"Mephiles' Whisper"

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"Mephiles' Whisper" (Download here)

Had some downtime today, so after recording a few things I owed people, I decided to do a little experiment. When working on TOME, I mix the audio, but I usually let Shady handle all of the mastering and sound effects design. I hadn't done any sound effects or volume balancing, mastering etc. in a long time and thought this'd be fun to try out.

This is a scene from Sonic 2006, with a conversation between Shadow and Mephiles about the apocalyptic future. I did all of the vocal effects and lines; with Shadow I played him straightforward, but with Mephiles I cupped my hands over my mouth as if he truly had no mouth to speak with, then applied a different filter for when he converts to his crystallized form. I also added the dialogue and enemy sound effects from the pre-boss battle scene where Mephiles' name flashes on the screen. SO YEAH just a lil' somethin'.

Mephiles' Whisper SEGA


Not bad.

I like your interpretation of Mephiles. Dark, muffled with a rather monotone and badass voice. Shadow was a bit of a hit and miss. As much as I like the dark attempt with him, he sounded a little bit more like your normal voice but with some gruff to it. You would be more suitable to Knuckles I guess.

I like the editing and additional soundeffects. The soundtrack was appropriate, too.

Over all, liked it alot.

"Your shadows betray you, Shadow, for they belong to me."
Okay, sorry, I can't help imagining Bane every time someone talks in a muffled voice now. But in all honesty, I thought that was pretty good! The poisonous voice followed by that filter near the end really gave a demonic personality to Mephiles.

Chills. the whole sounding of that scene just gave me chills. Ah but it's a good kind of chill, so that was a complement haha You just keep getting more and more amazing with your voice acting and animations, Kirb. Your my number one motivation in attempting to bring my own creations into life.

Epic and one thing what fillter did you use and do you know any decent cheap/free sound editing software i might me able to get my hands on?

Despite the massive amount of plot holes in this game, I'll admit the presentation of Mephiles was quite good (and helped by Dan Green's excellent voice).

On topic, this was a very good redo of the Shadow and Mephilies scene. Definitely liked the additions to the Mephiles voice, especially the distortion used in the background.

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