MCI - Teqneek vs Eq

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2013 International MC Invitational Tournament
Round 2
(5) Teqneek vs (1) Eq

Verse 1: Teqneek
Verse 2: Eq
Verse 3: Teqneek
Verse 4: Eq

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Teqneek V1 - Flow and internal rhymes are good, I think the voice and music disses are decent, though 'combining Elmo and Slug' isn't really terribly accurate (although I could definitely imagine him making love to a wood-chipper while rapping). That said, a lot of the bars were kind of immature, even if the stuff about Eq's girl is true it's not very poignant or specific.

Eq V1 - Wife flip and PiGPEN disses are okay, name disses didn't really leave an impression. BCT and SJD disses are vicious and definitely mark the highlight of the verse.

Teqneek V1 - Immediate mud flip is perfectly executed, though the gay joke and flow diss kind of fall flat. Teq does come off as very flowsy in this battle but Eq's flow really isn't worse. Name diss flip is good and does a good job of uprooting a good chunk of Eq's verses.

Eq V1 - Starts with a couple flips immediately, though 'clique that I quit months ago' sounds kind of wishy washy and implies Eq is indecisive. Bringing up Bummer is redundant but I like that you use it in tandem with the Eye-Cue line, the doubletime finisher is pretty good.

I think this would have been a lot closer without the "you're gay and your wife is a whore" shit in the beginning. As it stands, I just don't feel comfortable giving someone the win after they say "[your wife] blows and gives dome to hobos for dough." I think it's better to reiterate a point than begin incorporating filler when your personals don't fill up the entire 16 bars.

Oh man am I ready for a rematch... I've improved to the point where nobody can intimidate me these days. And I actually know how to mix down my vocals!

eq definitely took this. teqneek had funny lines, punches, but the entire battle it felt like he was being out-shined by eq's tone, flow, and punchlines. teqneek definitely had multis, like usual, but he didnt bring the personal hardcore punches he needed to bring to beat eq. eq had great personal lines, clever name flips, and great flips in his 2nd verse. so im giving him the win.

Verse 1 (Teqneek):
A lot of multi-syllabic attacks, but nothing was too personal, other than a few disses, which were the mixtape diss and the wife disses, but only God knows if the wife disses were even true, and if they weren't, that makes them kind of irrelevant. Great flow though, good multis, decent verse, just nothing special. Overall, great flow, nice multi-syllables, and good delivery, but none of the lyrics really stood out.

Verse 2 (Eq):
Great opening flow/delivery, nice PiGPEN diss, I liked the Teq's is (Texas) BBQ line too, it was clever but didn't feel like a very good punch. My Teqneek is flawed was good, the tron line was funny but impersonal, and the SJD/BCT line was ok as well the end of your verse. At this point, Eq has the lead for me.

Verse 3 (Teqneek):
More mutli-syllabic rhyme schemes with a dope flow and good delivery, but again, the lyrics aren't surprising me. The teqneek name flip-flip was dope, teqneek is in the mud was ok too, but the rest weren't too good. Docter mentioned the Pink Elephants last battle, and Eq denied it, so you opened yourself for ignorance in that one. Like I said though, nothing that surprising, honestly, I'd give it to Eq right now.

Verse 4 (Eq):
Opened up with nothing but dope flips, nice.. and then a great "files diminished" punch right after that too. Definitely a dope hit. Not sure about the Eye Cue bars, I would've stayed away from those until you saw the victory, but not too big of a deal. The hair over your ears was funny too, but again impersonal, but every battle has some filler. I loved the double-time flip and ending it with the pronunciation punch, great job.

In the end, I'd have to give this to Eq. I like Teqneek's music, but there was nothing in this battle from him that was all that clever. I mean the wife disses were funny, but most of Teqneek's disses were just "You're in a band, they suck." or "You suck." in multi-syllabic form brought with a great delivery. To be honest, that would have been ok, but still, there wasn't much of anything too personal other than the usual "your music sucks" disses. I'd also like to point out, that while Eq came with some good disses, I didn't hear the hard-hitting knockout punches that I was expecting to hear from a 1 seed, but still, I think he took this without question.

Teqneek- Lyricism and rhythm are dope. Elmo bred with Slug. Forgettable Flow.
Eq- Intro to was verse nicely played. Farmer beat by Pigpen. Internet rapper named Tron. X2 time was a nice touch.

Gotta give this the EQ. Teq's two major shots (EQ's gf/xgf and crew/xcrew) turned out to be outdated. Teqneek had more intelligent lyrics and complex schemes, but EQ's out front rebuttals and delivery gets it from me.

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Feb 27, 2013
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Hip Hop - Olskool
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