[DSBM] River Ov Despair

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This is my first attempt at a DSBM track [Depressive Suicidal Black Metal]. My main influences for this piece are mainly Cry of Silence, Xasthur and Anti.

Usually the style incorporates a low-fi monotonous tone to it which is what I am trying to achieve without it sounding too heavy on the low-fi sound. I want at least some clarity on the track itself, the half-distorted screeching vocals which I utterly destroyed for this fit prefectly for the aim I was going for (which is slightly counter-balanced with some Reverb and Echo I added to it in Audition).

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Born, in the River Ov Despair.
It's waters flowing nature like the flow of blood which keeps us alive,
Shining red in a land where everything from the trees to the skies are monotonous grey,
As I wander the lifeless lands, a world of crumbling fields of the dead are alive with despair.
Nothing you love exists any-more in a plain where you're alone and descend into madness.
Your existence reaps itself of meaning as your own screams echo in the caverns of your mind,
Your body lies in these grey plains forever,
Your mind corroding into a state of disrepair.


This just came on NG Heavy Metal Radio. I don't listen to much stuff like this, but I really liked this track!

You're....you're going to do more of these, right?

Lich responds:

I could do :)

Now this is just fucking brilliant. It's a lot slower than the metal I'm used to, but the guitars are just so epic and the vocals are really great. It has that sense of impending doom. I'm particularly loving the vocal effects, I mean holy shit dude, at certain points in this song they gave me chills. Dark, brutal and evil. I gotta ask, have you done or considered doing any Blackened Industrial Metal (Kinda like latter Psyclon 9 stuff) because that would be truly awesome. I had to listen to this one a couple of times over to provide a decent review for it.

Really the only negative thing I can say is perhaps the song could be better suited for more devices, I have speakers and headphones which sound fucking awesome, but just on my regular laptop speakers the voice doesn't stand out as much... But honestly fuck that, this is the kind of song which needs some decent speakers to play.

You totally killed the vocal recording, they are just so hateful and aggressive, exactly what I want to hear in a song like this. I really love the breakdown too, near the end, it was pretty dark and ominous. The lyrics are pretty good too, you have got some talent for writing, actually you got quite a wide range of talents.

Great job man!

I think it is the only DSBM song on Newgrounds, you deserve a medal for this :)
First of all I love your voice, powerful, constant, how should sound a Grim voice in fact. and it is a good thing that we can read the lyrics. Also the riff doesn't sound like a cliché dsbm, this is nice, in a way ; there are not a lot of inharmonious notes and it makes me think of some old Doom music.
keep working on your music, i thinka lot of NG will like that.

In the upcoming months, i will maybe post some Black or Doom, keep watching, may i send you a newsletter ? ;)

I like the long stretched guitar riffs layered with the synth pad (if I hear correctly that's a synth and not just reverb). Indeed not as lo-fi as you other songs. I think it works for this one to get that more cinematic feel. Good thing you write the lyrics down, because I wouldn't be able to understand them otherwise. I think the song might have been even better if the drums gradually got more impact. I'm talking mainly about the base drums, because I can hear the snares fine. They get faster later on which is good, but they are drowned out by all the long stretched chords. It would be good if they get above that sea of chords, to give the song more dynamic, and a sense that it's going into double time. It may be just a matter of giving the base drum some more treble, so you can hear that attack click better. I like the guitar sounds at the end. Sounds almost like tubular bells. The timing of the start is a little strange (or is it just me). Doesn't sound like it starts at the first count of a bar. I would've either started it earlier, or at the beginning of the next bar, when all the reverb is drowned out (which would probably be better still). I'm not sure if I like the high hats during that guitar part. I think I like it better with only the guitar. Btw the guitar may be a base with a lot of overtones, I can't say for sure. R4R I enjoyed listening to this.

Lich responds:

Thank you for the review.

Kind of a synth-pad, it was a Choir and Sustained strings ran lightly through a CHorus Plug-in hidden behind the track. I did achieve a really nice low-fi sound to the whole track (similar to how a Xasthur track sounds) after uploading this originally but it was too late by then :(
I did make this when I only just got Superior Drummer and started playing around with it plus I didn't want to make either of the Kick Drums sound triggered. It's like juggling between making a Kick sound more Organic vs Making it hearable (and sound decent-enough). I'm sure If I remade the whole thing today with some of the extra plug-ins I have obtained and learned to use I could correct most of these mistakes in the track in the future. I'm feeling up to making another DSBM track soon, a lovely excuse for me to make something so angsty and depressive

I double-checked in FL that beginning bit, it's just the volume automating at a weird time, nothing to worry about. Most of the tracks in this tyle when they fade into the track sound a little like that. Just embracing the genre ;)

The guitar sound at the end is one of the guitar patches in Omnisphere which I use,d can't remember off of the top of my head which one without loading FL up.

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