Death Wish

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Alrighty then, ladies and gentlemen! Here is the latest update from the upcoming "Samurai Sesions" EP, featuring beats from your favorite artists: Fat Jon, Nujabes, Tsutchie, and Force of Nature. This little gem here is by Fat Jon and Nujabes (that's right, I DON'T OWN THIS MUSIC, PLEASE DON'T SUE).

Don't turn the volume down when I'm driving the car
I promise with that attitude we won't get very far
White knuckled nitcotine, bite down into the lip
Seatbelts around hips buckled now, tighten my grip
Stopped at every single fucking red light in town
Just to let the things you said fester in my head
I swore to God I told you that I'd turn this car around
I must be terminally ill the way you been wishing that I was dead
Bad phrases amalgamate cascading into an argument
Five days of eight ways from Sunday and a tirade in a parking lot
The bough breaks and the cradle drops, but that mockingbird will never stop
Should've told me you had a problem when I told you that I did not
Tell me, tell me, tell me everything, tell me how you feel
I'll tell you anything to get out of this automobile
Then I'll tell you how I feel if you can tell me how to deal
If you slit Achille's heel , he is bound to fucking kneel before you baby
Don't you know that you're driving me crazy?
But not in a good way, more like you and me drive right the hell off this highway
Doesn't matter what I say anyway, you would rather die than take my way

You must have a death wish or something is wrong with you
You must have a death wish, girl

Take a glance at my shabby hands making bad advances
Tryna understand the reprimanding currently at hand
Flick the butt of a cig out the window but I should've flicked myself
I'm the butt of a joke, she's on fire like I lit that shit myself
It can't get hotter in this Hell
Five hundred miles from the next hotel
Breaking my mental health,
Now do you understand why men don't ask for help?
Check yourself, cuz you are sure as hell about to wreck yourself
Face up in a compact, empathy on the shelf
Played the game for better or for worse and you can play your stupid game but in the game of life you'll end up in a hearse
Let's rehearse
Top to the bottom it oughtta be sodomy the way you cause all these problems while I do all of the work
But to make it work you know it takes two to tango
And now I'm gonna break these chains like Django
And when he take a life, it's the name of the game
So, if you try and stop me baby, Ima do the same

You must have a death wish or something is wrong with you
You must have a death wish girl.

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Feb 21, 2013
8:36 PM EST
Hip Hop - Modern
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