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+"Where is Clair?"+ Rythim Man

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Author Comments

Join Rythim Man as he searches the most terrible lands in search of a friend.

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it does indeed have a very video game feel. rpg' completely starts off like the intro to a labyrinth of sorts in the first two measure's then you go in and its all dungeon all the way.

Holy crap!

That song is amazing, yeah the first part is pretty familiar, where is from exactly?

Oh my, the song is so nice, i especially like all the little "fill ins" like the flute and such. This track is so diversified, and it also has a little "castlvania" charm to it.

Keep up the great work man and thanks for reviewing my music. And have a 5 why don't you.

Rythim-Man responds:

As much as the first part sounds familiar, I wouldn't know what it's from. For this song I actually tried something new. The first 2 measures of flute were random notes that I put in, then I felt that the melody seemed familiar, yet still nice. Then I played it over again with piano, adding into the equation harmony. I felt that it was dark enough for the theme I wanted to portray. After I found my melody and harmony, I put every orchestra sound I had together to finish the theme.

This is not a remix, even though at first it may sound like it. (I actually get that "where is this from" comment alot from this song)

I put extra effort into this, and it shows since this is my top rated song so far. Thanks for reviewing my good song and not one of my crappy ones.

Like I said before, my inspiration was believing I had lost a friend (and back when it happen I had extra care for my friends...don't ask what changed). I may be inspired to make one more orchestral piece before I set sail to my new home (I'm not really sailing and i'm not really changing residency, I'm just going away for school lol). Infact...the thought of going away just may be my inspiration....

And thanks for having such awesome music. I want to hear more some time, so~

Keep on keepin' on!

I swear man!

Your stuff rly does sound like DK's audio! lol! This is very good man! I guess i don't know what I've been missing! This is very nice! The diversity got to give you a good score for that! This is V piece of ass work! You've gotten so much better! The clarity got a bit out of hand, but hey it's all V for me!

Keep it \V/ man!


Rythim-Man responds:

I try for originality, and then clair tells me that the first 2 measures are from another piece. That kind of hurted.

I know clarity is an issue but it's a big song with alot of instruments and all the way thru I tried to keep it as clear as possible.

I tried my best not to make any 2 sections exactly the same, but the main theme does repeat alot. I like it that way though.

Effort... you don't want to know how much effort I put into this. I was up nights and staying inside working on this. I was looking for other ideas to incorporate, I was sleeping on it. I was dreaming of how it would sound. I was checking over it for days to make sure every dynamic marking was in place. I was adjusting to the finest caliber until I could not make it any more balanced. I was adjusting the speed so it would not be too fast yet still end quickly enough to be uploaded unto Newground's low bandwith server at higher than 96kbps quality. I was making sure that the drums didn't get too repetetive. I was trying out different bass lines for the timpini; deciding whether I wanted disortion or resolution. I was especially careful in creating the best possible harmony for the clarinet solo because clair plays clarinet and this was for her. I was adding harmony for every instrument in a normal orchestra (that's 32 or 36, I don't know there are so many I lost count) But with so many instruments... it was kind of hard to balance everything perfectly. It's almost impossible for me to add to one thing without taking from another... Maybe with more practice I'll make something that deserves to be golden...

Keep on keepin' on. I'm still here to read reviews and I'm always open to criticizm.


Im appalled. You never told me you finished this.... Then again you did send it to me.... and then again you submitted it today... oops. Well iv given up on the great cave offensive. Decided its way beyond me. Tell me if this is illegal. Getting a videogame midi, putting it on anvil studio. Taking only the true notes(the notes everyone like to hear) and reputting them back on anvil studio... Im to lazy to listen to a song over and over and over, then putting the notes on the computer. Id rather just play the game lol. Anyway, im glad you are still putting up music. I was worried for awhile. Then again, you will sen me the songs, regardless if you put them on newgrounds or not. At least you better. I like the... clarinette solo? that the instrument? Reminds me of how i wish i could play when i did play clarinette lol. 5/5

Rythim-Man responds:

I think if you submit illegal work on Newgrounds you're more likely to get away with it because if it was stolen it would be flagged and we would know it's not yours easily. Still, you're responsibile for what you submit, so if the law did decide to come in and handle you...

I don't use people's MIDI because I much rather do it all myself. It's easier to add stuff and make it original that way, plus I want people to listen to me when I submit, not someone else. If you were to use the MIDI, as long as you change it enough so that it doesn't look at all like the original remix. For instance the melody would be the same anyway, so you could probably use someone elses melody in a remix. Harmony is the same sometimes but you might want to use your own. Changing the tempo and key also helps. Actually, you can just show me your remix and the original and I can tell you if they are too in-common.

Even if you're using a sample from someone elses work, it's still an art to know how to utilize and arrange the samples. I could appreciate work even if it was sound clips of other people's work. It's not my style though, and even if I tried it wouldn't work out well (I tried that in suspicious ack-tivity).

It depends. Not if you're talking about where the strings are playing that's an...erm oboe or english horn, I know it's a wind instrument but I have to look at the score to remember it. But yea that's a clarinet solo when the piano is playing, and as odd as it sounds that is where I put alot of effort. As a solo, the melody has to be catchy, yet simple, yet interesting. Then the harmony from the trombone has to make you smile. I actually tried different harmonies to see which sounded best. Normally I used music theory to know what sounds good and leave it at that, but I tried my hardest to make this song perfect.

Really nice!

I really like this. The drums are really nice. Its has a very "video game sign" I could almost see this in final fantasy 9--one of the tense chase scenes or whatnot. I see the rhythm your talking about now? hah.

Rythim-Man responds:

Yea, and some times that "Rythim" works against me when I want to make something that sounds different.

I say that because at this moment I'm trying to make something different and it's really pitiful, I almost gave up on it but I decided to try to work with my "Rythim" instead of against it this time around. We'll see how it turns out when...IF I submit it lol.

Again, I love the review, you have no idea how happy it makes me. You made me think about being a video game music composer.


Oh sorry for replying to your stuff so late, I purposely skipped your review so I could listen to your audio first, but somehow I forgot to reply until today.

So whether you're making music or reviewing my audio (both of which I like), I want you to-

Keep on keepin' on!!

Credits & Info


4.67 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2006
10:40 AM EDT
File Info
3.9 MB
4 min 49 sec

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