Xion Battle: The Finale

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Roxas vs Xion Final Form


Okay, time to address multiple issues with this cover/remix.

First of all, it's a MIDI rip-kind-of-cover, in that the entire set of notes has been taken from Shimomura's original version. There's nothing that makes your piece *truly you*. When we go out to listen to video game remixes, we look for people's unique takes on video game themes...... and pretty much all you can claim to do is emulate the original ('HD remake it')? You need to try harder than that, mate.

Now, the major point of contention is NOT with the instruments, because piano and strings can be used REALLY WELL.

The point of contention here is the MIXING. Rule of thumb: THE MELODY STANDS OUT. Chords blend in to the background. The bass line is precisely that: a firm base upon which the entire piece stands, and when the bass line and the melody are drowned by the slightly dissonnant chords, it really doesn't help the piece. In fact, it makes the entire thing sound awful. Even though I could make out the original notes, the piece was discord from start to end because frequencies were blending with each other so much, the melody and bass were indistinguishable.

My suggestions for this piece: Redo this piece. We want to hear *your* take on it, not Shimomura's. Can you pour your heart and soul into a video game cover, as a Kingdom Hearts fan? Once you've done your spin on it, make sure the melody stands out. Shimomura put in high piano notes for a reason: because their frequencies are high and the piano sounds would sparkle in contrast with the rest of the piece. Also make sure the bass is audible enough for it to be the foundation of the piece.


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You beat me to this song. I was in the process of making this. And it doesn't sound as good as the original, sadly.

I don't know what TimeStop12 is talking about.
This song has always been like that at the start and several places throughout it, and you did an excellent job recreating it, Dez.
I approve.
Thus I give you one of the last remaining Aaroca Cookies of Approval.

"That was a blast from the past wasn't it?" said The Other Other God.

Too much clutter, I cant discern what is supposed to lead or even which should be more pronounced. So again too much clutter in the music.

DesoloZ responds:

the piece is wrote exact by Yoko, directly the piano is real so if u want to take it up to the Musician of Kingdom Heart take it up to them. i just got this and hd render it.

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