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Full name: Pictures of Thing to Come

Alright, been working on this song for the past few days with barely any sleep, glad to be done!

This song was made for Bosa's Dreams of Splendor competition, and I consider it to have a lot of very good stuff. I unfortunately had to cut a lot of the stuff I wanted to put in it due to time constraints (Basically had only two days to work on it), so this is far from the finished product. I'm planning on extending this somewhat and creating a separate song with the first sequence, so more from where this came from soon.

Albeit currently in a prototypical state, the actual song itself is meant to represent a voyage through different facets of a man's psyche as he grows, starting from the very much innocent years of childhood, slowly growing more serious until the teen year enter, where he discovers the anguishes of life. From this point on, it's a slow decent into madness, until he learns to not be preoccupied by these kinds of things, whereas his childlike mindset comes back to him, with the added new found confidence to live off the rest of his days, until death comes to take him.

For people wondering why I listed this under Jazz, it's because of NG's retarded genre classification. The actual genre for this is actually Mainstream, a cross-section between Classical and Jazz, but I feel that the creative process for this song was more apparent to a Jazz mindset, hence why it's listed like so.

In any case, I am fully aware of the truly horrendous mix the song currently has, I am saddened to say that my ear for mixing is null at best. If anyone here has any tips to give, I would be ever so grateful if you could write it down in the comments or through PM.

Thank you all for reading this, and I truly hope you enjoy!


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Very nice composition!
It reminds me of Joe Hisaishi, his music is kind of jazzy and classical at the same time, a little bit "new age-ish" too...

Anyho, it is indeed a nice song, but it sounds atonal sometimes (badly), I mean mixing classical and jazz is not easy because the "mainstream" jazz has a lot of atonal notes tha't very important for jazz music, also that's what makes jazz sound like jazz (my humble opinion), classical music has no atonal features, so, that's why is hard to mix them both, you have to find the exact moment to put atonal jazzy sounds.

Hope I was helpful :)

3.5 - 4/5

camoshark responds:

Thanks, Joseph, glad you enjoyed the song!

It's funny you mention Hisaishi, because he was a big influence in the creation of this song! I really enjoy his style, and that was precisely what I was going for, so I listened to a lot of his stuff!

I'll have to disagree with you for the atonal part, though. There is a lot of atonality in modern classical music. Just look at Schoenberg, Ligeti, Penderecki and the likes. I have to admit that the atonal section in this song didn't come out as clean as I would have liked it to, and has most likely been spoiled by EWQL's processed sound, which contains WAY too much reverb and a sound much more suiting for Film Score than actual classical music.

Oh well, I'll just try harder next time, thanks again for the review!


I don't say good things very well....I'm sure you know that. So I'll point out some stuff I noticed.

One is that you need to be careful with your reverb tails and/or amounts. Like for example right around 9 seconds theres an extremely brief end the reverb tail before the next chord hits and it makes it sound a bit artificial. There were a lot of places with similar unnatural sounding pauses due to either there not being enough reverb, or too short of a tail.

The next thing is that the song seems to lack a theme to hold onto. There are a lot of catchy parts but all on their own. Not enough repetition to get me humming the song afterwards. There needs to be more reference to a central idea for a song so short.

Siguente (that means next in spanish!), the instruments felt like they were a bit strange panning-wise in the mix. I recommend checking out my ridiculously long thread about orchestration for details on that.

Siguente tambien, transitions seemed in general a bit too sudden. Things didnt flow into each other. It was always like....pause...next section.....pause.....next section (with some exceptions of course).

Last but not least, longer notes need more things happening emotionally. A sustained string note will sound much more natural with some expression changes such as tone/volume/vibrato amount. Just some natural swaying.

Cheers sir!

- Breed

Stop. Just stop. You're too good. I can't take it.

camoshark responds:

Wow, that's just made my day, I'm glad I gave you such a lasting impression!

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4.05 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2013
11:58 PM EST
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