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Sequence WIP

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Author Comments


hope you enjoy! feedback is appreciated. thanks!

EDIT #1: I did some basic mastering to equalize some levels and bring some loudness. Very crude, just to make it pop a bit more. Also, the track is much fuller because I reduced sidechaining/ducking on the supersaw, and increased the crashhat volume. Thought I'd at least make some changes since so many people like this one ^__^ will finish ASAP! Thanks so much guys!


This WIP. It's subtly different from the finished song.
I like it; but I miss some elements from the WIP in the finished product...

*walks away, pretending I never opened this*
So this is officially my song for better dreams at night...

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Lockyn responds:

Hey man, nice to see you around again! Thanks for taking a look at my older tracks, glad you enjoyed :)

Hey Lockyn!
Please don't remove this song from newgrounds....
I made a 'Geometry Dash' Level with this song.
It's just my wishes...
Because this song is just awesome :D

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Lockyn responds:

Wow. I do have a finished version of this, you know... but I won't be removing this, don't worry. Thanks for reviewing. :)

How many WIP are you working on? Don't take my advice if you don't want to, but it is better to keep some of your WIP behind the scenes. Wait till the song is fully finished. That will make the final version sound "newer" and showcase all the effort put in. Note I said some of your WIP not all. I'm just saying when you know you have a good beat, keep it under wraps till its finished. Anyway, on to the demo.

I'm enjoying the drums. Sounds clear and hard. The thump adds much to the electro feel. I'm surprised how well the clash of the cymbals added to the climax. If anything to make the cymbals better is to have them panning left and right in line with the kicks. Perhaps also fading out at the same time.

Buildup fx put some more fill. Perhaps add another layer and slowly add in white noise. What makes house music neat is that it builds up to a extreme (for a lack of a better term) "messy" point with white noise, side chained fx splashes, filter rises, etc. and then all of a sudden goes "clean". You do that, but it can be much more emphasized with a better fx rise.

Enjoying the happy instrument used during the buildup. As for the other happy instrument at the end of the song...good but kind of brings the song's potential down. It sounds fine when all the other instruments are going, but not as a solo. Perhaps you could automate the filters on that instrument. Your already going for a fierce style so might as well turn that happy into "saw" mode. (That is a tough thing for me to say since I'm a fan for happy songs...but sometimes too happy doesn't mesh with this kind of theme).

I know everyone is entitled to their opinion. I know previous reviewers have said other things, but I think your build up is a perfect length. Just needs a better fx as I already mentioned. The climax is a good length to me. Among the AP artists, yes you could do the typical repeating the climax for another 4 bars and that will get you popular. However, that will not make your song stand out outside of the AP...especially since you got pros like skrillex, fedde le grand, stefano prada, etc. who by no disrespect to you are the better ones. You can be different by making this more than just a progressive house song that all the artists make. If you can manage to keep the song exciting for 3:30 mins while successfully transitioning at a quick pace (eg. every minute a new theme pops up) you will stand out from the rest. Not even skrillex does that. What ever you do, do not rush this song. Take your time.

Usually I don't say much in a short 1 minute demo. However, I see the potential here and I want you to succeed in what you got. Don't mess it up. :) 5/5 and let me know when the final version comes out.

Bye for now

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Lockyn responds:

First of all, thank you so much for your extremely detailed review. I find myself looking forward to seeing your comments and suggestions ^__^ thank you thank you!

I think I have about 20 different WIPs that I'm hoping to release together. four of them are on newgrounds, this one included ^__^ The biggest trouble I have is finishing a song. I always seem to ruin the finished product... which is why I post the in progress so people get a taste and can suggest things to my stupid brain LOL. I do agree that I should wait for a finished product with some WIPs - I'll try my best to finish things up before posting!

The drums were the part that satisfied me the most actually, so thank you for that. The cymbals are actually already panned - I cloned the sample and put one on each side of the stereo spectrum and offset the timing by a couple millisec. Or do you mean something else...?

The buildup was a temporary fix to make it listenable - I can guarantee it will be different - more layered, complex, and satisfying. I will spend LOTS of time making sure the buildup is satisfactory. I agree with your clean vs. dirty idea!

I think what I really enjoy doing in many of my productions is putting grindier saw stuff next to softer rounded sine stuff. Maybe I'm weird. I like how it sounds side by side! I will try mixing things up and putting more variety of sawlike and sinelike instruments - we'll see how varied my synthesis can get LOL

I completely respect your statement and agree - I am no where near the level of professional producers. I'm not even on the level of many of the extremely talented producers here on NG xD Don't worry, I take my time and my own ideas with things. If anything else, you'll know that whatever comes out at the end will be a 100% original production with fresh ideas. It might sounds hipster but I can't stand it when people just repeat 4x4 phrases and string them together with minimal variation for a song xD You can count on me being varied and creative with my pieces - I put it out as I see it!

Thanks so much again, and you can be sure I won't mess it up :D I will let you know! Cheers!

If you wont make it longer in next 48h ill gonne 0-bomb your ass to the other side of Milky Way.
Kapish? Now GO.

Suprising and incredibly rich piece of music. I mean, theres just soo many details all over the place.
My advice, in order to extend the song and make it better: make each "stages" last longer.
The main problem around here is - that you are not letting the listener to "taste" your song. Everything changes too fast and before they even really chewed the bits - the song is already over.
Extend each and every stage. Make them last longer. This way you'll hit two birds with one rock:
1. Extending duration of the song
2. Letting people proparly "taste" every part of the song.
Otherwise its like jizzing into your pants before you could actualy put out your junk.
It just happends to fast and ends prematurly. Leaving you with wet pants and feeling of stolen satisfaction.

Oh and do something creative with the ending.
Slowly dying out in volume and amount of samples is an easy and old solution - i know.
But i also dare to claim that you can do better then that.

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Lockyn responds:

First of all, thank you very much for the detailed review, appreciate it!

I'll try my best but I don't work too well with time constraints xD looks like you'll have to get your zero-bombing finger ready T__T

I agree with the extension suggestion and detail stretching. This track has a lot more work to go for it. And agreed with the premature thing LOL.

I have something very different in mind with the ending. Not what you're going to expect, I think! ;)

Again, thanks! cheers buddy ^__^

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4.50 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2013
5:39 PM EST
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