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Summer Horizon

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Author Comments

Commercial trance. A bit cheesy, but crowded enough to be interesting!

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hey padman good to see some new stuff here. dont bother with the study, it wont teach you life skills, thats where newgrounds comes in. Grammer, spelling, wit, newgrounds has it all.
I like this one most out of your new three. i dont think it sounded cheesy, not compared to the rest of the stuff on here.
i have to mention the snare roll used with the in between counts, im not sure what u call that, its 16T/4 tiiming in reason instead of 16/4 but ive never used it, youve enlightened me.
Listening to it again its far from cheesy. Cheesy is too broad, wham! is cheesy, video game music is cheesy, this is more epic trance.
I like the last bar in the fading riff, even though u cant fully make out the notes cause theyre a bit fast its a good scale, its a great riff. good stuff, might have some stuff up soon too.

dj-padman1 responds:

Lol, Newgrounds truly is a second home to me. My brothers and sisters here certainly enjoy sticking me with zero votes though!
I did switch things up in the snare-roll. Thanks for noticing! In the Live universe, they're called 12th notes, and the really short ones are 24th notes. You could use them in your breakbeats, no-one does much, so it would rock.
By the way, I just got your email today in my yahoo account. I don't go there at all any more, so my apologies for not replying sooner.
I look forward to your new work! Submit audio! Submit audio!

I like it

i like it alot cuz it sounds alot like a song from effel 65. i really like the effect on the instraments fading in and out.
how did you do that?

this is really good.
its not cheesy its really good!!!

dj-padman1 responds:

Lol, haven't heard from bid eiffel 65 for a long time, they still around?
Thanks for the review, and I think the fading you're referring too is a low pass filter sweep. Going from an underwater kind of sound with just the low frequencies, and then opening up the filter, making the sound brighter and brighter as the treble comes in.
Hope I answered your question!
See you later.

::gleam in eyes::

So... yeah.

I'm a sucker for this shit.

Getting on with the review...

...I love this piece. and I feel really bad for feeling awkward about reviewing it. It's prefect, flows well, gets me amped to do something, though I'm not so sure. Maybe Alien ninjas leaping across purple glowing roof tops and fighting in pink ceremonial robes and poofy pants? I'm really clueless as to the surmounting battle-sense this song gives off, but there's atleast some wierd pop-battle type thing going on here.

I feel bad for leaving such a bad review, but I really can't complain about anything here.

::slaps in a five::
::hugs'n kisses::
-Zedar, The Scythe-Monger

dj-padman1 responds:

Bad review? No such thing! Your reviews are always appreciated.
Thats quite some imagery you have conjured up there, made me smile :)
Stay cool Zedar.

Hey there!

Originality- 7. Because well, you said it was "commercial trance" and thats not ultimately creative. its fine tho.
Diversity- 8. Well, sort of ditto to the above. But I like the synths and instruments you used, and man, nice job with the snares and whatnot. Little things DO count too!
Clarity- I didn't really hear anything that i couldn't hear, (?????) but ya, nicely mastered, in other words. The random volume change/filter(?) thing in the beginning was...questionable though.
Effort- Well, listen to it! It's not just simple loops, there's actually variation and all that jazz(but i thought we were talking about techno?) lol, :P

Anywho, overall 10, cuz well, its a good song, and mr cheesy penis can go and cry in a corner, because well, he should. I dont make any sense today, do I?

Alright, i did sense some cheesyness(even a word??) in the track, but hey, it seems like a happy track. I like the almost "summerish" atmosphere you created in this, course thats probably what you intended on doing. I like the beat, if i werent tyipng, i'd be dancing. I like where you placed the breakdowns and snarerolls and the filters are a great add too. The "squeaky" synth is probably one of the main sources of the cheesiness factor in the song. But its a good song, good effort, although ya, seeing from what l_XI(spelled right?) said, i think i wanna hear more hardcore stuff. Can you make some crazy insane happy hardcore maybe? well, long enough review. Good song, tad cheesy, but thats just part of the summer-ish mood of the song, so .....ya.


dj-padman1 responds:

Well, thanks very much for the review. You've raised some very interesting and intelligent issues there.
The filtering at the start that you sensed was out of place was put there to disguise a horrible high-pitched synth that I accidentally pushed the fader up too high on. Don't ask me why I didn't just turn the volume of that synth down afterwards, its complicated :)
You hit the nail on the head with the squeaky synth observation. It's pretty damn evil...
And yes, I'm definately gearing up for some hard anthems. Exams at the moment though, killing me daily.
Once again, thanks for the insightful review.

Don't worry about that last guy

I think he enjoys penis.

Hahaha =P

This song jumps into the basic mainframe of trance. The Acid synths still show you you love hardcore... I'll say that it works VERY nice! The bassline in the backround adds such a nice backround.

When you bring in the arp you do this weird filter thing. I would have no problem if you did a huge beat break down and you chose a more effective filter frequency to use... that one is rather 'dull', you know? Its not bad, but it distracts.

The breakdown you had before the cheese melody with the saw I thought was pretty randomly arranged and I was 'oh man where could he be going with this...' then BAM. Awesome melody. Sweet ass work man.

Good theory, good samples, excellent technique, and a rather different and unique way of arranging things. Make more hardcore stuff though! I LOVE that shit =D

Keep it up man! You've always got my support!

dj-padman1 responds:

Let's just assume that initial reviewer is high on ecstasy and leave it at that :)

You'll have to excuse me for this rather 'family oriented' trance. In my heart, I crave the hardcore like yourself, but sometimes I just get the uncontrollable urge to make something more 'sweet'. I feel so dirty!

Thanks for your comments, and for the record, the low pass filter was put on there to disguise a horrible whiny synth playing way too loud. The filter doesn't do the track any favours, but if I didn't disguise that sound you would hire a hitman to take me out.

Point taken though...hardcore is coming :)

And you have my support also, I loved your last track!

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4.67 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2006
2:29 AM EDT
File Info
3.6 MB
3 min 58 sec

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