Journey to Stonyhurst

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Update 04.02.13: THIS SONG PLACED THIRD IN THE DREAMS OF SPLENDOUR CONTEST!! :D I am humbled and honoured. Thanks to all who listened and reviewed!

The full title of this piece, as you may have seen from my forum signature, is "Letters from the Journey to Stonyhurst." *shakes fist at character limitations* This is my submission to Bosa's contest, "Dreams of Splendour," and it is based on a turning point I had in December 2012 over the three days I spent in the Faith Winter Conference at Stonyhurst College, Lancashire. I had written "letters" -- or rather, journal entries, and the song is based on these.


The lyrics to this song cover four phases:

Journey to Stonyhurst (0:00 - 1:18) -- The singer starts with a retreat to Stonyhurst College, Lancashire, a school from which came out saints and heroes of all kinds (some received decorations). In contrast, the singer aspires for sainthood, but finds herself with nothing. She ultimately decides to give herself to the world and to the heavens through her songs.

Burden of the Cantor (1:18 - 2:36) -- The singer is called to sing on one solemn night, where the air is still and everyone gathers to pray silently. This is also a night where people would be making amends for the wrongs they had done. She examines herself and finds herself incapable, unworthy, of the task. Yet, right before her song, she hears a divine voice whispering into her ears, going straight for her heart, and it is that which drives her to sing.

The Lifetime Mission (2:36 - 3:15) -- The singer wants to make use of everything she is capable of to lead wayward people home, to ignite fires in people's hearts, to remind them of the beauty around them and their reason for living.

Sainthood (3:15 - 4:12) -- The singer's ultimate goal. There, she reaches Heaven; it is a place where light never dies. There, she hears the prayers of those calling out for a reason to live, and she trusts that they would never fade anymore.


Much of the music was done on FL Studio 10.
Vocals and bodhran recorded live on Audacity and mixed on FL.

P.S.: I'm a little nervous about that bodhran, considering it's only the second time I'm accompanying any kind of music with it. As much as I love the sound of that thing, I'm keeping the pounding as a soft heartbeat in the background, and I only hope it calls out to you, the listener. I'm sorry, I'm just pouring my heart out here. T_T



There, on the trail
Of saints and heroes,
There my story begins
There, on the trail
I see those who've made it,
And I have nothing to claim
Poor though I may be,
I lift my hands up above,
And so I burst into song...!

Singing from the soul,
Singing to the heavens
Crying out in my weakness,
Calling the sun forth
From the clouds so hopeless,
O, let me sing from the soul!

One night in midwinter
Spent in your presence;
One night to set things right
I have fallen lowly,
I am unworthy
To ever call this splendour mine
Lo, now you have called me,
Whispered in my ears
And so I burst into song...!


Singing from the soul,
Singing to the heavens
Painting the sky with stars,
To guide the wanderers homebound
Lighting in people's hearts
The flames of desire for the light...

Singing from the soul,
Singing to the heavens
Now the light is shining
In splendour unmeasured!
Now I hear prayers arising,
Never more to fade!


Beautifully done, Troisnyx!

The bodhran sounds pretty good with the placement and playing. It may only need a slight volume increase during some of the more exuberant singing.

Speaking of the singing: Your vocals are also amazing throughout most of the piece except in two places that I noticed. The first being at the very beginning. It sounds like you are singing from a tunnel, but only for the first few seconds, then it clears up and remains clear for the rest of the song. The other point is at 3:02 which sounds a little hesitant before joining the rest of the chorus.

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Troisnyx responds:

Thank you <3 Also, thank you for pointing what you did in the review.

Admittedly, I'm not sure what to do about that beginning fragment: it tends to be a consequence of Audacity's noise removal. Granted, that Samson mic has improved vocal clarity, but I still have to do (minimal) noise removal. If you remember version 1 of Asperges Me, it had that problem as well, and Buoy and BrokenDeck (I think) pointed that out the last time. About 3:02, that was my fault. I went off key and I needed to tone myself down! :S

I'm also scared about having the bodhran overpower the rest of the music, which is why I never raised it beyond this point. Part of it was shyness from sharing bodhran beats for the first time, part of it was wanting the vocals to be on top rather than my favourite instrument. Any idea what I might be able to do?

Thanks again! x

beautiful :3

Troisnyx responds:

Eh, thanks ^_^

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