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Feb 1, 2013 | 6:53 PM EST
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Rated 4.24 / 5 stars
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Author Comments

Okay, first of all... the full title of this is "Birth of an Astral Nation". It is a story told through music. I'll just name each section so you can know what they're called... the rest of the story I'll leave to your mind.

0:00 ==> Tribes Gather
0:40 ==> The Building Begins
1:40 ==> Kings and Queens
2:38 ==> Dawn of Technology
3:18 ==> Inventing New Realities
4:00 ==> Ages Past
4:34 ==> Preparing for Launch/LHC
4:52 ==> Into the Deep Void

If you don't feel like writing a technical review or want to get cookies, please please please write some kind of text story for the song! :D (also, you might want to be careful reading the reviews in case anyone DOES do that - don't ruin your own mental story :<)

Of course, if you want to leave a more technical review... I would absolutely adore that. I worked harder on mastering this time as well as having a more 'theatrical' feel (there might be mixing issues, but unless you have auto-EQing speakers, there should be absolutely no clipping whatsoever. I went into Audacity and edited every single bit of clipping out). There are plenty of weird and odd instruments, such as a tabla, tamboura, anvil, "clicky", tuvan throat singers, and bagpipes (thank you very much for the bagpipes, camoshark - he's awesome and you should listen to his stuff too). Also, thanks goes to Buoy for the awesome watery drumkit that starts to come in at about 3:14. I'm going to have so much fun with it in the future. If you don't know Buoy, DEFINITELY check him out.

As always, hope you enjoy!

Fun facts:
-This song has 38 different instruments (grouping percussion channels together).
-This song has 19 automations, most of which span the majority of the song.
-This song only has 2 audio clips for effects.
-This song uses 38 mixer channels (probably because that's how many instruments there are).
-Instrument VST used: Omnisphere, Edirol, Reason (yeah I know it's actually a DAW), PoiZone, Direct Wave, Midi Out, the default Fruity Sampler, Fruity Soundfont Player.
-Mixer VST used: Maximus, Fruity Parametric EQ2, Fruity Compressor, Fruity Fast LP, Fruity Delay 2, Fruity Filter, Fruity Reeverb 2, Fruity Reeverb, Guitar Rig 5.
-Both instances of Omnisphere use 8 different instruments.
-Time spent... 85 hours and 46 minutes... just in the program. More outside planning and showing it to people for feedback.

Thanks to the following for feedback: Chrausner, Buoy, camoshark, MaestroRage, Step, DivoFST, a mixing teacher from Boston, my piano teacher, and my jazz teacher! They've all been helpful in making this, particularly toward the end when I started looking at nitpicky stuff.

SUCCESS! This song achieved 2nd place in Bosa's Dreams of Splendor competition! Buoy won 1st place with his awesome 10-minute piece Salvation and you should totally go check it out too.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

For the record this is probably your best song ever. Not just because it's so masterfully composed, but also because of the concept of it all! Man... this is such an ambitious endeavour that one can't help but feel an enormous amount of respect of you for taking it on. And despite it being so diverse, it all works so well together somehow.

I'm going to review each section because that seems like the most fitting review layout for a song like this.

0:00 ==> Tribes Gather
Right off the bat, I love how subtle this is. You very modestly start off by laying down the basic beat which sounds great on its own and great with everything else, and you so subtly introduce more elements, starting with the great flute motif and then slowly easing in those wonderfully expressive strings. Beautiful descending pentatonic scale at 0:30, and I love how cleverly-timed the percussion is. This first part sounds very playful and inviting. Cool low tones in the tablas and bongos

0:40 ==> The Building Begins
Over here it changes from playful to exciting. I think this is practically the only transition in this track I'm not entirely fond of, since it feels a bit forced, almost as if you decided that you have to change the melody somehow so you just try and kind of make it work. It's not a bad transition by ANY means, but I feel like it doesn't hold its own compared to the other transitions. Lovely melodies though. Love the dum-dums like the one at 0:49.

1:40 ==> Kings and Queens
I love the transition here. It's not totally smooth but I think it's the closest you can ever get to transitioning from the part before it. Very, very well-executed tempo change. The part itself is quite cliche, but it works very well. Super solid composition. When you introduce Omnisphere's famed soloists I think "wow, great idea". The tenor sounds quite synthesised since the vocal transitions from one note to another aren't smooth at all (something that a proper choir VST should fix) and I believe your tenor has the superhuman ability of not needing to breathe, but... yeah, super creative idea.

2:38 ==> Dawn of Technology
I disagree with Bosa, I love the bagpipes' sound and I think it's quite realistic! Although what would I know, I don't really listen to real bagpipes that much haha. The transition to this part is great too.

3:18 ==> Inventing New Realities
This is an AWESOME part, very catchy. Guitar solo is a bit lame, since the sample sounds too computerised. You should've gotten someone to play it for you! Love your use of the organ patch; I can tell you had fun making this section :P.

4:00 ==> Ages Past
You already told me that you had this reintroduction planned in something like the first ever version of this track, but just hearing it in all its glory feels great. I also love how despite it being a reintroduction, you still add layers of new effects and details to it. Just goes to show how much work and intricacy you put in your music. Beautiful soprano section by the way!

4:34 ==> Preparing for Launch/LHC
Love this part, sounds intense and exciting. I do have to question your use of the flute in this part though, it doesn't exactly fit. However, you practically used a little bit of almost every section in this part, so it gives it a very climatic feeling.

4:52 ==> Into the Deep Void
This part sounds very Buoy. It really sounds quite great, but (and this is personal bias) I dislike how the track ends with this ambient part, rather than with a super epic climax that one would expect after hearing the excitement of the part before this. It gives me a bit less to look forward to.

A few general nitpicks; the song in general lacks in raw percussive power. Moreover, like Bosa said, the samples sound average, and some are really synthy (like the bassoon), but you use them to their highest potential, as always.

I have more to say, and I want to expand on a few points I mentioned up here, but the character limit is upon us. Overall fantastic work, this song is so powerfully story-driven that it really takes you on a journey. Bravo.


SkyeWint responds:

Okay, I'm time-labelling my response to your review just like you did to the song. :P

0:00 ==> Tribes Gather
I LOVED doing the hand percussion in this - I've been wanting to do it for awhile. Getting the timings right and realistic-ish was a pain, but... yeah.

0:40 ==> The Building Begins
Funny, I loved that transition. :< And some people really don't like the melodies (more specifically the one at 0:51-0:54 or so). Oh well. I knew you'd love the "dum DUM"s though. :3 It's just the kind of thing you'd do after all. :P

1:40 ==> Kings and Queens
Okay yeah getting the transition as good as that was a pain and I still think it sucks. :< Best I could figure out though, so there we are. Oh well. Yes it's absolutely cliche. I kinda meant it to be like that in the section though... it felt like such a classic "medieval duet" thing to me. Don't know if you agree or not. xD

2:38 ==> Dawn of Technology
Yeah the bagpipes don't sound very realistic in the way they're played - I don't think they can really do that kind of arpeggio lol. Sounding awesome though, I TOTALLY agree. :3 Yay for inspiration. This whole section is actually a transition in itself.

3:18 ==> Oh man, I LOVED making that - using the percussion Buoy sent me as well as that organ you talked about as well as some other stuff was so much fun. I'd have loved to get a real guitar solo in there, but I don't think it would've worked.

4:00 ==> Yep, reintroduction of previous themes ftw. Makes the track so much more cohesive IMO, and then people feel like "I REMEMBER THIS :D". Adding new effects is definitely necessary though, otherwise it's just cut-and-paste. To tell the truth though, I was thinking the part with the soprano was going to be different. Just decided to do it as-is though, because whatever.

4:34 ==> Preparing for Launch/LHC
Huh, I'm surprised you didn't like the use of the flute there. It was used for a last restatement of the theme, but whatever, to each their own. There was meant to be a huge climax here yes.

4:52 ==> Into the Deep Void
Oh, why am I not surprised that you don't like this part. :( I love it, I like the final peace of it. A lot of people thought it didn't really depict space because they think it'd be more exciting, but honestly, for me, I find it extremely relaxing. And to tell the truth, it wouldn't be as exciting as most would think - there's a lot of empty space out there, and for the most part you're just... drifting. Even the planets are going faster than you. As for a final climactic ending, I DID export another version of this where it ends, but I hadn't mastered it properly yet, so there are some weird issues with levels in it. :/ I personally put this in to show what I really think it would be like to be out there.

General nitpicks:
Yeah it lacks in percussive power except in Inventing New Realities. There's a lot of percussion in that section. I didn't really have much good orchestral percussion (as you know) so I couldn't do a ton in it. The melodies are the focus, fortunately. Ah well. Maybe if I get Stormdrum. ^_^ Some of the other samples sound average, yes. That's probably Edirol - why I'm saving up for some EWQL instruments.

Expand as much as you want in skype! :D

And thanks for the review~


Rated 5 / 5 stars

It took me a while to see where this was going as I'm not going to read a description that long, that's just madness. Once I understood I could see that this is a great audio track and would work perfectly as some kind of menu music for Empire Earth or another game similar.

I can't really think of a way that this could be improved as I'm not the most musically minded person and to me it seemed perfect. All Ican really say is keep it up and I'll keep an eye out for your next piece.

- Review Request Club -

SkyeWint responds:

Hey, thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked it. ^_^

I doubt it's perfect, but I definitely understand the "not-musically-minded" thing. I'm the same way with visual art most of the time. xD


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Quite splendid!

From start to finish, I noticed how... different this song is. The idea in itself was quite intriguing enough for me. Even though you took a journey through different styles of music, you still maintained the same theme throughout the song, which was well done. How brilliant.

I already discussed mastering with you, sir. But the quality of the programs used is another matter. They were quite average, I suppose, but you utilized them to their full potential without making them sound too synthy (to coin a phrase). The bagpipes were a nice touch, but not very realistic for my tastes. I did like the playing style of the guitar. Anything that resembles the early 90's is fine by me. The guitar reminded me of the midi instrument, but not too much.

I am reminded greatly of Age of Empires, or the Civilization games. I enjoy your work sir, and I give to thee four stars along with a five vote.

People find this review helpful!
SkyeWint responds:

Good day sir. Thank you for taking the time to review, it's helpful to understand how you were judging!

To start out - I definitely wanted to try something "different". No point in doing the same old thing that everyone else is doing. Having the same simple theme throughout the piece was done to tie it together - as nice as pure soundtrack is, I prefer to have something to keep a piece together throughout many changes - it's all one piece.

We did indeed already discuss mastering.

When it comes to programs, I would have to disagree with you. While the orchestral instruments in the first few parts were from Edirol and therefore average, the strings, piano, and instruments in the second half were mainly from Omnisphere - I would not call Omnisphere an "average" program. I do agree about the bagpipes, they weren't used realistically. It was not precisely my intention to use them realistically, but I can see how there would be points taken off there, it's a very stylistic choice and so far it's been fairly controversial among people I've shown this to. The guitar was actually one of my lowest-quality instruments, seeing as it was a simple soundfont. The reason it may have sounded higher-quality is because I ran it through two Guitar Rig amps (another VST on the level of Omnisphere).

Age of Empires and Civilization could have easily been some inspiration for the idea of this piece. I'm not sure what really inspired it exactly - it's very rare I manage to pinpoint the original source of inspiration for many of my odd pieces.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wonderful journey, Skye!

The music matches up very well to your imagined civilization building. The amount of time you spent trying to polish and remove impurities really shows in the way one section flows smoothly into the next with no drop-off.

The only problem I had with the piece is at 2:09 when the male voice comes into the song. It fits the section nicely and enters with a fair amount of attention and command. The problem I have with it, is that around 2:20 the voice kinda "clips" (my word choice, not necessarily the proper choice) from one note to the next when it would normally roll into the note. It also happens again at 2:35 after the very subtle (and excellently done) half-stepping softer notes.

Overall, an excellent piece that reminds me a great deal of the EA game "Spore." I actually had a few images of the various stages from the game go through my head as each section of the song was playing.

SkyeWint responds:

Good morning, Theatr! Wonderful review!

Transitions have always been a huge thing for me. I've always strived to make each section of any song flow cleanly into the next - this was a bit more difficult than most and I'm a bit less content with the transitions, but they were still one of the easiest parts for me... ^_^`

Aaaah, you noticed the problem with the male voice. I totally understand that. I love that vocal sound, but the attack on it is just totally inflexible. If I had lowered the velocity, it might have solved the problem of the attack, but then there wouldn't be the quality of the rest of the sound. Tch. Sorry about that one. :< Not much I can do to fix it.

I'm glad you had pictures in your head of the game. Hope they were enjoyable!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Long reviews. Sorry I won't write anything that long. I just wanted to say how much I liked this song. A journey through sound.

SkyeWint responds:

Yay. Thank you!