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Jan 29, 2013 | 2:24 PM EST
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Rated 4.61 / 5 stars
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Author Comments

The time has finally came for me to submit what i consider to be my best piece so far "Mirror Note". I named it that way because i made this song to be a mirror of myself in musical form, it has all the elements i like in a song and also has more "me" than anything iv done before.
This song has countless hours put into it and the track number reached 26, something unprecedented from me.
I have to thank Bosa for giving me the motivation to pull this much effort into a song by having a giant prize pool and bringing giant names from NG to the fight, those 2 things really kept me going!

Instruments used:
Piano - PianoOne (very modified)
Violin/Viola/Drum/Harp/tr umpet/choir- Sonatina S.O.
Cello - S_J_Orchestral_JM.sf2
Oboe- Squidfont_orchestral.sf2
Flutes- Good_flutes.sf2
Electronic Drum- Addictive Drums
Bass- BassFing or Boobass (i changed the name)
Synths- Synth1
Guitar- My Ibanez 160 SA FM and my Orange R30 amp
My Midi Keyboard didn't do much this time but deserves a mention xD

The piano and drums are inspired mainly by my favorite band "Radiohead" and some guitar parts are Kinda "Pink Floydish". The orchestral parts i have to thank all of you who write Orchestal songs because before NG i had no notion whatsoever on what to do and now at least i have a lot of orchestral interest and inspiration...special thanks to Buoy, deadlyfishes, Trois. Samulis, BlazingDragon, Step, Samulis and Bosa himself for that.
Good luck to you all!
Edit: I got 23rd out of 49 contestants, top half at least xD



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I think the melodies and chords are decent. However what you missing is organic elements in the notes. They are too dry and rough, especially the piano. The choir is eerie and sometime out of tune, but I think it's what you have intended for. The piano gets boring after a while.

I think this one is a good entry :-). Good luck in the contest.

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DivoFST responds:

Well i guess that piano melodies that span threw out the whole song can become kind of boring and also a bit predictable to some people.
I must admit i cant really find the choir out of tune :S
Thanks for the comment Elitistinen ;D


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well now. This is a bit... creepy. Nothing better to do than review it though, I suppose!

The Good:
-The instruments are very nice, I like the panning.
-Those guitars sound really awesome.
-The mixing is pretty clear.
-I like the little ornaments you sometimes had.

The Not-So-Good: I'm going to be picking at the composition a lot here...
-The chords don't really change much at all until 1:42.
-There's a lot of off-key-ness in the strings, which is partially why it's creepy, but sounds almost "sloppy", as if you hand slipped and wrote in the wrong note but you didn't bother to change it.
-Once it reaches about 3:19, I don't like the deep bass hit. It doesn't seem very good quality, and has a bit too deep of bass. Generally, deep bass hits are better for impacts.
-I feel like the constant quarter notes could have been varied a bit more. It's almost like the constant 4/4 bass drum of techno, just more classical-sounding.
-Some of your orchestral instruments sound very obviously like soundfonts/synths. This is primarily because of the way the samples repeat - try adding a subtle phaser or flanger to them, that'll vary the note a bit more.
-The organization of the piece didn't really make me think "Oh, I remember this. That's nice!" in a natural manner. Try having more of a recognizeable theme that people can go to. Most people aren't going to be able to recognize a theme that's really subtle. If you have something that's more clearly defined and "catchy", most people will like the piece a lot more.

Overall: Sorry this isn't as in-depth of a review as I'd like. I'm fairly distracted by real-life events at the moment. :< I liked the piece, but didn't really find it as engaging as some of your other ones, mainly because of the lack of a strong theme or catchy element.

Good luck in the contest!

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DivoFST responds:

Thanks for the detailed comment Skye :)
Yeah the chords an overall instruments do prett much the same until 1:42 and i simply change some things around them like adding the brass playing the 3rds and latter adding guitar, at the time i thought that would be enough to make that section fresh but i was wrong, the creepiness in the strings is a result of me listening to the song so many times i lost notion of what actually sounded good and what didnt.
I agree the bass is not very good but was the best i had.
The quarter notes are a terrible mistake as well and seem lazy i admit..
Ill do my best to make my soundfont sound more realistic and also try to use the recognizable theme from now forward.
Again thanks for the comment and mainly for the help youve been giving me these past few days :D


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I get both a Final Fantasy 9 and the eagles vibe.
Dunno why but i think the guitar is kinda out of place.

Really love the Piano melodies. Feels so relaxed and melancholy at the same time.
Yeh, great job!

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DivoFST responds:

Thanks for the comment Jonicorn!
Well i like the guitars but i can see why they might sound a bit different regarding the rest of the song.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I feel the intro is a little long and could use a touch more variation. The lead guitar from 1:15 (ish) is great, good job not falling into the stereotype with that. The understated percussion that comes in later on in the track fits very nicely and the guitar/piano combo works really well at that point. Actually, that part of the song, when the choir comes in, reminded me of the Dr Who soundtrack (which is a big compliment, just so you know).
Quite a long but varied piece of music, but you kept my interest until the end.

A few tips on orchestral: String instruments have a natural legato transition when being played and tend to not leave long quiet gaps between notes. 0: to 0: you can hear those clearly, all you need to do is bring the midi notes closer together or overlap them.

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DivoFST responds:

I honestly didnt even notice that the bass strings sounded unnatural but now that you point that out they would sound better and more fluid without those gaps
Thanks for the comment MetalRenard!