Something Underneath

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I just needed to calm myself about a few things... this was one of them, but I turned it into my solace. Just a laid-back creation of traveling to the ocean floor in the mind's eye, that's all.

I'm not sure I'll update this one later (though I can never truly say); it was more of a reprieve from other projects than anything. Perhaps you might enjoy it, as well! =)

As per usual, I'm looking for feedback. I'm still a new composer, so tips are a welcome gift. ;D

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wow amazing, I love the metroidish sounds :D

Deemo-R responds:

Thank you! Metroid Prime had a huge inspiration in this song :3


Deemo-R responds:

Hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for listening :3

Absolutely beautiful piece This song has a great deal of emotion incorporated into it. Every instrument is carefully placed in accordance with what you must have been feeling at the time, which creates a uniqueness that is impossible to replicate. The harp and piano work are perfect for the atmosphere you were trying to create, very water-like, very deep, and of course very emotional. It's like when you are under such pressure or sadness that your emotions overtake you, much like how water can overtake anything with subtle, almost invisible pressure.

If there is one thing that felt slightly off about the song, it had to be the high synth effect you used to emulate a water-based sound, for example at 0:49 and onwards. It's not that it is a bad sound or effect, or that it doesn't help immerse the listener, because I think it was a wise choice to use it! It just needs a little bit of equalization. That's just my opinion though...well really it's more of a preference, so it's probably just me!

I honestly don't understand how this has a 'lower' score. Deserving of much higher!
I love your style, keep it up! :D

Deemo-R responds:

I definitely agree with you, Neon, the synth can be a bit overbearing at times, and it does rather pull the listener out of it, even if only by a little bit. A bit of mixing will hopefully let that rest gracefully with the rest of the instruments :3

It's amazing how you can inject yourself and your emotions into every piece, and obtain something so different than what you'd expect. I really revel in that feeling. :)

Wow man, I'm really digging this! Very calm and relaxing. Also very reminiscent of Metroid Prime, which is probably why I'm imaging some sort of alien planet when I hear it. I like the ending of it, how everything just chills out and you hear that synth whirring a few times and fading off. Good stuff man! Can't wait to hear more, fo' sho'.

Deemo-R responds:

Thanks, my friend! I'm glad you noticed the Metroid Prime influence, it really is what drove this song to become as unorthodox as it is.

I can't believe people zero bombed this. It must be discouraging putting up good work when the other idiots who put rackets and noise vote the others down.

Great work on it. Very interesting piece.
I believe the track is really good and you are a great composer. Stick to darker moods and ambient as that is rare to find and there are far too many happy songs out there.

Deemo-R responds:

Thanks for the kind words :) I'd be lying if I said down-rating wasn't at least slightly discouraging, but I know that I should be prepared for that sort of thing to happen every now and then.

I'll most definitely try some more within this genre some time! It's a really relaxing feeling once you get into the swing of it. :D

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Jan 28, 2013
12:35 PM EST
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