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"I Bet The Hipsters Will Really Dig This One."

This is a song about why hipsters are really quite silly. Beat taken from this audio portal and originally made by Sirhc7000.

This song is on my album "Idiot Zoo" available for free at Scrub Club Records, along with a bunch of other cool free music!


I'm on the move, I've got nothing to lose
Nothing to do, and even less to prove
Even the daily grind is getting left behind
From monotonous routines I have resigned
But I'm still going, aimless direction
All that I know is that I'll avoid attention
Resurrection of a former me that I remember
Call it a rebirth but really I am not that clever
Standing on the edge of something, some call it forever
But the edge is an illusion because it's ending never
That's the definition, get some intuition
I'm only wishin' that the world will stop bitchin'
You don't have to make it, you just have to take it
If you think the globe is boring then go ahead and shake it
Just realize your position, you're making it happen
Well unless you're sitting there slackin'
Whatever you choose, it's all on you
So get on your grind (Or not), whatever you decide to do

Oh my god man, I've got no street cred
That won't stop me, won't be defeated
This was almost a hook, but now it's done
Yo the hipsters are gonna fucking love me for this one

And I'm out of catchy choruses, let's get more boring
Hipsters don't like mainstream pop, here's the backstory:
They want exclusive songs, they want unknown jams
Hooks and structure are nothing but a bunch of scams
If everyone knows it's just not as cool
They got that secret society mentality, they totally rule
And I aim to please so I've kept anonymity
Invisible to those even directly in my vicinity
I have a strange affinity for songs that nobody likes
They were listening wrong and I'm performing it right
But if I go mainstream in the hipster crowd, will I become iconic?
I'll claim the popularity, but I'm just being ironic
Oh come on stop it, you're so off topic
All I've got is spare change in my pocket
Enough to buy ramen, real food is so mainstream
The internet is too common and hipster cat is a lame meme
Gangrene was too well known so I got gangblue
You can hear raving reviews from the crowd I sang to

And by crowd I mean the person sitting over in the corner
Pay for the show? They wouldn't even drop a quarter
Which is silly cause it kills me to know where they spend their money
Vintage clothing that they're holding when they're outta ends, it's funny
Shutter shades up on their faces, a neverending battle
Between hipsters and the scene kids for the coolest of the cattle
Better saddle up and ride because we're running out of time
This song is obscure for a reason; read between the lines

So what am I really saying? Can I hook this to an anchor
What is this game we're playing? And who made you the banker?
I resign which is fine; rooted in popularity
Becoming a conformist is the root of all that's scaring me
It's very keen to use words that have outlived their time
But if you really don't want to carpe diem that's fine
Of course everyone says that, smoke 'em if you got em
A whole pack of incongruencies while I carpe noctem
And in autumn I'll be trying to spring forth with the notion
That we'll all be fine; plenty of shipwrecks in the ocean
It was some useless imagery that I use to pillage three
Four, five or even more from the eternal scrimmage scene

Okay bring it back, reel it in, it's getting out of hand now
The hipsters probably love me but it's time for them to stand down
I have a master plan, how do I implement it better?
When you have the faster hand the incentives in the cheddar
Take it right down to the letter realize it doesn't make sense
Hipsters propel the past to the future through the present tense
And it's mental yes, but it's a phase of our society
Maybe this silly song will gain me notoriety

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Haha this song is so true! Hipsters try to act cool by not "conforming to the mainstream", yet by joining a crowd of non-conformists they conform themselves by conforming with the non-conformists. Irony at its finest. People should just act individiually, because the people who get this song, get how stupid hipsters look.

I absolutely love this song. I'm not the person to laugh out loud at most things but at "And by crowd I mean the person sitting over in the corner" I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

StarF68 responds:

Thank you so much! :) I'm glad you like the track!

There's an entire album's worth for free at http://scrubclubrecords.com/free-music-albums/starf-idiot-zoo/

Enjoy! ^_^

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