The Awaiting Fate

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A song that shoulda been released last year(2012) but I disapeared for a while. So here ya go! Typical me going at it with the guitar, but this one has a little more guitar than usual. Aslo wanted to get a little extra bass out of it, sounds good on a system. Wanted to try something different and I think it payed of. I mean, I don't think you guys are going to find that this your every day techno. As always rate, review, and...enjoy!


Not bad, not bad at all. It would be great if you could take a look at Kavinsky's work. It'd be nice to see someone with talent (like you) to try making something like Kavinsky's. Idk, I just don't really enjoy skrillex or dead mau, besides Bangarang, or Ruffneck.

Tx-Maniac-xT responds:

Surprised you called this talent.. thanks! This along with most of my work, doesn't usually make it past the rough draft, thus I usually leave in clipping and lack compressing but it doesn't make the ears bleed so I post, lol. I'll check out Kavinsky. Thanks for the review man!

not bad but not the best

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Tx-Maniac-xT responds:

That was the best review I've ever read...very informative. If you hadn't said anything I would've thought I was the best...in the whole world. Deadmou5e and Skrillex pale in comparison to this song; which I made as a hobby. Ya know, because it's not my job and I can't spend 8 hours a day working on one song. Thanks for taking 5 seconds of your time to type that. But no, seriously, I know you could've strait up said this song sucked and you hope I die soon, so thanks for not saying that. Live long and prosper my friend.

Edit: I noticed you create Skincraft skins. You seem to be productive and you have something to offer to the community. That's why I like this site. Alot of artists on here who have a passion to create things that other people can use. Kudos man!

Incredible! =D

The only thing that i disliked was the Slayer. Dunno, the vst itself sounds weird. But you did a great job, making it sound better.

And for this you deserve a cookie =D

Tx-Maniac-xT responds:

I know, I always go on a Slayer kick. I'll start making a song and say "Ok man, no more slayer." But then I put it in and I'm like, "Yep keepin it." I was hoping this song would make me sick of it but not quite. I'm finding better ways to put it to use. Thanks for the review man!

This piece is just awesome bro. I love the fact there is so much guitar in it, because to me that is what drew me into your songs so long ago haha. I definitely liked the way this one sounded man!
Keep It Up!

Tx-Maniac-xT responds:

This is one of those where after I made it, I sat back played it...thought it totally sucked and thought I'd never play it again. Out of habit I put this song on my iPod and a couple weeks later on shuffle it played, and I was like " wth was I talking about, this is the best song ever...of all time!" Lol, guess it depends on the mood. The solo like guitar piece that kicks in at 4:00 was my favorite creation on this one! Glad you liked it Lamazar, thanks for the review!

Great sounds, going together they just seem to fit, keep on going

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Tx-Maniac-xT responds:

Heck yeah! Good to hear, thanks for the review man!

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