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a brief liquid DnB ending with dark DnB. vocals made by OurFishyFriend, and music by Ajiman.



The vocals are kind of useless in my opinion, it sounds like a low quality recording of some guy rambling on about stuff, I guess to give a reason why this song was called what it was. Maybe if you were to add some kind of story along with this, and added more meaning to what the guy was saying, the vocals would be a bit more bearable.

When you make vocals in a song, usually you can use a loop of a basic bassline and beat without anyone accusing you of being repetitive, and I feel like you kind of took advantage of that so that you didn't have to put as much effort into the song.

The drum beat was not very good at all in my opinion, and considering the drum is something that is supposed to really make a drum and bass song, I was disappointed. It sounded too simple, and the sounds just didn't really sound that good. I like the part 0:52 though, but that may very well be the only part I like.

Honestly, this song was not that great at all IMO. It could have been so much better. I know my views aren't like everyone else's, and it's impossible to please everyone at one time, but I just got to say, I don't like this one at all. It's not necessarily that effort was not put into it, it's just that the song quality was poor.

The bass at the start sounds rather mellow.

Then the song slowly begins to work into a full rhythm. The drums sound really nice and I like that hard kick you have going on too. Then the drums begin to layer on themselves and create a full beat. The industrial sound to the drums is very pleasant.

The synth sounds smooth. I like how it seems to immerse you into feeling rather calm yet sad at the same time about your past.

The vocals however, for some reason or another sound rather grainy or maybe they are just low quality since you hear a bit of quality loss on the vocals.

Overall, aside from vocals, sounds nice.

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Faizyr responds:

the vocals i made em sound like an old tape.

Hmm. Envy? Interesting name for a song - reminds me of the artist Envy.

The Good:
-Some pretty sweet sounds, I like the bass in the instrument at the beginning.
-I really love the sound that comes in at 0:52.
-Fairly decent mixing until about 2:04. I'll talk about 2:04 later.
-Drums are pretty good samples. I really love the reversed cymbal.

The Not-So-Good:
-I disagree with Dogmaticmindset about the vocals. To me, they sound like a pretty low-quality recording, and not implemented as well as they could be. Noise removal could possibly help the quality of them, but their lack of presence in the mix is rather disappointing - I can't really hear what's being said.
-It honestly could use a harder-hitting and stronger bassline. As it is, there's not a ton of power behind it.
-The pluck that comes in at 2:04 is really messing up the mix. It's a bit too strong in the bass, I think. It's also fairly detuned, which causes some problems.
-Bit more variation would be nice. As it is, it does get a bit boring and doesn't seem to really have a "point", if you know what I mean.

Overall: Not bad, not really good either. Could use some better mixing as well as more variation. The bass is mainly the problem - a stronger bassline would be good, as well as using some highpass filters to cut out more of the bass in the other instruments. Hopefully this is helpful to you.

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Faizyr responds:

if the bass were stronger, my speakers and yours will be broken, i have to keep it too a certain point or else well no more working speakers for you : / and if u heard music thats even harder means they did a pretty bad job on the limit of it.But yeah its helpful info, thanks!

Very good vocals. I personally think that a bit heavyer bassline could do wonders for this song. Overall a good song.

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Jan 12, 2013
1:26 PM EST
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