Team Fortress 2

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This song is a song about Team Fortress 2, with a few references to items and a YouTuber named Shibby2142... did I mention it's a song?

I do NOT own the beat nor do I intend to make money with it. I simply remixed the beat, wrote the lyrics, mixed it and performed it.



Mission begins and I'm out the gate
I'm the Scout movin' at an incredible rate
watch me go kid, Scattergun locked and loaded
a little bit of BONK! I'ma drop these posers
Here I come son, you can't escape the
one quick kid with a Force-A-Nature
of course I'll chase ya, do more than waste ya
compared to me you walk in place ha!
I'll storm your base at an awesome pace
with a bat and a gat, get a ball to the face
I'll run circles around you showin off
and make your head spin right before I blow it off


KA-BOOM! Look who's come out to play
It's the Demoman boy, and he's headed your way
50 percent vision, the other half pain
and 100 percent drunk black grenade
a one legged Scottsman takin' out sentries
blowin' up engies, gonna get messy
my vision gone whack from the liqour on tap
so I bring it all back with a sticky bomb trap
and I'm comin' in large with a Chargin' Targe
you don't wanna start on my arsenal
lobbin' bombs with my Lucks 'n Lulz
and I got my bottle just to bust your jaw


MAGGOTS! Get down and give me 20
I'm the one and only soldier, not just any
I got my rockets and I got 'em plenty
and you better watch out cus I'm not a friendly
I'll be killing anyone you wanna choose
Shotgun, Shovel and a Launcher too
I'm the Rocketman they all talk about
so call me Shibby2142
I fly through the sky when I'm rocket jumping
take you all out with my Shotty pumping
I kill your team and I'm going for more
leaving parts of your body all over the floor


Whether I'm a Heavy, a Medic or Engie
holding down the Fortress with my Sentries
If you want me dead, come and get me
I'm Ubercharged, you don't wanna test me
If I'm a Sniper I'll keep you dead, watch
aim, fire, bewm, headshawt.
and you can choose how you wanna die bro
Stab in the back or burnt alive yo.
Choose a class, Spy or Pyro
You wanna die by the flaming psycho?
Grab a hat, man, grab a few
I love this game, and so do you
the one and only Team Fortress 2!

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NOBODY'S commented on this in YEARS!? This is a REALLY amazing vocal mix! Great job! XD

KA-BOOM! ULTIMATE MUSIC REMIX!!! BEST ONE I'VE EVER SEEN!!! It actually takes the TF2 soundtrack MEDIC! to a new level. Man, so darn good. And I've got TF2 free on Steam. Download Steam for free, and download Team Fortress 2 also for free. Great game, great music remix, what next? :P

Jeg !LOVE! Den Sang :-)


Loves the lyrics and they made my LOFL

Good to see something new from you! Great game, great rhymes. The vocals could be turned up a bit though. Kind of hard to understand at points without looking at the lyrics.

InvasiveInsomniac responds:

Thanks man! I know exactly where you are coming from with the vocals, and I felt the exact same way while mixing it. The only problem was the beat was so full, this was the very limit I could bring the vocals to without them just overpowering the beat and sounding poorly recorded. I spent a good 2 days mixing this thing, and have vowed ever since to never use such a full beat again. It's a bitch to mix onto beats like that. :P

Thanks for dropping in once again!

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