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Demon Child

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Author Comments

Demon Techno. part of the "Dreams of Splendor" contest by Bosa.


Nice instruments and effects. Very dark atmosphere. I like the lead synth, the piano and the echo.

I liked the feeling this song gave off; not loved, not hated, just liked.

The beginning was almost a lie about what type of feeling was coming. It was a great hook, and I loved the intro as I thought that was a good representation of what was to come. You had this simple, only-when-necessary piano portion that maintained the melodic part.

Around 0m 30s (and back again around 1:20ish after the bridge), I'm suddenly taken back to my video gaming days. Which was a strong contrast to the beginning that had me really thinking of an intense, dark scenario where our character had this twisted mid-set of actually enjoying being a deceptive little minx/fiend.

It's only when you slowly start bringing about more of the high-pitched/scratching as the primary melody with a secondary supporting melody as the piano (instead of the primary, as I found in the beginning) that the mood changes greatly.

Try incorporating your main theme onto the piano and keeping that as the primary melody. Not only will it make more sense (cooperation with the introduction/hook), it would sound a lot more badass in my opinion.

The song is also a little on the repetitive side.

I enjoy your bridges, they are well thought out. They are also the thing I find hardest to write sometimes, so definitely props goes where it's due. But that side note aside, this has huge potential as a basic rondo form (ABA).

Currently it stands at Intro, A (with bridges calming things down occasionally before it returns back to the normal A). Obviously there are many formats this could adhere to with some work, and it could even stay free form (Meaning it could be ABCDEFGHI etc.).

In my simple opinion, I feel like a B section is all it needs though.

As it stands, what we here is this enjoyment for being evil, why doesn't the character share this pleasure with others? You know the character better than anyone else, what would they do with that demonic side of theirs? That feel they get from invoking their inner demon could be the B section that stands alongside their regular joy of just being a demon.

Just some thoughts, otherwise this has tons of potential (I would be all over writing a theme and variation of it if I actually knew how to compose techno). Good luck in your competition, I'm sure this will rate very high!

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RobMGy responds:

Hey man thank you for listening so carefully! I really appreciate the feedback and I agree with most of the things you have said. In this song I was writing music purely for myself, and I fucking LOVE repetition! I am a trance fiend! This is not trance but I am in love with repetitive dance/trance music. I have always been told that the music I write is too complicated and explores too many different modes and keys so I have been trying to write (and upload) music that is focused more on quality of mixing and sound than exploration of musical finality. I have created a song that relies on repetitiveness on top of an interesting direct modulation towards the end of each phrase with interesting sound changes rather than musical changes. The next song I write is going to be more intricate and musically interesting, it is just a weird dichotomy to be writing both. Classical music is interesting musically but aurally is obviously expected, and with VST's is never going to come close to live performed. I want to create a nice combine eventually. I have made this into a hip-hop beat at www.soundcloud.com/begetter if interested (the song titled demon child hip hop beat). This beat is what I have sold through my studio. So it is funny how some appreciate the musical dexterity and others only prefer modern simplicity and production. Thanks again!

You put some sweet chords in there!! Created a nice atmosphere, I love the whole vibe of it. I can see the evil demon 'hero' about to make a speech about how evil is awesome.

RobMGy responds:

Thanks! I'm glad the theme is coming through. I appreciate the feedback.


RobMGy responds:


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4.43 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2013
5:54 PM EST
File Info
10 MB
4 min 22 sec

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