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Jan 8, 2013 | 3:55 PM EST
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Electronic - House

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in this song i used the same dirty bass as in "Galaxy Blaster"

most of the sounds are created with toxic biohazard, the dirty bass with 3x Osc and the piano with nexus
oh, and i love the power of maximus :D

a lot of time went into this
helpful reviews are appreciated!! :)



Rated 3 / 5 stars

R-E-V-I-E-W~ Here ya go!

The Good:
-I do love that sound coming in at 0:32. Since you said it was made via 3xosc, might I ask how? ^_^ I could use it in the song I'm working on now - going to need some dubstep-like sounds, and I think that along with a few others I have would do amazingly.
-I also like the melody that dirty 3xosc sound plays - I think it would be a bit cooler if it went down by one step (two half-steps or two rows of the piano roll) halfway through. Makes it more of a melody and sound better.
-Sound of rhythmic plucking coming in at about 0:52 was cool. I think it would have been cooler if you put a bit of gross beat (to be easy) or volume modulation via automation (to be picky) on the pad so it doubles the rhythmic plucks.
-Good effect at 2:08. Not as good of mixing, but it's audibly cool.
-You introduce a bit of variation toward the end at 2:08, and bring in another instrument that sounds pretty nice, even if it's buried by the other instruments by a lot.
-Your transitions are decent. As the transition nazi, I consider them passable. This is a good thing - keep working on them! You definitely have some skill in getting from point A to point B, and I think it'd be better if you tried experimenting more. However, remember that the more complicated and variable your tracks get (since no offense, but it's pretty simplistic overall at the moment) the more difficult good transitions will be. Keep at it!

The Not-So-Good:
-HOLY CRAP OW. I have my volume at 10% max volume and that still hurts my ears. Turn down your track overall a little bit - take off some of that makeup gain or something. Clipping is happening a lot, particularly at the beginning. I mean seriously open your project up in audacity. It never changes in dynamics, and the only reason it's not a rectangle is due to maximus, I believe.
-The kick drum is way too bass-heavy and strong. I'd turn down the bass boost on it, because it's a bit too heavy.
-The sidechaining keeps going through the entire piece. It gets a bit dull and boring after awhile since the feel of it doesn't change - no tightening of the feel (take off reverb etc) and no variation. Try taking off reverb and making the sidechain really tight and have a section where all sidechaining just stops (probably no kick due to mixing issues).
-I feel like the rhythmic chords played by the piano should have been done with some kind of synth pluck - try looking for something in Sytrus or make your own. ^_^ There's an awesome pack of sytrus presets out there - google something like "sytrus preset pack timmy techno".
-I'll be perfectly honest and straightforward: The drum samples sounded pretty crappy. If you're using FL defaults, try looking up some better drumpacks - there are PLENTY out there. I could potentially get some of mine to you if you want. Also, mixing does wonders with drum quality. If you mix them well, they'll sound better.
-Outro. ):< BAD. Do something more fancy and less stock, PLEASE.
-One last thing. More variation please, in feel of the song and in melodic development. Even house/dance/techno can do that.

Overall: This is a better song than the other one I listened to, I think. I recommend you work on the following things: -->Mixing<--, variation, and outros. Keep at it, you can get better! You've improved, and that's what matters. Good work!

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Aqua8B responds:

hey there!! :D

thanks for reviewing this for me
thanks that you like the sound that come is at 0:32, this is actually the same sound i have used in Galaxy Blaster, i will send you a PM of how it's made

one of the transitions was made with a sweep, plus a delay, and it gets a cool fading effect
i will go and experiment more, i will improve and create even better songs as they are now.

sorry for the volume, i thought it had a nice volume, next time I will double check to make sure it won't happen again.
for the side chaining, yeah it was something new, it sounded nice though, but it isn't a good idea to make it go through the song.

I actually have a synth pluck I created with toxic biohazard, maybe i could have used that instead

luckily i didn't use the the FL default samples, maybe the mixing does the trick, i try that, thanks :)
I've had a problem with variation in the songs i made since i have started with music, if that problem is solved i can create even better song.
when i Create songs, I'm always stuck with the variation, if you look back on all my songs, they all have the same buildup
I'm actually getting a little irritated with this problem.

thanks for the useful tips you gave me, they will really help me in creating my next song.
i will work on the mixing, variation and outros, just like you said, but the most on the variation, because that's where my problem is :)
Thanks for the review :D :D :D


Rated 3 / 5 stars

I like the dreamy chords and cool beat. At first I thought the instrument at :33 was part of a transition, but it lasted for over a minute and I didn't think it sounded good with the chords. You kept it pretty simple and relaxed until about 2:15, which was good, and then you brought back the transition-instrument. It didn't really seem to go much of anywhere, and I think you could've played a lot more with dynamics/ emotional contrast, etc. It's a good start, but it needs more form and a direction- somewhere to go, you know? I'd say you should only use the transition-instrument during big transitions, and add more of a melody on top of the chords. Keep working on it. I understand that you already spent a lot of time on this, but now you really have to make it stand out! You can do it! :)

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Aqua8B responds:

thanks for the review :D
the transition-instrument is actually a dirty bass, i thought it sounded good with the meaning of the song
probably if I will create a dirty bas in the future i will make it lower, so it sounds more like a bass

with the problem of not going anywhere - this is actually my biggest problem with music creation, i can't seem to solve it, and you are describing it pefectly, this is the thing I also need help on
if I will never learn how to make a song go anywhere, I'm just simply fucked, game over

thanks for supporting me, it really means a lot to me. and of course, thanks for your honest review, i will try and take all this information to my next song and make an even better one
Cheers!! :D :D :D