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Zafrece - Tunnel Dive

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All my music is free to fellow members of the portal, and always will be.But if you feel like tossing me a few pennies or something feel free. Anything helps =p. So if you like it drop any donation off at paypal- Zafrece@yahoo.com.

This is one of my best works i have to say, i spent allot of time on this one. I learned allot of stuff along the way. I hope you enjoy diving into this song like i did making it. =)

As always, if you hear something you don't like please leave a review of what you felt was wrong or could be changed for the better. Any tips and suggestions help, thanks all.

updated: added lowpass to white noise
-boosted mid to 0db
- added slight compression through out the song
-raised the volume of hats
-boosted 8-9k htz to add some crispness to it( hope that doesn't come back to haunt me)
- Added side chain to the bass to hopefully solve the problems addressed in the comments. ( thanks for all the feed back)

Thanks for putting tunnel dive on the front page for best of January. Again, thank you for all the feed back and comments, they really are a key part of how i keep improving myself.
Peace, love, and trance mates.


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Hello there Zafrece!

Look what we do have here another piece of art.
I look at the tags for this song and it says: Uplifting
still i get sad, it feels like someone is longing for something to happen, whilst looking in the blue to find nothing but bare sky symbolizing somethings a miss.

You have a unique way of composing some of your musics, it's the melody, the volume over all the instruments, take for example when the piano takes it over. It builds up and creates another part of the song. I really wished the piano was in the melody too that would've been the best.

Anyways, it's one of those songs you make that make me feel sad.
And i like it! Yet again!

Have a nice day man, Trance for life man.

My god this is wonderful
Great job! Im actually glad to take the time to listen to your songs!!!! :D
Great Job!!!!!!

Zafrece responds:

Sorry for the late response. Thanks lol, but don't go listening too far back or they quickly become... hmm.. ya..

I love this. Contrary to what music-story said, the piano parts are my favorite parts of the song. I'm not exactly a world-class music critic but hey, it sounds good to my ears. :)

Zafrece responds:

lol thanks man.

I was really quite stuck on portion of a song that I'm working on, but somehow this song fixed that thanks !
I really loved this piece :) downloaded.

Zafrece responds:

Thank you sir, glad my song could help with writers block. Or lack there of x-x.. you get it..Any way, thanks for taking time to leave a comment.

I hope you check in again on me some time =p

I appreciate that you make changes to your song to make it better. Also the fact that you keep making your music free is good. Money so often takes the fun out of making music.

0-0:31 = I hate to start like this, but your lead instrument is poorly made. The background fx sound a bit messy too. The panning effect is good, but not enough to really bring me into the mood you were trying to go for.

0:31- 1:02 Great transition! However that wind sound is still irritating. Not bad with the echoes of the lead instrument. The buildup sounds rather weak considering it is only the drum roll that indicates it. Perhaps have your instruments also reach a climax to aid the buildup.

1:02-2:03 Not so much of the climatic part. Drum n clap pattern sounds rather empty. Not enough hi hats perhaps.

2:03- 3:18 Good job with the bass pattern. Some notes sound a bit too subby so I can't hear the tone clearly...just a minor issue. Again, the wind fx ruins the moment. 2:48 it starts to feel a little messy. After the buildup I was expecting the real climax, but was disappointed to hear a mellow part. You know its a concern when a listener can't tell when a climax of the song is.

3:18 I'm a fan of piano sounds but I feel like it goes nowhere. I appreciate your attempt to be diverse, but it has to have a purpose.

I'm not going to comment the rest as it loops. Overall, I am impressed with your attempt to make a repetitive genre diverse. I am all for diversity as it does take a lot more effort. Just remember to have a common theme involved in the transition or it just sounds like a remix of a bunch of songs together. Yes, I am guilty of this too but I just want to make you aware about it. Your instruments need a bit of refinement as some sound generic. That wind fx needs to be changed. 5/5 for the effort put in. Keep getting better.

Zafrece responds:

Ya the arp in the start is noticeably poor quality, i had difficulty fitting the song under 15 mb in mp3, So the render out quality had to take a small dive that i hoped people wouldn't notice lol. If you also listen to the lead coming in at 1:33 it sounds the same as the arp. It wasn't really due to the fact of how i made it rather than the fact i couldn't fit what i needed into 15 mb.

Note taken for the climax, i was reading about a few news ways shortly after you posted. i'll try to re-upload with some rising pitch build ups, or sweeping hertz n master or something.

- hi hats, check

I have the bass pretty low through out the song, it hovers from 300 to 30 hertz. i would imagine at times on some speakers or head phones it will sound subby i might have to move it around or boost the higher ranges of it. For the climax, im a huge fan of false build ups, i love taking something to a certain point and droping things off to a more chill section. If there is one thing i may have to just keep would be that. i just feel each song should be different, and if you can tell where it's going before hand that just means it's not original enough.( my personal opinion) However i will try to find some medium between the two in the future.

For the piano i tried to lay something down i thought would have some feeling to it. I suppose it didn't come across as such. I really don't know music theory, i just kinda pick everything out on how i feel at the time. I'm seeing pianos pieces take a little more know how, and i will work on hopefully making them portray a specific feeling rather than having them as i do now.

keeping the theme is a huge problem i have, if there is one thing i have to say is my largest problem is themes. I often place almost entirely new songs in inside other songs and them bring them back to the original. i've pretty much wrangled my control over that with this song.

i will lower the wind=)

Thanks for the feed back, and don't hate to start a review off with a negative comment. I personally am not a fan of reading positive things about songs. When i stop seeing negative comments that means i don't know what others think of specific things with in my songs. In turn that means i cant progress as easily.I appreciate you taking time to review my song in such detail, and i hope you can keep track of my future works and provide the same type of reviews.

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Jan 5, 2013
11:41 PM EST
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