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Did this for a youtuber's page check his vids out. 100+ gameplays. Youtube: stealthturtlehd...Here's the lyrics

Fuck with me and you're done
Vibes put pressure on your ass, feels like a hundred tons
Cuz I keep it 100 times 100 times 100
Homie you do the math, they say I keep it one million
The way I talk shit, you'd think that I'm a super villain
Dude I just get primal on them like a motherfucking simian
Weak? That's preposterous, bitch I go bigger
Than a damn hippopotamus, you'd never make hits, I am flawless
Hitting bulls eyes on my targets, I am marvelous
Going in like I'm trying to win me up a scholarship
Running up to me like you want to try and start some shit
When Shao Kahn gives me the call, I'm going to fucking finish them
These rapping ass old suckers I be murking them
I don't need words, let the mean mug get a hold of them
Then eat them up, and push them out my ass like a piece of shit
Ya'll more to fit to be a wife of a retarded ass
Husband like that slut named Lois Pewtershmidt
You're on verbal punishment, if you spit even a letter
I will cut your ass deep little man and that's a promise
Cuzzo let's be honest, I'm the worst kind of artist
I'm the type that never once gone and see an orthodontist
So my mouth's dirty, need to brush my teeth with nail polish
I'm parallel n***a, don't you ever try to cross this
I fire haters, so escort them out my motherfucking office
My existence do not stare, It's not healthy on your eyes
Do you know why, cuz I be shining like a solar flare
Take a look in the mirror, and holler at your reflection
See the common denominator? Both of you are made for smashing
In short, I'll shatter you, the mirror, and your dreams cuz
You're upset cuz I go harder than steel, I can tell by the way that you mean mug
When I shoot through the beat i explode it, I'm rocking a full metal jacket
So all you weak little lames playing kiddy little games, go stand in the corner and jack it off
Got them pissed off, got them want to cause a hip hop halocaust, think their Adolf
Don't make me make you catch a cold, runny nose, shining red, like Rudolph
Blow your chest off like a sawed off, then put it back together like a jigsaw
Rain drizzle on your pride, do you like the wicked witch, leave you dead in your very own puddle
Why are you mumbling, I can hear you grumbling
Take your so called swag, send it over the hill tumbling
Like Jack and Jill, dawg I'm ill, you will never rap again if I steal your will
To comeback, so fall back, you were never meant for lyrical combat
If your flow is like your bankroll, then your talk is cheap
Lyrical murder, I spray bullets on the beat
I'm fantastical, pulling sick stanzas out of my hat, you'd think I'm
Magical, mauling rappers alive like a bloodthirsty animal
MC? No, I just rap for the fun of it
You can't freak with me, I'm like a virgin who is abstinent
If God delivers talent, must've replaced yours by accident
Your truths are inefficient, but I keep it real to the maximum
I leave them tadpoles acting froggy like an amphibian
You should've kept you head all in those books like a librarian
Cause haters gonna stay up on that n****r ignorance
You're full of that bull...but you lack intelligence
I'm built like the Great Wall of China
Smashing the opposition to bits like a priceless piece of china
Higher than you on marijuana, flowing rugged like niagra falls
Like a lady, but not a tranny, you can never be like me, you lack balls


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Jan 5, 2013
9:57 AM EST
Hip Hop - Modern
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