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Happy new year (no title)

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Happy song. Genre?

(I make music not in the hopes of one day making money, but in hopes of putting a smile on someone's face)

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I gave you a three because I know this is the same song with difference sounds from an older track I heard from you!

I'll give you a 5/5
Just make something different, otherwise, people will see lack of new stuff. They'll just say, "ALL OF HIS SONGS SOUND THE SAME!"

Music-story responds:

Thus the no titled track. I only spent a week on this song and it was not meant to be serious. Please show me any other song of mine that is the exact same, because this may be the only one.

However I appreciate the review by you. Typically my old songs I consider poorly made because I always want to get better in my next song so yes I deserve the 3/5 for this lack luster song and I'm not upset at all with your 3/5. However, what troubles me is your accusation based on one of my songs which you have jumped to conclusion that now all my songs are just carbon copies of each other just with different instruments. You know that is not true. And remember, this style is my style so if your getting bored of the whole song changing from beginning to end, well that is just my style and I am not going to change it for anyone. Don't get me wrong. I take criticism quite well. And you are 100% correct that I rehashed some old beats in this "no titled" song (it was meant to be for the holiday fun, not serious), but your final statement is not honest and people want honest reviews more than anything else. Oh and not pointing fingers at anyone, but have you noticed mainstream music recycling old patterns over and over again just with different vocals on top? However, they are the most popular ones so when it comes down to it, many people don't pick up on these things that you and I can pick up on. Do the people follow what we think? No. These songs go platinum. That is life and we just need to deal with it and be happy for these artists success because music is a way of life that can bring joy to people.

Bye for now

More pls. D: MORE TRACKS !!!!!!

Thoroughly enjoyed this track for two reasons.

1. You compose without regard as to what people want - and it shows in a very positive way.

2. Your mixes are nice and balanced, it's easy listening. Loved the variation you had throughout the piece - despite it, it never felt rushed between major transitions.

You have a lot of talent to be sure. I'd have to disagree with the rating on this song - something like 4.5 would be more accurate. I think some people might have had trouble with the fact that some pitches didn't quite match in the melody, but I think that it adds a lot to the flavor of the track.

I loved the low bass pluck instrument that sounds like hitting pipes (not sure what it is). The pulsing low bass sometimes made the kick drum a bit mushed down in the mix especially when the pipe bass came in simultaneously with it, but nothing that really needs to be fixed.

Overall, this is a very nicely done track. I enjoyed it greatly - and even though it looks like you're taking a break from NG, I hope you come back with amazing tracks like this. Favorited 5/5

Music-story responds:

I took a break from NG for quite some time prior to this song and am on another long break off. I am pleased that you noticed my style of music and appreciate the effort that goes in. Surprisingly, very few notice it; some calling it repetitive at times.

I'm not so concerned about the score. Since I first joined NG, there has always been the daily zeroing in every song. You get used to it. At the end of the day, NG should be a place to improve via social interaction with other up and coming artists. Unfortunately, many tend to see this site differently than I as a place to compete for score and popularity. They want people to review their songs, yet they are unwilling to help other musicians with constructive criticism.

There are areas I would like to improve in this song, but I am studying overseas so I don't have my music program anymore.Thanks for the tips.
Bye for now

epic song :D Happy 2013! keep up the good work :D

Music-story responds:

Its my last song on NG and any song outside of NG for the next few years so I will take your advice in 3 years time. Thanks for your input.

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4.81 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2012
7:26 PM EST
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