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Silent Exclamation (WT 1)

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Author Comments

first something new and calming
before i finish "The Globe" -(dont have the courage to finish it already)

-NOT A LOOP but its too short to call it a song already.
progressive house ;)


-added some sounds to affect the mix.


I have 1 word to describe this song with: Mesmerizing. I find myself lost in a magical realm: A place of wonder and beautiful beings. I travel the sparkle covered pathways through the sunlit forest. I gaze through the canopy, a bright beaming sun bursts with orange rays, covering the area with an awe inspiring golden glow. Shivers surge through my spine. This kind of beauty is only witnessed by a lucky few.
I continue on, reaching the edge of the lush woods. My jaw drops. Tall, tower, twenty and a hundred. Many a mountain, a mystery, a myth. As far as the eye can see, miles and millions, far, yet few can fathom such a place, his kingdom. But who? Who rules this world of wonderful wonders? Yet once and a little while and I shall know his name.
A silhouette of a setting sun sends shining strands of pink and purple through the sky. As if a rainbow, as if a spectrum, a sunset as such has never shone in the world of man. But alas, even here, the sun must set, and I must find my rest. I walk the way, through the gleaming gates. Even without the rays of the sun, this world cannot tame it's own lights. I reach the front door of of the castle, the mansion to rules all mansions. I know not how I might enter, but soon I notice, the door is not really shut. From a distance it appears sealed, but is really open to any traveler in search of rest.
I become frightened. Is this a dream? What Inception have I been succumbed to? Surely this is too good to be true. A chandelier is the first object to catch my attention. It holds the light of a thousand suns and sunsets, gleaming with oranges and yellows, blues and greens, reds and purples. I cannot begin to describe it's brilliance which owns more colors than exist in our world. But I don't stop to stare, for a voice calls me. I know not how long I have spent here, maybe an hour, maybe a minute, maybe a millenium. But it matters not, for I am one with satisfaction. A surreal place in itself. At the height of my happiness, a hand reaches out. It is the hand of him whose voice I had heard. I did not know how I knew. But then and there, the man said unto me, "Welcome distant traveller, you have reached Castle Climax. The beauties you have witnessed on your journey, they are all physical embodiments of one thing; Music. Your mind has lead you here, so far from home yet so close to it. It is all real, but yet entirely imaginary. You have reached the limits of your own mind, as close to heaven as you can get while still human and alive, but now your mind will send you it's Silent Exclamation, the calling you hear when the music is done, when the climax has passed, when silence takes over once again and your mind must pull you back into the real world before you get too lost in ours. At the end of all emotional music, your mind must give off it's Silent Exclamation, which pulls you back with a force unstoppable from the places you have traveled and back into a silent world. Your Silent Exclamation has come"
I then realized that the whole time I had been in a deep Trance. I was so mesmerized by the song I listened to that my mind slipped away and those sounds which can't be seen, became things, became glorious objects and transformed into this wonderful world around me. I could see my music, glorious images manifested in my mind. It wasn't a dream but rather an internal reality which lasts for only a short time.
These thoughts occurred in an instant and I was suddenly aware of a great fading. The world was falling away from me, or rather I was falling away from it. And then, a great sucking noise, a great sweeping sound pulled me inside itself. This must be my mind pulling me back, my mind sending me it's "Silent Exclamation", an exclamation that I can't stay in the world of music forever. All around me was a silence I could feel, I knew my time was short. I had to know who he was! I called out, "What is your name!?" I knew he couldn't hear me, but he must have understood my question and the urgency I felt, for he mouthed the Title; Cahzmana.

Cahzmana responds:

oh my..
this is some 'imaginary' story!
i have so little to say, i can only think of a thank you.
this must have taken you very VERY long to do?
some effort aswell. to do this on a mere uncompleted loop yet song.

Sound awsome mate keep it going!!

~Forever Bound~ :D

Cahzmana responds:

thanks mate :)

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4.40 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2012
9:25 AM EST
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2 min 33 sec

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