Hang Loose 2013

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Used alot of time to get this done, but it's finally here! Me and Gjermund Olstad (vocals) teamed up and made this awesome piece! :)

Check it out! =)

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Hang loose if your going for a ride, yeah
Hang loose if you're surfing on the tide
Hang loose if you're partying tonight

Hang loose if your going for yeah yeah
Hang loose if your surfing on the
Hang loose if you're partying tonight

Hang loose if your going for a
Hang loose if your surfing on the
Hang loose if you're partying tonight yeah, night yeah

Hang loose if you're partying tonight,
Hang loose if you're still awake,
When morning brings sunrise,
we'll be dancing by ourself,
and let the party live on,
until the next sun, goes down
and we gonna keep havin' fun,
untill the next song, no doubt


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Gotta say, top notch man. Your music has already got its own playlist in my library so that should tell you how much I like your sound. This song is no exception. The vocals are good, the synths hitting with that beat makes you bob your head to the music. I agree with others in saying the kicks are a bit weak and your clap in the background could have been turned up a little bit to add some flavor but its an excellent song regardless.

The ending seemed a bit weak to me though. You come in strong and build a nice solid song with some good intermeshing on melodies and a good driving beat, and then you just slip out all quiet like with nothing more than a weak drum rat-a-tat. Not a good exit from your stage man. You could have had a loud bass kick sound the end of your song, or faded the melody out carefully, or just abruptly ended it to jar listeners into going "wtf? Its over?" at the sudden lack of atmosphere.

But you didn't and it cut into my enjoyment of the song a bit. This is just nitpicking though, because its obvious what you did here is 100x what most artists strive for. I loved this song like I loved so many others you've made. Keep up the good work and I hope you take my somewhat critical review with good humour and an open mind!

There are a lot of good things about this song so to save time I will only mention of the issues...but still nice job with this.

I'm not sure about your lyrics. Sounds a bit cheesy. Eg. Hang loose if you're still awake? Hang loose if your going for yeah yeah? On the flip side, good job with the vocals. The voice actually doesn't sound like a chipmunk.

1:50 I am not a fan of your instrument choice. Little messy to me. Fortunately it gets better at 2:05.

What happened at the end of the song when the vocals are all gone? Just didn't feel as exciting anymore. You have to admit the clash at the very end of the song is not the best.

Am I the only one who felt the kick sounds were good enough? I use bose headphones so maybe my headphones are faulty.

Overall one of the better songs here and vocals is always a bonus. All the criticism I gave you (which I hope is constructive) are minor details i know you can fix. So if there is any real criticism I have to say is that the song lacks originality aside from the vocals and if you ever intend to go further (as in making money) you need to make yourself unique. However, if not, keep doing what your doing. Nothing wrong with making a unoriginal tune that sounds good. Free site free music. 5/5

keosni391 responds:

The lyrics doesn't make much sense because he was just improvising + he is from Norway. He has some pretty expensive gear so no wonder why it's good quality. Overall i'm not so happy how this turned out, because I never felt I got the sound I was looking for. As with the end the melody doesn't blend much in.

I'm already aware of the issues with this songs, and I also know I can improve myself ^^ I got over 1 million views overall on my youtube channels but I never get critism like this one. So that's why i'm posting here on newgrounds =) Also i'm pretty happy with my upcoming song and think it will beat this one easy :3

Awesome song!!

It's just a little annoying how weak/low the kick sounds, would complete the drop 100% if it was just a bit louder. But still an amazing track!



keosni391 responds:

Yeah I already know, a mistake from my side :3

This is super cool!

keosni391 responds:

Thank you <3

This is really good. only thing that's a bit down is the power of the kick's they don't really stand out in the mix so give them a bit more power and then is is awsome ;)

~Forever Bound~

keosni391 responds:

I really tried to fit the kick when playing on big speakers with a lot of bass. But ofc I agree that the kick is a little weak :)

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Dec 27, 2012
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