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Okay, this is it!

Hello everyone and welcome to the latest song of DenX!
Welcome to 'Plenilune'!

I don't know how many hours i've spent on this song, but i know it were a lot!
Here i tried out some different drum pattern. Well, different from the usual pattern i use.
Also i've used a new recording technique which makes my songs now more clean than before.

First it was supposed to be a melodic song.
But somehow it just developed itself into a Symphonic-Melodic song WITH some folk elements.
That folk part i talk about starts @3:23. (influenced by Elvenking)
I'm so excited to present you this piece.

I hope you like it!
If not you should leave me a comment, at least!

Thank you for listening guys!


not exactly my thing but i like the mix of mellow then short burst of heavy very nice

My ears are tingling with nostalgia!
Does that say anything?! It better or you deserve my size 11 combat boot upside your head \m/

Has an 80s hair & metal feel to it, and the touch of "folk tunage" just makes it even better!

Good stuff you got going here, I just wish the tempo was a little more upbeat.
That's all I have to really say about this piece :-D

lhceist41 responds:

Thanks Shawn.
Well yeah I just had the feeling to put those violins into this song.
Mainly because I've listened alot to Elvenking before I did this piece :)

Keep rocking!

Hey, pretty cool, though not the best I've heard by you. I'd like to know, though, why you stopped keeping in touch with me. You vanished, man :/

It reminds me of early Metallica/Megadeth/Iron Maiden. It takes me back when we all had cassette players that would run low on batteries, and take every song down a key, and slowed their tempo to a slow crawl. I would have loved to hear you go off with some fast Hammet leads on this too. lol. Great job man, I love the feeling.


lhceist41 responds:

Hey Jay!
Thanks for your review.
Yeah, I've heard that already a few times - solos would be awesome, I know.
But I just didn't feel like there's a need of a solo in this song.

Thank you for listening to this :)

Firstly the production is absolutely lovely. The stereo on the guitar is awesome, sounds really polished and professional. The playing is really excellent also, reminds me a lot of iron maiden. I feel that vocals would push this to the next level though, especially at 2:17 when the heavy guitar cuts out. Anyway the track progresses forwards nicely and the jump to the irish-style violin is unexpected and awesome. All in all a great and mature piece of work. I give you 4 and a half stars in the hope that you'll add vocals in the future to push it up to 5. Well done Sir!

lhceist41 responds:

Hey, thanks for your review, man!

Well the vocals, yeah.
Actually I thought already about adding vocals before i finished this song because vocals would give this an unique touch.
But at the moment, I have no idea who could do those vocals for this song. Friends are actually too busy.
Definitely I would love to hear vocals on this.

Thanks for listening, keep rocking

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Dec 26, 2012
8:30 AM EST
Heavy Metal
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