Winter prelude

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Wrote a short prelude, inspired in part by Bach and in part by French composers, to celebrate having some time of and whatnot :) Also wanted to capture a rather wintery feel with it.

Bit of a ghetto recording as I'm away from all my usual equipment - recorded on an acoustic piano with a Roland recording device, reverb etc added in later. Didn't have much time to record what with family all around, so this is the best take I could come up with! Here's the sheet music for anyone interested: https://docs.google.com/o pen?id=0BxsT7xHZWU2mdElye UhEdmpqNGc

Happy holidays!


Impressive work.

descara responds:

Thank you for your encouragement :)

This is a fantastic piece. I'm also extra impressed that this is a live recording - it's easy to program stuff that you write, but to perform it is quite different. I love the chromaticism you have near the end before the circle progression, around 1:50 - perhaps the French influence you were talking about? The recording quality really is quite good, and everything sounds natural.

Excellent job. Fav'd, and going to check out some of your other stuff. :)

descara responds:

Thanks you!

Personally I mostly associate the falling chromatic lines with Bach - especially his fugues, as countersubjects, but also his other work. To me the Frenchness is mostly in the initial progression - though the i v iv (with a stepwise bass of course - Dm Am/C Gm/Bb) is hardly an uncommon opening, it just really makes me think of Rameau when played on the keyboard!

This is beautiful. Kudos for sticking with classical form, i loved it.

I especially love the chord progressions and your melody. Around :30 when you ended the section in minor, I was secretly hoping for a cadence that ended in major, so when you repeated the section and did exactly that around 1:00, I'm sure I smiled really really big. I'd have loved to hear it at the end of the piece as well.

Congrats, you've got a fan.

descara responds:

Thanks for the kind words!

I tried to make a play out of the presence or absence of picardy third (major tonic rather than minor tonic at the end of cadences in minor keys), with the first A-section and second B-second having minor phrase endings, encircling the two major phrase endings (second A and first B sections). My aim was to lend a more sombre feel to the piece (though the picardy third is more or less needed when heading into the B-section, as it starts of in G minor while the piece is in D minor), as well as give a kind of mirrored symmetry to the phrase endings (minor-major-major-minor), but I must admit that when I'm playing it I'm always rather tempted to end the final cadence with a picardy third as well ;)

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