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DJ Theof - Mystery

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DJ Theof Mystery

Another original i finished in like 1 hour :P anyway enjoy it

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Molto bene.
I had this downloaded several years ago.
I'll download it again, just cuz.

TastyTeo responds:

haha go on!! :D

Meh... nothing new 3.5/5

TastyTeo responds:

check out my new stuff

As for what DanDawg said, I agree with him. The best producers are the ones who can make their own synths, and not rely on presets from z3ta, nexus, or sylenth. And if you are finishing these songs in one hour, there is definitely a creative issue going on here. It doesn't even seem you used any delay, reverb, or filter effects besides of course an EQ. I know many other producers who make techno/dream trance songs like you, and to be honest your songs do not sound anything different. Not to mention every song of yours is the same genre and uses almost all of thr same instruments! Try spending 2 weeks on a song for like 2 hours a day, and try to make it sound unique as possible. Because you will never get far in the music industry if you keep making these kinds of songs that take 1 hour. I hope you will reconsider your production strategy. I won't rate up there but please try to take my advice.

TastyTeo responds:

I never said i disagreed with DanDawg, i just said that this is what people do these days. And i am not relied on presets, if you check my youtube channel where i make tutorials and stuff i try to make them without using third party vst's. The reason i have been finishing all these songs in one hour is because i was pretty bored and no i was not trying to make a masterpiece, there are other songs where i put more work into them, more effects and they are arranged much better than this one, this one is the worst example that could hit the popular audio page. As for the genre, what is your problem with that? i prefer doing the same genre i don't want to switch to some dubstep and leave techno again die and bring dubstep up because it's a new genre (Just giving an example here). As for the same instruments yes i've been using many times the same instruments i know and that's a bad thing, but still it's up to me what instruments i will be using and it's your opinion to like them or not. Also spending 2 weeks seems pretty lazy to do for me plus i could have done the same thing in 2 to 3 working hours and i mean not lazy. Thanks for the tips anyway and for your time to review this.

All of the song is good, but it is LOUD (my headphones aren't on high sound!).

TastyTeo responds:

yea i did not master it good :D thanks for the review

Fairly simple song, and the use of samples makes it that much less impressive. If this were done in an hour with material you made yourself, such as self crafted synths and loops, I might think this is better, but either way, fairly boring. You have one melody, with a varying amount of background sounds, and then you use the same sound for every transition, Its like a 30 - 1 minute part of a song stretched throughout 3 minutes. And yes I understand you made this in an hour, but that just means you should be working longer before releasing

Overall not bad, but I think lazy and boring

TastyTeo responds:

I agree with you i did not work much on this but hey these days everyone works with samples, and who said everything was ready i am editing all kind of samples i get i don't just add them on patterns if you think this is what i do. If it was so simple as you say people wouldn't like it and wouldn't possibly be in this position. The 1 hour of work shows how experienced someone is because others make projects for days and not that it needs more time before getting released, there are many examples i could give you just now of songs made in 1 or 2 hours that are awesome and way better than this. If it gives you a boring feeling well this is a personal opinion

As for your review i know you are trying to judge fairly but i just checked your music and see you don't have much music production experience, this makes your reviews less strong

Thanks for the review anyway it means a lot to me even that you expressed your opinion.

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Dec 21, 2012
6:19 AM EST
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