Gyrosprat Races

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Minigame Racing - Machinist Side


Note: Gyrosprat racing is the minigame in my mock RPG. A jockey races on the back of a gyrosprat, a huge hulking creature that dwells on high ceilings of underground caverns. Jockeys race on a track carved out of the stone above as spectators watch from below. When gyrosprat racing was first created, it was regulated by rules and regulations for the safety of the geo-jockey and his steed, but as the races began to get more popular, more dangerous elements, such as attempting to dismount competing jockeys, started to come into play, as it garnered a better response from the crowd. Now, unchecked gyrosprat racing is a dangerous bloodthirsty sport which can easily result in the death of a jockey and his sprat.

"I've been a Geo-jockey for 14 years kid. Up there, way up high on the track, I tell you, it's a feelin' like no other! As a teen, all I wanted to do was to weave through the stalactites on the ceiling, passing all the competition, hearing the crowd shout my name from below every time I crossed that finish line first. But it's not all rainbows and butterfly kisses. Its a bat-eat-bat world up there, and these new generation jockeys play for keeps, man.

Only thing keepin' ya you from falling and splatting all over the cavern below is your wits and your sprat. It's all about trust.

My gyrosprat, Adamant Thunder, yeah man...he's my best friend. I picked him out with my dad from a bunch of others that looked bigger and meaner and faster, but you wanna know why I picked Addy? Because when I looked into his eyes, I didn't see malice, or violence. I saw compassion. I knew if we developed a bond that only a geo-jockey and his sprat can build, that when it came down to it, he'd save my life over his own.

That's why I gotta retire. There's jockeys out there who go through 5 or 6 sprats a season, because they sacrifice them to the cold stalagmites below. My last race, a guy who I've raced at least 20 times kicked me right off of my sprat, and if Addy hadn't fell with me and cushioned my fall, I'd be dead. We lost, he won, and I don't talk to him. It changes you....and never for the better.

Addy got injured that day. Sure, he'll recover, but I'm not gonna put 'em through that again, I'm grateful for my sprat, and if he died for some sick person's entertainment, I'd never get over it. Yeah, it's a good time to retire. It was good times, but....its's not the same."

~Cid Maldo, Three time record holder Veteran Gyrosprat Jockey


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Dec 17, 2012
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