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Yuletide Groove

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Author Comments

GOOD NEWS. WizMystery has mastered this track! It sounds INFINITELY better now; I updated it with the new version.

DDMan465 was also kind enough to take an attempt at mastering it too, and while what you're hearing right now is WizMystery's version, DDMan's is amazing too. Check it out!


So anyway, here's a Christmassy song from me in a genre I'm totally unfamiliar with, yay :3. Thanks to Federica for the great vocals. She also wrote the melody to them and the lyrics.

I tried going on a more original route with this one, so it's got a wide variety of instruments and sounds. You'll be hearing a lot of chimes and bells and airy pads and stuff to keep it related to Christmas, but I also threw in various arps, strings, a bass, drums, and even a lead synth that comes in towards the end for a synth solo. The sleigh bells, one of the pianos and the strings are from East/West Symphonic Orchestra, the bass is from FL Studio's BooBass, and almost everything else is from the amazingly powerful and amazingly expensive Omnisphere VST :3. Oh and the drums are from the Vengeance drum pack.

I really hope you all enjoy this. I usually make orchestral so this is a massive change for me, and it's also like my third time ever working with vocals too. Took me many hours of work and therefore reviews are very, very much appreciated!

BY THE WAY... infinite thanks to SkyeWintrest for helping me with the synth solo at the end. He made it sound incredible!


Hanging up the stocking,
On the wall but there's no fire,
Waiting on your promise,
So I won't call you a liar.

There's a seat around the table,
And no more time to waste,
But you'll have to fix the cable,
Right in time for New Year's Day.

It's not a complicated thing for me to say,
This year I won't be,
Wishing my love away.

I want Y - O - U this Christmas time. x4

Don't leave me waiting,
In this frosty atmosphere,
My Christmas jumper,
Just won't warm me up this year.

I just want to hear you say,
"Baby I'm on my way"
It's just not Christmas,
If you're not here.

It's not a complicated thing for me to say,
This year I won't be,
Wishing my love away.

I want Y - O - U this Christmas time. x3
I want you. You.

I want you. You. This Christmas time.


NAC Judge

haha this so feels like game menu music.. I like the stuttering of the melody at the beginning.. it's an effect you just don't see enough of anymore :)

the vocals are pro.. simply pro. I have no objections with that.. or the mastering.. this is all very professional sounding and I don't think I could do much better if I had tried so myself. It's just a shame that I have to judge those who did lesser-known carol submissions over original submissions..

I LOVE that 8-bit solo.. sounds like it came straight from a tracker :)



Step responds:

Oh I didn't expect this review yet! Thanks!

You know, you've kept my mind at rest on two things that I wasn't sure about; the stuttering effect and the solo. They're the two most controversial things about this piece, so I'm relieved you like them.

Yeah I wish I did a cover of a lesser-known carol for the NAC (Federica's vocals would've helped a lot with that) but I simply had no time :(.

Thanks for reviewing!

Just fantastic. Kudos to the vocalist, obviously, but let's not forget about the instrumental portion. I was most impressed with the mastering, but the composition itself is nothing to scoff at--definitely fit the theme, and kept my foot tapping. And I don't care what anyone else says, that gated intro made me say "Whoah," out loud. Totally cool. Excellent job, both of you.

Step responds:

Man, it's awesome getting such great feedback on this. I'm honestly not experienced at all in making anything like this, so I'm relieved that it seems to be somewhat of a success!

I'm glad you liked both the vocals and the instrumental portion. And you're like one of the first people to like the gated thing, so yay!

Thanks a lot for the review man, made my day!

NAC Judge
I wasn't sure at first but damn that's a great production! Really original and "true sounding" whatever that means. Great music, great vocals, great recording, great mix! It's fantastic!
The solo is awesome haha this song feels somewhat retro...really cool. Super submission!

Step responds:

Man it's so awesome getting such high praise from someone like you. Really glad you like it man; also relieved you like the solo too, I guess it wasn't a bad idea after all.

I appreciate the review!

Woah, this is great. The kind of cutting out effect that happens before the beginning of new sections was neat but it gets a bit annoying, especially to someone like me who uses headphones.

Except for that, this is nailed. You two make a good team. Make more.

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Step responds:

You mean the effect like the one at 0:24? If so then yeah, that was a result of sheer laziness. I don't know how to make nice-sounding effects so I just go the easy route with master volume automation :3.

Glad you liked it man.

WOW! This track sounds amazing! Love the drum track and the solo. I must say, it is a very original music style that you have chosen for Christmas. Also, the vocals sound brilliant, great voice, keep it up!!! Though the melody of the solo is good im not sure about the instrument.

Step responds:

^___________^ Thanks.

I quite like the instrument. It may be kinda cheesy but it has such awesome vibrato and eargasmic pitch-sliding that I couldn't help but use it.

And yeah the vocals are pretty amazing!

Glad you liked it man.

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4.43 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2012
8:52 PM EST
File Info
9.1 MB
3 min 58 sec

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