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So I just finished my work in progress, I changed the vocals a bit, and made it overall just more complete! All comments and reviews are greatly appreciated!!! Thanks, the Dinklebot.


i cant agree more with SJD.
tho i do agree at some pointers GK mentioned in his 2 star review..
your kickdrums could use some more depth in it, more bass is another thingy.
i do NOT agree it needs more highs... that would make it as unpleasant as GK said..

anyway, i like the use of your newer sounds in this song.
it is well composed, i hear pitching (which i really REALLY love)
i do have my wonders about a synth..
what sound did you use or what plugin to MAKE the pitching synth between 2:00 and 2:27
ive been looking or to create such a sound of my own but havent succeeded yet..
and now i heard a perfect sound in your song and just want to know :) if its okay with you..

anyhow. pleasant song till the end.

tomdink responds:

Yeah I will for sure work on the drums and such!!! (Thanks a ton for the good review :D) Yeah the pitching is really awesome to incorporate! Okay I will PM you in a minute, thanks my bro!

No personal offense to Godunknown, but I have some serious issues with the review below.

I can't agree with most of the supposedly genre specific advice of GU. First of all, the best musicians are the ones who completely shirk genre, so if that is what he is basing his changes on, my review must at first consist of telling you to shirk any and all advice that tries to pigeonhole you into a particular "accepted" sound. That includes "extending the cymbals, more reverb time on the transitions, etc."

Then he says put more bass in the stuff, but more high end. Well, that would just make the mix sound tinny and non present. That was kind of a WTF moment for me.

So I totally dug the tune, seemed good to me. The one thing I can halfway agree with GU on, but would say a much different way, is to focus on original synth creation. This will bring you your own sound, give you a unique and recognizable image, yet still be recognizable to genre snobs, if that is important. To me it's not. Whatever comes out of me is what comes out.

tomdink responds:

Wow thanks dude! I think that's pretty good advice, especially about original synth creation. That makes a lot of sense to me! Always good to get reviews!!! Thanks SJD!

So, I like your patterns as well as the transitions. The pattern placement is pretty decent, and you have a good understanding of how Dance/House music is composed. Only thing lacking is in how the genres sound, which seems to be more of a skill-related issue rather than a talent-related issue. The transitions would be a little better with maybe a bit more reverb time. Extend those cymbals out, and maybe make sure there's a little more going on in the higher end of the frequency chart. I like the energy in the song, but there just isn't enough of it going on. Your kicks should be deeper, there should be a little more bass in the instruments overall, and like I said, get some high frequencies in there to push the tension. Increase your production quality by layering instruments together and using reverb where you think is best. Just don't overdo it. A little goes a long way. Anyways, I was able to listen through the entire song without once feeling it was unpleasant. It just doesn't stick out. Overall, a well-put-together but hollow and uninspired sound. Feel the energy of the music itself more! =D Keep it up!


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tomdink responds:

I think I understand pretty well what your saying, thanks for the review!!

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