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Jonas Wasilco~Din of War

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Author Comments

All the music here is written and performed by me. I play Guitar, Bass and the drums are programmed. I had guest vocalist Fryi52 bring my song to life(she is awesome, check her out on youtube).

All the music was recorded and mastered in Reaper 4.

Gear used:

Laguna LE524 guitar with my custom pickup config....Dimarzio: Tone zone neck and D activator bridge.
Yamaha RBX 460 bass
Rainsong Acoustic

I am the one, to cut through the darkness
Fighting for truth, I find myself
Reaching for nothing, eclipsed in fear
To all my foes I shed no tear


Amidst the din I hear can my voice
clearer it becomes that I have no other choice.
Killing all the fear that I thought I had

Verse 2:
I am the one, the source of peace
The curse of war, in tranquility
unending forces, the hordes they come
No looking back, nowhere to run


First off, Tone zone in the neck?? I mean...ive seen it done but ballz!
If it ever beams with bass, try an A4 magnet in there. I understand it will help you slice through but still sound tonezoney/PAFy

ANYWAY, onto your promised review!
Rereading, I apologize in advance, as most of the review is PERSONAL OPINIONS
But hey, try em out if you want.

All in all, i like this song!

Guitar lead tone is a little stiff, but a personal opinion.
What amp are you using during the solos?
While a preference, dialing back in some mids really fills them out.

Bass is nice and thick!
Drums are very clean too.
All in all the mix is very clear

Choruses I would have liked to hear more of an energy difference.
Was hoping for more rhythm guitars in there. Louder or stacked up with harmony, or however.
It would have brought more dynamic to the song
I think thats what the drums were trying to do too, as cymbals got heavy there.

My least favorite part:
I don't like when leads play exactly what vocalist is singing.
Pet peave, yes; personal opinion, yes
But still!
There are other ways to fill sections out.

Vocals are very nice, cool to see a collab! Collabs are awesome!
Harmony or variation toward the end would help signify such, but still groovy.

Going back, variation on drum fills would have been the way too.
Don't have to be more complicated. Just varied.

Since I'm all out of order now anyway, I love that kick drum. You using EZD?

All in all, great song so far
General composition is rock solid
If it were me, I'd take out what I didn't need, add some layering, and VARIATE VARIATE VARIATE

Good job homie

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Megamannt92 responds:

What can I say I like the sound of the Tone Zone in the neck, its more aggressive and warm than most neck pups. :D I didn't use an amp for this project, I used Line 6 gearbox and made a custom setting. The the lead tone was basically the same as the rhythm tone, except its more layered and I applied a delay after I recorded it.

For the drums I used Steven Slate, which I think sounds much better than EZdrummer.

Thanks for the review and the thoughts! Glad you liked it too.

Alright, here's your promised review!

First thing I'd like to note, the mix is awesome, although that's hardly surprising considering the work you did on my track! We can clearly hear every voice, the singer, albeit occasionally a bit flat, has a wonderful voice, and you show that you definitely have some skills on that guitar.

Now for the song itself. It's important to take into consideration that I'm hardly familiar with the genre, but from what I can hear, the only major complaint I have is that the song is lacking in highs. I think it's got to do with your guitar tone, since it seems to be lacking in upper harmonics. As of right now, the entire song sounds very small and compact, so that might be something that needs to be addressed in future songs.

The only other complaint I have was already mentioned in Step's post, so I won't bother going into detail over it, but that ending is quite anticlimactic and fishtailed. Might just be a personal thing, but I think it was a tad too minimalist, and perhaps a tad lazy.

In any case, that's pretty much all I have to say! One major gripe and a more personal one, but marvelously executed, so all around great track!


Megamannt92 responds:

Hehe thanks for the honest review. The ending was actually was semi intentional, I didn't think it was too bad but I guess that is just personal taste.

Oh, you got fyri52 to sing. Out of coincidence she sang for a song I worked on too, a cover of the Reset theme in Okami. Awesome.

Regarding the song, this is a neat piece of work. I LOVE your guitar work, composition, and overall this is skilfully composed. To be honest when I saw your username I expected you to be a beginner that started on FL and is making Megaman remixes so when I heard this I was (very pleasantly) surprised haha.

I'll start with some criticism. Fyri has a very nice voice but unfortunately there are some serious tuning issues here. Image-Line has a plugin called Newtone which is exactly what you need here. You'll have total control over the pitch of each sung note; it's a fantastic plugin. Also, the voice itself is a bit dry and it's hard to decipher the words. It sounds like you don't have much experience working with vocals; I had the exact same problem when I tried using vocals for the first time. My advice would be to allocate some room for them in the mix, kill the high frequencies that produce the 's' sound and give them some high-end reverb.

Thankfully, your composition is awesome. Love the guitar riff at 0:26... in fact I like all of the guitar work. You're a great guitarist and you clearly have experience making metal music. Great riffs overall, and great rhythm guitar work too. The vocal melody isn't fantastic, but it works. Most of the composition is fantastic, though.

Instrumentation could be a little more interesting, but I can't really complain. I'd love some more instruments in there, like strings or something, since drums, guitar and vocals are very standard on their own, but they can easily mud up the mix so it might not be the best of ideas. What you have right now is fantastic.

Mixing of the guitars is great. The drums' mixing is good too, but I would've liked some more power from them. As I already said, the vocals leave some improvement mixing. Transitions are spot-on (except that I'd like some more power in the transitions to the chorus), and I also like the intro; nice, simple and fitting. The ending, however, is very abrupt. I don't know if this was intentional.

This'll have to be a shorter review than what I usually write since I'm super busy. As a recap: fantastic composition and great guitar work are the strong points of this piece. The vocals need some work in general and there are a few minor flaws here and there, but all in all a great song. Keep it up :3.


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Megamannt92 responds:

Thanks for the detailed review! As for my username, I made this account a long time ago haha.

Anyways...Fryi52 does have a wonderful voice, and she is great to work with. I know what you mean with the voice mix though, I'm not good at mixing vocals...All I have on the vocals is some comp and delay. I'll look into that plugin for sure!

As for other instruments I would love to add some strings, but I'm downright terrible at playing keyboard. I have a MIDI guitar but its kinda sketchy and its not the best for creating anything of quality.

Quintessence of inspiration in the rawest form, and forged with utter perfection of sound......

Lolz i lyked eet.

Megamannt92 responds:

Quintessence is like your favorite word isn't it? lol Thanks.

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4.34 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2012
6:00 PM EST
General Rock
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