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Author Comments

Simple tune i've had for yrs n neva recorded, now i have woohoo, gt reviewin n voting NOW!

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Nice riffs in this trk, very cathcy. A kinda Radiohead/sterephonics vibe, sorry bout the stereophonics comment, cos i hate them, apart from the first album ,but the dist on the git reminds me of it. I think the drums are the weak link in this trk, they don't help the trk, they sound a bit seperate from the rest of the mix. The kick is fine, it's the snare drum and the hi-hats, they sound too electro, in my opinion what it needs is a nice reverbed rock snare and hats. Again I think what would really make this into a great trk would be the addition of some vox.
Cool stuff though, I really enjoy the reversed riffs and guitar drone in this trk.

pitbulljones responds:

thanks once again for a good review KB. the riff is so simple it hurts on this track, just play the d strung on the 12th, 10th, 3rd, 2nd and open, whilst picking in a quadruplet d,g,b,g all the way through. easy as pie. i can handle the comparision to stereophonics as long as its the first album im beng compared with. otherwise you can eat shit and die lol.

the drums are pretty bad aint they? i'm using fruityloops at the mo n i'm still getting used to the programme, at least the kick fits.

there are vocals for this track, but me old singers got em, im gonna have to email him, and get em, or i may just write me own. anyways thnaks once again, much appreiciated.


Well, I'm gonna ask a question first. What the FUCK is INDIE?! What does that actually mean? I was expecting Sitars and shit. You rocked off some solid ambient riffage. You should send me this tune without the drums, and I will add some better sounding drums to it. It will totally change the feel of the song. It was fairly ambient, and relaxed me a bit. I liked this one a hell of alot, minus the beat. Anyways, if you don't want to send me the song, just download acoustica beatcraft(free). The programming is easy there. YOu can import the samples into Fruity loops, if that makes it easier to program. So kickass tune, I voted 5 because I really did like it.\m/

pitbulljones responds:

Thanks again B.M.I. Wellfor your first question, Indie music, is the term assoiciated with minor labels that er on the liminal of the music seen. it's kinda branched out to define guitar benda that aren'tthat well know nowadays, it's definately my genre anyway.

And you're more than welcome to change that drum pattern if you want. just send me an email when you want to do it and i'll zip it up for you n send it.

thanks for the review amd yet again another 5. : )

has potential

truthfully i wouldnt listen to this track again, i feel that the beat is to "fruity" while the melody has a fresh and rythmic feel to it. (i'm not sure if you used fruity loops on the beat but when i say "fruity" i mean it sounds like a quik default fruity loop. if you or someone ever re-furnished this track with a healthy beat it would be an instant classic... contact me if you ever wanna collab?

pitbulljones responds:

thanks for the review mind_portal, always nice to get em. and you hi the nail on the head regarding the beat, it was made in fruity loops, using standard beats and such, i'm gonna have to find sum better ones and throw them in. i'm still learning the programme so it may take a while. No probs about you not listening again, im not gonna please everyone am i? But you reckon i've got a classic on my hands? cool.

I'm always up for a collab mate, but never know when i'm free, get some material up and i'll see what we can do.

again many thanks.


Beautiful guitar sound! You're still a great player - what makes you special is that you have a great feel for atmospheric arranging. This is very resigned and melancholic, but still uplifting and even catchy, in a way :)
Again the drums are a bit of a weak point though... it sounds like you are playing them directly from a keyboard - if so, you should experiment with sequencing them one way or another.
But the composition is great, my favotite part is the part where you ascend on the lower string and continue playing the open high strings. It's distorted, yet transparent. Very well done.

pitbulljones responds:

cheers yet again wintang, your a true hero, up there with rucklo for honesty and critiqing. Cheers for the compliment, ido like to create a good atmosphere, helps to portay a mood.

the drums are straight from fruityloops, i've decided to ditch my samples and slicing for the creation of my own, and yea it does sound like theyre off a keyboard, very midi-ish, i'll have to have a look at how i can change em, find some more fitting sounds. the tune is simple, ive gigged this with just me singer before with no effects or anything and it's always got a gud reception, sometimes simplicity works.

Thanks yet again.

very cool mesmerizing song

good job, man. it flows really nicely.
also, would you mind if i took the intro riff and mess around with percussion and stuff? i'll give you credits. if it's cool with you

pitbulljones responds:

cheers mate, glad you liked it.

and yea course you can use the opening riff, i'd like to see what you can do with it. jut make sure you credit me and allwill be fine and dandy.

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4.42 / 5.00

May 27, 2006
1:20 PM EDT
File Info
3.2 MB
4 min 0 sec

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