Anger Storm

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Finally! after a week of work it's finished! my first track using my guitar :3 I've been playing guitar since I was 17 (so roughly 3 years now) I haven't practised much since I started making music electronically, but I do dabble every now and then.

I've always wanted to make something with a rock/metal influence but never had the recording equipment to do so. I started off making a dubstep track with one of the coolest custom dubstep basses I ever made (from scratch). I put a lot of time into mastering it and trying to get the best possible sound I could.

Half way through I decided to do a little seperate experiment by recording some guitar... with my headset... yep, my recording equipment consist of a £10.00 headset. Anyway, I recorded some samples which didn't sound half bad. I figured I could master them enough to sound half decent. So I sliced up some samples so they wouldn't sound too out of place in a robotic computer track and incorperated them into the dubstep track into some kind of rock/metal/techno/dubstep hybrid!

I spent every day for the past week trying to make this perfect recording the same things over and over, adding and removing so many things and trying to make everything work. It isn't perfect, I'm aware of the flaws. But there's only so much you can do when your recording equipment consist of a £10.00 headset :P


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Right off the bat, this song hits you loud with the synths and awesome kicks and snares. I love the orchestra and piano part right after that. That transition caught me WAY off guard into the rock part! That's actually my favorite part, the transitions and blending of different styles are insane! That electric guitar is really nice too, it's hard to believe you recorded it with a cheap headset. I like the transition again into the guitar part after that. The dubstep isn't as great, it sounds a bit fat, I guess. Idk. Nice orchestra again with the cool guitar solo in it! It works as a nice break from the crazy part before it. 3:19 is not as great as the first part with that guitar. The rest is pretty much the same as the earlier parts. This is definitely one of your best!

Dubstep + Rock = Noice <3

Really nice dubstep, and I really love the rock drop <3 One of my favourites!

well it works and sounds awesome goodjob

DuttonsaysHi responds:

Thanks you c:

Hey, good job!
I know the pain of having sub-par gear so I sympathise with you on that. You managed to pull of something pretty cool but your lack of experience mixing guitar does show in parts. Have you tried recording the guitar twice then putting one on each side? This track would have sounded much better if you had done that simply because it would have been more awesome. :P

If you have some spare cash, get yourself a Line6 UX2 and record some pro-sounding guitar tracks. ;)

DuttonsaysHi responds:

Ah perfect I just asked the question to that answer on one of your tracks :P Thanks man!

And yeah, this was my first time recording and mixing guitar. Since I had gear that wasn't suitable for recording a lot of the guitar sounds had to suffer since I had to EQ and compress the mic fuzz and background noises away, making it loose a lot of beef :c

But once I get my hands on some decent equipment (like that line 6 UX2 you mentioned ;)) I'll definitely get down to some heavy shiz! Thanks for the info!

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Nov 28, 2012
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