HDC: WarSpawn vs. BCT

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It was a title match, but Bummer held it down! BCT remains champ! NGs HipHop #1 Star!!

Warspawn faces off against BummerCityTown (HDC's #1 Hip Hop Champion)

Warspawn: Verse1
BCT: Verse2
Warspawn: Verse3
BCT: Verse4

Beat by PoyzenJam

Let us know who won. This is for the number one title, so make your voice count. Vote.

Long live Hip Hop.


War V1 - City/town opener is mediocre, "and your battle with Gas" (huge gasp) "you a ???? invention". Addressing BCT as the champ would be better if you had flowed better, state of emergency is way off beat. EP diss is delivered poorly.

Bummer V1 - 'Not used to it' is a nice flip. SJD battle is sloppy is nice. Entered in raffle is amusing. Legend flip is incredibly powerful.

War V2 - Immediate legend flip is delivered well but weak in concept. Attacking BCT for filler, then you come with the sports bra line? Dude, come on... West Bumblefuck is funny. Age diss, name diss, etc. are like mosquito bites. None of them really hit home hard.

Bummer V2 - N-word flip is okay, rhyme scheme bolsters it significantly. Flow diss is okay, nerd diss is okay. Three wins is okay, Metal Gear is okay.

What the hell happened here? I love War and Bummer, so why do they both sound so weak here? War's flow is way off and Bummer's lines just don't do it for me. I'd still give it to Bummer based on delivery but this is a sad day.

Although the voting is closed, I don't understand why the score is 10-3.. Bummer is good, and so is War-spawn. I think it was a close call, and I hope that war-spawn goes through another 3 victories and I hope to hear BCT vs. War-Spawn part 2.

I keep coming back to listen to this, the beat is fucking intoxicating.

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Good battle, wicked beat.

war-spawn's lines part 1:

come through like a (fat?) man on any city and town/this idiot sounds - +
hideous/insidious intentions/battle with gas you were trey parker invention - ++
speaking wit a lisp/rapper or a hairstylist - ++
BCT's a myth/barely control timin thats basically your schtick - +
real mistake/co star for will and grace - +
not worthy/state of Jersey in a state of emergency - +
wipe my ass with your projects/can't get with the concept - +
starry nights/only way you get your lights - +

BummerCityTown's lines part 1:

fuck you stupid/not used to it/last fuckin two kids/last two hits/let's do this - +
richie's last battle/ass rattled/pride in street trampled/got you baffled/entered in a raffle - ++
play back away you gay nazi/get laid ladies see you and escape promptly/got to me/johnny dean battle sounded sloppy to me - +++
don't even feel threatened/kid that i need to teach a lesson/run my errands/makin me a legend - +++

war-spawn's lines part 2:

myth and a legend are practically the same n***a/just failed go figure - +
you're all wrong/posing with a dude in a sports bra - ++
obviously rusty/that battle i won, see - +
that'll work on anyone/you live is west bumblefuck - ++
lack a lyrical concept/spiitin nonsense - +
three years younger/make you say bummer - +++
talk about your shitty city while you're battlin/we all know you wanna move to patterson - ++
make your city melt/ask that to yourself - ++

BummerCityTown's lines part 2:

im white/you're not black/where does the n word make sense on this track - +
you're trash trying to make it in rap/face like a rat - ++
fat pack/whack as flow get you laughed at/sad that you think you're such a badass when you're really only half that - ++
math class/faggot ass is nerdier than gasmasq - ++++
you can truly win/i won three (on the?) bummer i can ruin him - 0
stupid bitch who really shouldn't spit/back inside the looney bin - +
playin metal gear/settle here/another year/grow yourself an ugly beard/chug a couple dozen beers/i just own its fuckin clear - ++

Total for war-spawn: +24
Total for BummerCityTown: +21, one 0, best punch

Better flow: BummerCityTown, +
Better delivery: war-spawn, +
Better wordplay: BummerCityTown, +
Better closes: BummerCityTown, +

Total: war-spawn+25, BummerCityTown+24

war-spawn wins. Props to both battlers for bringing epic level shit to NG.

HDC responds:

BCT -10 WS-3

and thanks for the level of detail! very objective in a subjective way! haha Keep up!

Damn, this was pretty good. I haven't seen BCT go into battle rap for a while yet he still killed this. Warspawn went off beat a little but his disses were still strong. BCT had sicker rhymes, better flow, and better disses. Mic presence pretty much ruled this battle for me, which BCT dominated.

HDC responds:

BCT -10 WS-2

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