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Nov 25, 2012 | 2:19 PM EST
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Electronic - Dubstep

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This is the 2nd song for my album "The Castle"

School Soundcloud - Im Dan S onialsound
First song in the album is "Eat Your Breakfast" /audio/listen/510430



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Seems to be a good track for starters, ( I wasn't better, if you want check out my first song it's called sandstorm of space)

The suggestions i would give you is to make those kicks pump more, add effects on them, try to add reeverb on most of the percussion it makes them sound more realistic and really gives a better feeling to the whole song. You could have used some samples or edit some of your of course that could actually sound better / clean / professional,

I guess you got a little messy with the question "How do i expand all these stuff?" and you tried to add variations which ... to be honest .. were not good and kind of downed the song a little bit. You need to improve the structure, some automations should be everywhere along with effects (and i mean wav effects or some synths you can create on synthesizers). Be sure to make a good song intro, don't make it boring don't make it last long and develop it smart and quick.

There is no particular structure, EVERY artist develops his own unique style, you have to develop your own structure, what you prefer? just be sure to keep and intro and an outro, the main body is all yours, what will you do? add effects? new insruments coming in? small parts with synths and solos? you know that better than me

As for the mastering, well you should check out some mastering tutorials on youtube obviously, its nothing more than limiting the volume of your instruments, it is not that hard just be sure not to exceed 0DB..

Overall you need more inspiration and clean thoughts, you can do it, and i would encourage you to create more stuff, i hope i have helped you,

Sorry if i was boring, and it is just my opinion
DJ Theof

By the way on your review on my Mystery song i am not being BAD or something in any way

DRadDaDanDawg responds:

Yeah thanks a lot, and its silly because I've already done basically all that on my next upcoming song, so it should be better haha

Thanks for the advice :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I personally don't like to get technical in such detail as the guy below me. The best advice I can give you is to keep making music , no matter what. There's tons of stuff that you should work on but Im not gonna tell you what are those. It's up to you and you will eventually find them with the experience you will gather when you make new tracks.

Yeah , you should study some music theory but try to understand it and incorporate in a way you later will not notice that you're applying it instead of memorizing all those boring chords and practicing those useless scales you're never gonna use but you do them just because your teacher told you to.

but yeah, good luck buddy


DRadDaDanDawg responds:

Thanks, I became a fan of yours just a couple days before you posted this so thats sick haha

I'm starting music theory lessons and dropping violin around the 2-3rd week of january, so that should help, and I got a sub to Sonic Academy where I'm starting to watch videos and learn off that too (even after watching like 10 videos and talking to some music "pros" I've learned a lot of mistakes in this song, and can fix some of them in my next, the song I release after that should be better in terms of theory and technicality)

I really appreciate that you came and looked at my stuff, thanks a lot :)

And if DJM4C ever looks at this reply, you started me in this direction, so thanks :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I like this!! Great!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Ok well, I appreciate that you are starting out as a new musician. We've all been there.

First off, I have listened to both of your songs, and just note everything I am about to say is completely honest feedback, I am not trying to discourage you. In fact this should help you.

For starters, you terribly need to work on your song structure. It seems like the song is bouncing through key after key, melody after melody. Nobody wants to hear that. If you are going to change the key or even the BPM, do it once at most, I would suggest to not do that until you become more advanced. The song needs to be consistent and to be honest, I lost my interest after the first minute of this song.

Writing music is like an essay. Intro, body, conclusion. These all need to be sound or the song won't sound right and won't support itself. Most importantly, you need a good hook. Make us want to listen to the rest of your song, because if the first part of your song sounds good, chances are the rest will too. From my speculations I deem you don't know much about music composition or music theory. Just search it up on youtube or google it, learn about it a little bit more.

Work on your melodies. Your melody needs to be unique, catchy, and harmonically sound. This is where music theory/composition comes in. And do not play it for the entire song (you didn't in this one) because you don't want to get repetitive, as that loses peoples' interest. Make sure you have a good baseline, drum beat, and pad. And again, make sure these all are harmonically sound. Take a look at my songs if you want an example. I am not a professional, but I have a grasp on how to make a song sound almost professional.

And last mixing and mastering. For god's sake your technique's are horrid. And I know what this is like because when I first started I didn't know that much about the subject either. When you mix, you need to make sure the percussion and drums are the loudest instruments in the mix. And you need to give them headroom, which can be done through compression. If you are hazy on the topic, again, search it up. And make sure you give the master track a good brickwall limiter, I suggest either Izotope Ozone or Maximus.

And also, forget the zero scores! As your music gets better, the fans and the better scores will come. Make sure you let no one discourage you from making music! As long as you are passionate about it, you should do it to make you happy. Don't care what the haters think, most of the time they are just jealous (except on here it is all about being on the greatest page). Do not give up brother, and here's to your first fan!

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DRadDaDanDawg responds:

Thanks for the help :) I did notice that the song jumped around a lot, and that was actually the thing I knew I had a problem with, I hadn't even realized that I was missing out on a hook and was mixing wrong, so thats actually really helpful.

I'll definitely work on all of this in the future, thanks a ton for the advice :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is great, but whose been 0 bombing?

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