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Hey guys I showed this song first in the mix I did for my 500 subscriber video on YouTube.

Here it is in its entirety. I think I'd like to do more songs around this tempo. I definitely dig the fun, party vibe.

Anyway, hope you guys like it. :D


Hahah nobody left a review in 3 whole years. Very good song. It is easy to listen to this for a long time because it changes so often. Nice work!

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My rating is my ears are bleeding, in a good way, im pissed at newgrounds now
So ill just rate 5

Guess who it is? It's Willlawrbet, back with his amazing, one-of-a-kind, Scientific Musical Review!

First, I'll start with my Step-By-Step, Reviewing the music as it goes. Let's begin:

00:01: Record being lifted into a player?
00:08: Let the beats begin.
00:20:Ooh, a lower, more bass type beat...
00:23:The beginning of the buildup.
00:40:Enter Synth, stage right.
01:10:Bounce! Not a hard drop, but this is Dance, not Dubstep.
01:14:Got a nice rythm and beat going
01:26:More synth
01:38:Build Up
02:02:Another build up.
02:10:Another mini drop
02:13:Ooh, soft. Gentle.
02:42:Enter heavy tunes, stage left
03:00:My god, Aaron, How many build ups do you have?
)3:13:My god. At least they're good.
03:45:Back to the heavy music, pulsing.
04:13:Mini drop.
04:32:Seriously, Aaron. What's with the constant buildings? You just break 'em down again
05:05:One last buildup?
05:16:And, let slip.

Now for the BME (Beginning Middle End) Review. I'll split the music into chunks and review it like so.

From the start, it had a Dance feel. Since the beginning, the constant 'jumps' in sound kinda made a path for the rest of the song to be a constant build and destroy thing. The piano piece was really nice (and you know how much I like piano, Aaron). Then, the build up to the 'Bounce' was spectacular. It was a perfect mountain leading up, piano accompanying the first bit of the raise. Then, drums kick in, and BOUNCE.

Middle(01:10-04:45)After the BOUNCE, there was a real nice rythm and beat going on. Perfect for dance, you could say. It would definitely fit in at a rave party, that's for sure. At 2:13, it goes into a soft mode for a bit of a while. Nice, low, and doesn't ruin the music. At 2:42, it leaps back up, introducing heavier vibes, and starts raising again at 2:58, leading back up to where we are reintro-ed to the real stuff at 3:14, where it goes up, up, up, and goes at 3:43, BOUNCE. It stays along more synth tunes, and occasionally heavier drum beats. There are also an abundance of mini jump/drops. From then on, it gets lower, leading to the End..

End(04:45-05:23)From then on, it fades on out. You can tell it's the end, though once again you decide to through in ANOTHER itty bitty drop at the 05:16. The End really fades out nicely.

FINAL REVIEW: I don't like dance much, which unfortunately doesn't usually contain piano pieces. Fortunately though, our artist here is Aaron, who could probably make Justin Bieber sound good. This piece is filled with jumps, drops, pianos, and a whole lot of synth. I like it, despite not being a dance fan. Final score: 4.5. Good job, Aaron.


aaronmusslewhite responds:

haha hey Willlawrbet! :D Your reviews are the best. Yeah there are a ton of builds in the songs, definitely came out as a bit of a rollercoaster, eh? lol Glad you dig the piano, it seems to find it's way into a lot of my song but I dig it. :P

Really nice!!!! Love the release at 1:40 and the bridge/build is excellent.

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