[B7]1 - The Weredragon II

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(Let me just get this out of the way first...)


This is the first song off my EP, The Incendiary EP; The Weredragon II. It's official album title is "Silverlight is just Mediocre", but NG won't let me put that whole thing in the title. So I'm going with something some folks will recognize, which is the original title.

I've re-recorded the guitar/bass sections and completely redone the drum section. I also remastered/remixed the whole song from it's original format and extended it to a 6-minute album opener. It's not the introduction like "Universal Combustion" is, but I feel like it's a solid first piece to my EP.

***Technical Musical Information Stuff***
4 Rhythm Guitar Tracks:
--- ~78 seperate rhythm guitar recordings
--- FX include band EQ's, a combo amp modeler and compression
1 Bass Track:
--- 1 REALLY LONG bass recording
--- Very little EQ on the bassline and slight compression for consistency
5 Lead Guitar Tracks:
--- Seriously like 300+ lead guitar recordings. I HATED doing the solo on this track. I don't really know why exactly, but I just could not nail down something that I felt was good. So instead of creating this pristine shining solo I decided to leave it dirty and raw sounding, as if I was playing it live.
--- TONS of EQ on certain parts of the lead guitar, and even an Autotuner to get perfect pitch during one section that made the distortion sound really cool
--- Yeah, there's ~10,000 different midi notes all placed by mouse in time. I REALLY have to work to get my drums sounding good. I also specifically chose each drum piece/EQ'd it to fit with the guitars. So drums? They're a pain in the ass.
-Other Stuff:
--- The total amount of time I spent on this song alone? Probably in the 60+ hours area. Definitely one of the reasons I'm glad to have finally posted this bad boy. Perhaps that'll give you some idea of exactly why it's taken me so long to release songs, because each one can take from ~30-120 HOURS to write and complete. Some even more if I don't like the way it sounds and have to start from scratch.
--- A note about the title of Incendiary 'EP': So I keep calling this thing an EP. But it's got ~14 songs on it. Typically an EP has between 3-6 songs MAXIMUM. So TECHNICALLY what I'm creating isn't an EP. It's a full-fledged album. Or LP. But Incendiary EP just kinda flows together and I like the way it sounds so I'm sticking with it. Because calling it The Incendiary Album just isn't as catchy as EP
--- If you listen in around 5:15 you'll hear a very muted cowbell. Yes, I do plan on placing a cowbell in each song of my EP. I'll give you this first one free, but if you can find them all and give me the times I'll name my next original song after you <3 Because I'm fun like that.

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My longtime nickname is Weredragon, so Iam gonna act the song is for me. :)

This song is by and far my favorite metal song, I downloaded it here but if you released an album I'd buy it all over again just because I love this song. Its the rhythm, that little repeat that hits at 0:39 into it and repeats throughout. the perfect mix of guitar then transition to drum, I can't think of comparison good enough for this. And trust me I've had like a week to think of one, and still nothing. Tie=dye works but its not what I'm looking for.

I listened to the original to compare and this is my favorite version, its like crack for the ears. dangerous and addictive, the original was good, but it didn't have the right drum and bass sound to make me come back.

I just wanted to post this so I could tell you that this song fills me with awe and you are now one of my favorite musicians right up there with Metallica, and Judas Priest, if you threw a concert I'd definitely be there.

Burn7 responds:

FUCK YEAH! Thanks man! It means a lot, I've been trying to get a band together, and to hear that someone would actually come see us? That's fucking sick.

I really did try to make the different instruments blend together well in this mix, MIXING IS HARD THO so not every individual piece stands out as much as I wish it would.

Just a straight up comparison to the first, it is in insane improvement. The mixing/mastering and placement of each drum piece, each guitar, and the bass are greatly improved. The first, the drums and bass guitar were very muddled and awfully heavy. This, the guitars are much cleaner and clearer. Each drums pieces is very distinguishable from the other, snare and kick particularly.

Great improvement made to about :35. Nice effect/addition there to fill in the emptiness that was there before. Also deeper drums help too. Right after, at about 1:05, the crazy drums, also great improvement from the original.

1:25, personally, I like the original better. It has a more "lully", dont know how else to describe it, feeling of just the guitars with minimal drums. I like the fullness that you put into the drums of the new one, just kinda liked the original.

Solo at 1:46, also like the original better. The old solo, the speediness, the specific rhythm pattern and usage, is just very your style. Possibly older style, maybe the new style is better? Plus the new solo continues the song, so... guess its better. But the solo does end, sorta abruptly.

But love the next sections rhythm pattern. The harmony is awesome. Plus, the great drumming to go in the back.

The panning of the guitars, for the next section, is always nice.

3:27, this is the great solo from the original that i was talking about. Then its breaks down into an awesome rhythm. And the drumming is ever-changing and so awesome! Lol with the random insane drum part that you always do.

I like the choice to bring it back to that original solo patterning to end with. And then it has that effect, and brings it back again. Its a nice little, loopty. Thats what i'm going to call it.

Anyways... hell of long review. Can't wait to hear the next additions:) Great song as always.

Burn7 responds:

FUCK YES. I miss the days when you used to review my shit all-in depth and specific like this. It was insanely helpful.

I love you

i love that intro, its funny i downloaded this song and when it went into my Itunes it had no title name, no artist name and the album title said letter jumble lol i guess you blew itunes mind and it broke XD

i love this song sooo much. whenever i come onto ng i always come to this song no matter what. give the other artists a chance to shine man. its not fair u just go all out and dominate. very sad. still love this song and u r an amazing artist. loveyou

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