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I Am Money

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In this track I play the part of being money itself, and gloat about destroying humanity much like what a virus might do after destroying it's host cell by turning it's own technology against itself and in just a matter of hours, it destroys the cell completely while endangering the surrounding organisms even further. On the much bigger timescale of geology, money has only been around for matter of hours.

We are the Money. Drop your rights and surrender your resources. Your cultural and spiritual distinctiveness will be consumerized in to our own. Resistance is futile. You will be consumerized.

Verse 1:
You can call me money, but you can't escape from me
I take grace hatefully, enslave and make you fuck for me
And luckily, the species ain't seen my diseases
I bloody the streets with bodies of peeps lacking me
You casually spend me as I deprive freedom and lives
As I push your future aside, you're divided can't ask why
Your progress is nonsense, it's swamped with
Obsolescence-in seconds I take your best shit and wreck it
While you stress and caress me I poison your cities
Left you degraded and clueless, disgracefully stupid
Neurologically damaged, Empathically savage
With habits as hazardous as Haliburton's havok
You can't avoid my madness as I ravage the planet
For useless consumerism, I'm abusing your system
of associative thought patterns to eradicate clades of earth
'fore you vacate to space for permanent worth

Verse 2:
I've globalized wastin, Earth's a wastebin
A third the food made just gets thrown away
Like the third of humans that waste away hungrily
I'm the poverty that permanantly follows y'all
to veritably swallow y'all like a fat lady eatin Micky D's
You can teach people about me, but I sheep more frequently
You worship me and believe my promises you'll be prosperous
But I'm twice the fraudulence of posthumous life insurance
Completely deadly, psychopath on the war path
Reeking suffering discretely pimpin scarcity
No peace treaty can buffer me, and suddenly
It's a race to extinction thanks to me the demon
So get your face in position and brace for emissions
Since you embrace my religion, I'll Jim Jones your existence
So long as your "justice" stays this splintered resistance
Dithering for little shit, ignorant of my malevolence

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I'm not a big rap-fan..let alone modern music in it's entirety...but I think it's honorable that you aren't talking about cars and bitches but something someone can learn a thing or two from.

Achilleuss responds:

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Unfortunately the content I talk about is, at large, ignored. It is my goal to spread awareness of the systemic problems and available solutions. It's pretty much the only thing that keeps me going and more then half the time I scrap good rhymes because they aren't relevant to the global problems we face. That's probably why my releases are so few and far between, but at least this one was finished just in time for Black Friday :D

I thought the hook let down 2 solid verses, I would like to hear it without the voice effects on the hook. Solid beat too.

Achilleuss responds:

Thanks for the review
I was trying to go for an aggressive borg type of sound with the chorus but I'm not so sure I pulled if off all that well. And it doesn't quite fit in with the two verses either. This track will eventually go on an album but I'll have to make my own beat for it, and when that time comes I'll probably put a different hook with it and add in a third verse.

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Nov 18, 2012
3:34 PM EST
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