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DJSS - Dark Horizons

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Author Comments

This is the full song version of the loop Darkened Horizons.

"As you lay on your deathbed and begin to wonder 'why, oh why', open up your mind to the new horizon; to the dark horizon."

Tell me what you think!!!

Apparently not everyone understood the symbolism in the song's lyrics. The song is supposed to be a journey starting when a person who is dying, on his last breath who transcends reality, our reality, and at the end reaches peace, or Heaven.
The term Dark Horizon is a play on words. The horizon, dictionary definition, is the line where the rounded surface of the Earth meets the sky. I meant it to be understood symbolically as meaning where your Earthly self meets your transcendent self. This only occurs at the time of death.

Why is it a "Dark" Horizon? People who have been through near death experiences commonly describe it as going through a tunnel of light and eventually out running the light itself. Once you outrun light, there is only darkness, that is until you fully transcend into the sky.


Very good.

Nice! Lovin' the overall feel of the track. As with some of the previous reviewers I agree that the change at 1:23 is a little messed. Fix that, and I'll give this a 5. Love the lyrics. I do think you could've done a little more on the lyrics end though. I'm not very good at whole-hearted reviews so I think I'll just end it here. Gonna go check out some more of your choons. Keep it up!

steelside responds:

Damn, thanks bro. Means alot to me. I will see into fixing that and crossfading it as Kor Rune said. That seems like the best plan. Right now I'm getting ready for a new windows install cus my hard drives are borked to shit and im lucky that im even able tO back shit up onto my server at this point since ive waited way too long ignoring hard disk errors.

ForeverBound is right; the high end EQ causes a bit of fatigue throughout the track. Just make sure your ears don't hurt during mixing! For the first part, I think the snare reverb is too loud, and dampens much to early for the kind of flow of the track, it just makes the drums sound abrasive combined with the originally loud snare sound, repetitive beat and lack of drum fills.

I like the the arpeggio at 1:23, but I think a cross fade would have worked better instead of just attacking with it. It makes the section before it seem like a separate track.

Your voice sounds good! However, that auto-tune speed is set really high, and it sounds so sporadic. Sure, it is in key, but it's really jumpy. Also, repeating the new/dark horizon lyric is a little cheesy, I feel like there's a lot of room for more lyrics and vocals on this track. Or, if you're going to repeat, add in some harmony layers to spice things up!

Also, the telephone/reverb effect is.. kind of dated. Disregard this, because it is just my opinion, but the telephone EQ effect should be used in moderation. It just seems a little predictable.

Anyway, cool track, could just use some touching up. Keep making music man.

steelside responds:

dat review. This is what i'm talking about. Thank you so much for the time you spent writing this.
I personally don't hear the problem with the snare. Yes the beats repetitive, but I feel as if having fills would take away somewhat from the hypnotizing effect I was going for.

I agree with you on 1:23 wholeheartedly. I heard the same comment from a friend of mine that it sounded like a different song started. It's kind of because the song until 1:23 was actually a loop itself I wrote seperately from the rest of the song, which is why the sudden change.

About being cheesy i didn't think of it that way. I guess I'm a cheesy individual. I did what I heard was natural in my head to do. The lyrics of this were extremely spontaneous. I was listening to the loop part one day and started singing and thought "hey why not" and recorded it and the rest is history.

The only part that has the telephone effect is at 1:35 TO 2:15 WHIcH is the calm before the storm type part, build up, so I wanted the vocals to have the high pass filter effect as to create contrast between the same lyrics at the drop.

And about repeating the lines... that is because I was embarressed to even sing on line, let alone more, so I just used repetition alot and played around with the effects.

PM i'd be more than happy to discuss this with you.

Sounds pretty nice man. could use a little bit more EQ the high ends hurts a little bit and the bass is also a little bit to much. but I'm in love with your drums :D it is idd a pretty relaxing song.
Keep it going like that :)

steelside responds:

I cant hear the overwhelming high and lows everyones talking about. Maybe my speakers are bad or maybe I don't listen to music with the volume super high. I can try to fix it but since I cant hear it, it might prove difficult.

I like this. It made me dream a little. So chill and soothing..

steelside responds:

Thanks so very much for taking some time to write a review. You don't get many reviews on NG anymore, especially on the audio portal and they mean so much to us.

For the most part I lean towards making songs chill and melo because, to me, it evokes much more emotion. I take a minimalistic approach to music and I attempt to captivate listeners, almost hypnotize them, but it hardly ever works for anybody except myself! GLAD TO KNOW I'M NOT CRAZY LAWL

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4.11 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2012
11:47 PM EST
File Info
9.4 MB
5 min 8 sec

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